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Amateur Allure introduces Alexis Tae. Alexis is a 21 year old restaurant worker from Pennsylvania that loves giving head. She’s a natural working Ray’s cock with her mouth and tongue. Alexis makes sure to get Ray’s balls in on the action too. Her hard work is rewarded with a hot load dropped right on her tongue that she swallows down.

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Sexy red head suspect has been observed performing inappropriate acts of exhibitionism and lewdness. The masturbatory behavior is reported and the Loss Prevention Officer detains the suspect. After identifying her from several internet based sex sites, he proceeds to perform disciplinary action. The rest of this case is classified and can be seen at .

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Elle is such a sexy cutie in her kawaii outfit. She is also a great host, so when our stud shows up to hang out with her brother, she is happy to let him in the house to hang out and wait for him. He sees how sexy this little Asian chick is, and cannot help himself. He shoots his shot, and its wet like hes Steph. Elle breaks out her tight pussy and shows this stud that nothing is tighter than an Asian twat. He stuffs her love muffin full of his hard man meat and pounds her until she is screaming for more. Then, he shoots a glistening load of sperm all over her cute Asian face. Hashtag no filter!

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White adolescent female suspect is waiting in the office. She is observed sneaking items under her clothing while walking through the store. Loss Prevention Officer monitors the behavior and immediately detains the perp. She is shown to the back office and a strip search is conducted. She complains that she will file a complaint, but she and the officer reach an amicable resolution. The rest of this case is classified.

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Amateur Allure welcomes Megan, an 18 year old college student from West Virginia standing 5′ 3″ tall and looking for swallow lessons. Megan enjoys giving head and considers herself a “honey chick” so she’s in the perfect place. She drops to her knees and starts rubbing Ray’s cock through his jeans. Then she takes out his cock and begins sucking and jerking. She uses the twist and pull method like a pro before going deep and throat fucking his erect cock. Megan Marx then pulls off her panties and leans back giving Ray access to her tight pussy. Ray gives her pussy a good pounding before flipping her around to take her from behind. A little face fucking then Ray delivers a thick load of cum on Megan’s tongue that she swallows down. What an excellent student!

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Sexy therapist Lena is joined by her best friend Autumn in a therapy session intended to help her become comfortable with her own sexuality and thereby improve her love-making with Donnie who is her husband. As Lena verbally walks Autumn through a sudsy, shower fantasy, she becomes sexually aroused and can’t help but seduce her sexy patient. Before long, a fully-clothed, Lena uses her fingers and tongue to bring Autumn to many seismic orgasms.