Are Sex Dolls Worth It?

Well to start with sex dolls are affordable depending on your budget. If you do have a low budget or a higher one you can definitely get a sex doll at a price that you can afford.

Another fact is that help you to engage fully in masturbation. They do meet this need. Let’s admit it; sometimes we may want to have sex so badly yet we do not a human partner around to fulfill this need. Now this is where the sex doll comes to the rescue. The sex doll helps you to ease your need.

There are some people who are lonely. Forget the fact that the world has over 7 Billion people in it; we still have lonely people around. Having a sex doll keeps you warm on those lonely, cold, winter nights.

You may think this is absurd but a sex doll does not pick a fight or an argument with you. It just satisfies your need to have sex at any time you wish.

Using a sex doll also helps you to multiply your sex drive to the fullest. This is because a sex doll is never tired and they satisfy your sex needs over and over again. Also depending on your fantasy there is a sex doll to fulfill it. How awesome is that?

Female sex dolls do not get periods, headaches and complain; they are ever ready for sex. The male sex doll is always fully erect and you can get the penis size of your dreams customized on the doll.

Sex dolls can also be carried anywhere in your luggage or suitcase at any time because they are inflatable. Anywhere and anytime you do feel like having sex you can inflate your doll and use, at your convenience.

Sex dolls can be ordered online and shipped to your destination in any part of the world. These dolls can also be manipulated to any sex position of your desire because they are extremely flexible and used to meet your fantasy.

Some people get sex dolls that look just like their former girlfriends or boyfriends. After a breakup with a partner it is often hard for some people to let go, so they get sex dolls that resembles their ex-partner as a coping mechanism for loneliness.

You can get a variety of sex dolls of any race to meet your desires. For instance there are people who get sex dolls in Asian , Mexican, African American variety just for them to spice up their sex life.

So I ask this question, ”Are Sex dolls worth it?” Well to be honest when you do look at all the pros that I have mentioned above you may be tempted to say a big YES, but let us look at it from this angle.

You can never, no matter what, compare a sex doll to the comfort of being with a real person. A sex doll is only good for what it can give, SEX. In fact most times during sex with these dolls you as a human does all the work. A sex doll cannot communicate with you to tell you its own needs.

You can’t get the intimacy, cuddles, chit chats or warmth a human can give you after sex. You can’t get this from a sex doll, only a human can give this. Deep down you know it’s a doll and it’s not human, so you can’t have true feelings for a sex doll.

I will end this by saying a sex doll isn’t worth it, go and get you a real relationship with a human. Remember there are over 7 Billion of humans out there, enough to pick just one, why settle for a doll?

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