Christmas Comes Early for Lilly Bell & Scarlett Alexis

It’s getting hot as Lilly Bell and Scarlett Alexis try to cool down with popsicles since their AC is out just before their Christmas in July party. Lilly has an idea of something different they can do. Going to the freezer, Lilly takes out a cup of ice and taunts Scarlett as she rubs it all over her neck and chest.

Rising to the challenge, Scarlett lets Lilly pops her generous titties out. Lilly caresses them down with the ice until Scarlett’s nips are hard as rocks. Stepping closer, Lilly slides the ice down Scarlett’s panties before leaning forward to begin sucking her girlfriend’s titties.

Scarlett is eager to return the chilly favor when Lilly pops her own boobs out. Lilly isn’t done with her girlfriend, though. She eases Scarlett’s thighs apart once again and rubs her clit. Leaning forward, she goes to work eating that pretty pussy out.

Once Lilly has let Scarlet up, she gets on the counter beside her girlfriend. On her knees, Lilly rocks backwards at the touch of Scarlett’s tongue to her fuck hole. Scarlett settles in for a coochie feast that leaves Lilly shaking and moaning. When Scarlett lays down, Lilly takes the invitation to climb on top and kneel over her girlfriend’s tongue for an even more thorough eating out.

Finding herself on the bottom next, Lilly buries her face between Scarlett’s thighs. Scarlett, meanwhile, leans forward to enjoy a lesbian 69. The babes finish their sex with some tribbing that leaves them both blissfully sated just as the AC repairman arrives.

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Multiplayer Mode with Laney Grey & Lana Smalls by Dad Crush

Laney Grey and her Mike welcome Lana Smalls, Laney’s best friend, into their home during the summer break. Laney is secretly attracted to her and wants an excuse to be alone with her bestie and get even closer. A VR set becomes the perfect excuse for the babes to play together innocently while still getting a preview of how hot things can get. However, everything changes when Mike comes home and sees Laney and her BFF rubbing their pussies while wearing the VR goggles. He wants in too, so he pretends to be part of the virtual reality the babes are immersed in to feel their tight pussies. But Mike’s plan doesn’t end up there. Noticing how eager Laney and Lana are to experiment with each other, he takes them to the room to properly guide them through their first fully lesbian experience while jumping in to play for support. The two BFFs are happy to share Mike’s cock together while exploring their naughty bisexual side.

Lexi & Hazel in Pussy Examination Swap

The babes can’t believe they’re getting the dick down from their steppies, and both of them hope it can last forever. Will and Bobby fill up every inch of their steppies pussies before cumming hard and giving the babes hot creamy loads.

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The Thickest Basketball Star is Nia Bleu by The Real Workout

Nia Bleu wants to be a basketball star more than anything in the world! She puts all of her time and effort into staying in shape and making sure she’s always stretched out. She has some special help from her neighbor, who just happens to be the campus basketball coach. Peter sees how Nia looks at him and notices all the hints she drops. She wants his cock bad, and he can’t resist her allure any longer. Peter fucks the thick babe hard, filling her pussy up and pushing his cock in deep. Peter busts his load and paints Nia’s face with a sticky

Scarlet Skies & Selina Imai Knows How To Handle Meat by Nubiles Porn

Scarlet Skies & Selina Imai get to their feet and lean over the counter to present Nick with a pussy buffet. Getting on the counter, Selina spreads her thighs for Nick to plunge deep. Scarlet puts Nick on his back on the floor so she can ride him in reverse cowgirl. She thrusts her hips and bounces away until he blows his load. With Nick’s cum dripping out of her, Scarlet dredges her fingers through the treat and brings it to her lips so she can share their cream pie dessert.


Loca Pussy Like Gold

Marina is an ultra-fine Latina babe with curves in all of the right places. And she’s as horny as they come – she just wants someone to push up against her juicy booty. She gets herself nice and wet, and Michael comes in to help with the rest. He pounds the stunning chick hard, pleasuring her clit and admiring her supple body. Marina rides Michael and shows him how Latina babes do it like no other.

A Magical Swapping Act

They switch back, and now the babes will get a chance to play with their own steppies. The sex is even better and more wild, and both Kimmy and Lulu quiver with delight. Danny and Peter cum hard for their chicks, and the babes share a cummy kiss.

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