Sloan Harper Licked Out at the Parlor

Derrick Pierce walks in for his afternoon appointment. The receptionist, Sloan Harper, informs him that his masseuse is unfortunately running a little late. Pressed for time, he asks Sloan if she could service him today. She explains that she’s still an intern and doesn’t have the experience to give him a proper massage. Derrick can’t believe that a beautiful babe such as herself can’t give him what he wants. When he asks if the manager is around, she tells him she’ll be right back. Billy, the manager, walks in and greets Derrick. Derrick asks him why Sloan can’t service him, and he explains that she’s not confident enough in her abilities as she lacks some training. Derrick, who’s been coming to the salon for years, assures him that if she needs some training that he’s the one for the job. Billy ponders his offer and takes him up on it. Billy informs Sloan that she’s going to get some training from a pro and that she’s in good hands. He tells her to go ahead and get ready as she motions Derrick to follow her. Once they enter the shower, Derrick slowly starts to see that the once timid and reluctant Sloan, has got him covered as she’s a true professional. When he lies down on the mat, she oils every inch of his body making sure he’s nice and slippery. She glides on him, rubbing her pussy all over his back. When he turns over, she focuses on getting him nice and hard not hesitating to take that hard dick and put it inside her. Derrick surmises that she’s finally ready for the big leagues in the world of Nuru massage.

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Bobbi Dylan Fucked by Lucky Burglar

Brunette bombshell Bobbi Dylan has a dark confession to make. There is nothing more thrilling than getting taken advantage of by someone you don’t even know; and not just a bring a guy home from the bar kind of way. Bobbi wants so badly to be fucked by a complete strange; maybe some guy breaking into her home and finding her helpless while she lays on her bed. Well Bobbi gets that and more when she is surprised by a masked robber who forces his cock into her mouth and soon Bobbi is sex driven wanting more and more. Take advantage of those perky tits and get that shaved pussy soaking wet as he fucks her harder and harder until he leaves something of his own behind… his cum all over her face and tits!

Busty Scarlett Johnson Bends For Cock at Amateur Allure

Welcome the busty Scarlett Johnson at Amateur Allure! This 20 year old physical therapist from San Diego is a total babe. Scarlett found our website and is here to try it out. She drops to her knees and starts working Justin’s cock. She gets him worked up jerking and sucking his dick which is getting her pussy wet as well. Next Scarlett jumps on Justin’s lap and slides his cock deep into her tight pussy. She rides him hard before changing positions for some missionary fucking. Then she turns around so Justin can give her a deep pounding from behind. These two go at it like rabbits! Justin finishes dropping a massive load of cum on Scarlett’s tongue that slides down her throat!

Nancy A Fingers Pussy Outdoors

Gorgeous blonde bombshell Nancy A is out strolling in her bikini top and skintight shorts. She stops to adjust her strappy sandals, bending over so sexily, showing off her tanned legs and curvy ass. The day is hot enough and the path is empty, so she decides it’s time to take off her bikini top, freeing her perfect breasts, cupping them suggestively in her hands. Her shorts cut so tight around her ass cheeks, pulled right up into her butt. She unbuttons them, slides them down her slender thighs, drops them on the floor and squats with legs parted, revealing her gorgeous shaved pussy. She’s horny, lustful urges taking control as she strokes her pink slit, two fingers delving deep inside. On her hands and knees now, ass up in the air, she plows a finger between her lips, driving herself wild with desire.

POV Blowjob by Busty MILF Natasha

“Sometimes I like to look at porn on my phone. Sue me! That does not mean my needs to be a snoop about it. She takes my phone, and sees all the filthy fantasies I have been scrolling through for the past few hours. Luckily, she doesn’t care that ‘looking at porn. Natasha just wants to know if I think shes a MILF. So she pulls up her skirt, and then lets me examine the back of her throat with my cock.”

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Skylar Snow and Sloan Harper Swapping Hard Cocks

Skylar Snow and Sloan Harper want to know if they can get their allowances early, but their dudes are not thrilled about it. Sloan decides that maybe they can at least get their guys to agree to let them use the car. They scoff at the suggestion. But they are fair, and they come up with a solution. They tell the chicks that whichever babe is best behaved gets to keep the car. These two hotties are schemers. They start to seduce each others guy while they work on the car together, sucking off their woods on either side of the hood. They try to keep it a secret, but after a little while, they all join in on the fun together. These guys fuck each others chicks on the couch, 69ing, and fucking them from the back while they hold each other close. That is enough for them to let them both keep the car. Just remember babes, no sexting and driving!

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Suzanna A Shows Amazing Tits in a Blossoming Meadow

In a blossoming meadow, under the sun’s golden rays, curvy Suzanna A picks flowers dressed in a short skirt and white T-shirt. She bends over to pluck at a bloom and her skirt rides high over her hips, exposing her naked pussy. The busty beauty wears no underwear, preferring to enjoy the warm summer days inviting any cool breeze to waft between her slender thighs and tickle her sex. Standing, she smiles and grabs the hem of her skirt, lifting it all the way up and exposing her shaven haven. Free as a bird, she pulls off her top and drops her skirt until she is stark naked and frolicking through the field in love with life. Lying in the flowers, her back on a rug, she spreads her legs and rests her bouquet on her mons, offering the flowers to you along with her pretty, shaved pussy.