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Dress To Impress with Chanel Camryn & Freya Parker

Freya Parker and Chanel Camryn are great roommates. Part of what helps them work so well together is that Freya has a huge crush on Chanel. She approaches Chanel one day and confides that she has a crush on someone. Chanel coaxes Freya into going to her room to get dressed to impress so she can go for it!

Freya takes the advice, retreating to her room and slipping into something very sexy. Her dress has plenty of wow factor, but before she goes back downstairs Freya sends Chanel a text confessing her crush. Returning to the living room, Freya soaks in Chanel’s compliments and then suggests that Chanel check her phone.

Understanding blossoms as Chanel reads the text and then looks up at Freya with a hungry gaze. It turns out that Freya isn’t the only one with a crush. The babes come together almost reverently, caressing and touching each other as they use their fingers and hands to learn each other’s bodies in this new leaf of their relationship.

Moving to the bedroom, the ladies begin to shed their clothes oh so slowly. Gradually, Chanel eases Freya back onto the bed. She slides Freya’s thong aside and flicks her tongue out to taste her roommate’s sweet heat. Then she goes for a full on pussy feast that has Freya arching her back off the bed in bliss.

Getting Chanel on her knees is all Freya can think of as she rubs her hand down her lover’s ass and fondles her clit. She explores carefully and reverently, sliding her fingers down Chanel’s slick slit and then going in with her tongue. She probes and slurps, leaving Chanel nice and drenched in her passion.

The babes lay together side by side, their fingers stroking each other’s clits. That dual pussy diddling continues until they come together with Chanel on top of Freya, clit to clit so they can scissor together. Their tribbing brings them both off one last time, capping off a satisfying first date.

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No Need For A Guy When You Have Me by Nubile Films

Roommates Liz Jordan and Jade Maris have come home from a St. Patrick’s Day party. While Liz grabs something from the fridge, Jade takes her shoes off and eyes Liz’s pussy beneath her miniskirt. When Liz joins Jade by the counter, the babes get to talking.

Liz can tell that something is wrong with Jade. After a little bit of back and forth, Jade admits that there was supposed to be a guy at the party that she intended to hook up with. Liz quickly gives Jade a much-needed boost with the confession that she’s had a crush on her roommie forever.

Coming together in a kiss that’s been ages in the making, the babes immediately move forward to some hands-on action. They relocate to the bedroom where they plump each other’s tis while removing their dresses, getting skin to skin in a way they’ve wanted for so long.

Easing Jade onto the bed, Liz slowly kisses her way down her girlfriend’s body. She settles in between Jade’s thighs, licking and blowing her hot breath to make Jade squirm. When Liz finally gets down to the business of pussy eating, Jade can’t help her sweet moans.

As soon as she’s brought Jade off, Liz plants her pussy on her roommate’s face. The position is perfect, letting Jade hook her arms around Liz’s thighs to squeeze her ass. Liz can even lean forward to complete the lesbian 69 and give them both full indulgence!

Scooting forward so that she’s on her knees with her arms dangling off the bed, Liz squeals as Jade continues to demonstrate that she’s got some pussy eating skills. Before Jade can think that they’re done, though, Liz grabs a vibrator and brings her to heaven one last time before they exchange a long and loving kiss.

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Having My Valentine For Dinner with Blake Blossom & Braylin Bailey

Blake Blossom is making a Valentine’s dinner for her girlfriend Braylin Bailey. Meanwhile, Braylin arrives with a gift for Blake. Covering Blake’s eyes, Braylin plays a quick game of guess who before giving Blake her gift.

There’s just one thing: Instead of dinner, Braylin is interested in something a little sweeter. She spends the next several minutes seducing Blake into abandoning the special meal in favor of going straight to dessert. By the time Blake finally gives in and turns around, Bailey has slipped her hand beneath her girlfriend’s miniskirt and is ready to go right for Blake’s spectacular tits. After doing some sexy exploration of her own, Blake follows Braylin into the bedroom.

Leaning Braylin over the bed, Blake explores her girlfriend’s body with plenty of caresses and sweet kisses. Gradually she eases Braylin onto her back, thighs spread. On her belly between Braylin’s legs, Blake goes to work licking and sucking at her girlfriend’s twat. She even slides a finger in to really get Braylin moaning.

Climbing on top of Braylin, Blake settles her bottom on her girlfriend’s chest to put her snatch at the perfect place for a pussy feast. From there it’s a simple thing for Braylin to turn the tables and get Blake on her back. Laying on top, Braylin creates a lesbian 69 that lets them both indulge in one another.

Locked in Blake’s arms, Braylin lets her lover rub her off until her hips are bucking. Then she climbs on top of Blake and pushes herself clit to clit. She keeps her hips rocking until they’ve both gasped and squealed their pleasure one last time. As the babes cuddle close, it’s clear that this is the Valentine they both needed.

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Happy Endings with Alex Coal & Sera Ryder

Roommates Sera Ryder and Alex Coal just click on so many levels. They prepare for a movie night together. As they discuss what kind of romcom they’ll watch, Alex claims they’re all the same plot. As she’s describing it, she adlibs that obviously the babes meets a hot babe instead of reuniting with the dumb guy who just broke her heart.

That line of conversation leads Sera to ask Alex if she’s ever done anything with a chick. Of course Alex has. Sera confesses that she hasn’t, but then goes on to claim that maybe she just hadn’t realized she has found the right chick. All that flirting gets Alex hot and heavy as she goes in for an exploratory kiss that turns into so much more.

By the time their kiss transitions into something hotter and heavier, Alex has tugged Sera’s shirt down to unveil her tits with their hard nipples. She samples them eagerly, then lets Sera return the favor with her own breasts. Pushing Sera gently onto her back, Alex tugs her roommate’s thong to the side and licks the flat of her tongue right up Sera’s slit. How can Sera do anything besides the exact same to Alex?

The next thing Alex does is guide Sera into a lesbian 69 with Sera on top. Using their tongues and fingers, they lick and probe at one another’s juicy coochies. Leading the way, Alex guides Sera to a big O even as her roommate gives her back the same. They finish with some hot tribbing, pushing themselves clit to clit as they scissor each other into one last round of mutual bliss.

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Candee Licious & Tiffany Tatum in Let Them Watch Us by Nubile Films

Nubile Films beauties Tiffany Tatum and Candee Licious can’t keep their hands and mouths off one another. The babes stumble into the room after their date, locking lips until Candee hits the couch. Just as Tiffany agrees to stay the night, her cell phone rings. It’s her boyfriend, Nikki Nutz.

Candee is taken aback by this development, but game to keep on going when Tiffany announces that Nikki just wants to watch. Once Tiffany has turned the camera on and propped the phone up, the babes go back to what they were doing. Their kisses get hotter as Candee’s tits come out and Tiffany goes for them with her mouth.

As Tiffany continues to make her way down Candee’s body, she settles between her date’s thighs. Tugging Candee’s thong aside, Tiffany goes to work with her tongue. Candee has the phone with Nikki in her hands so he can see and hear everything that the babes are doing.

When Candee has come apart with breathless moans, she takes the lead for Tiffany’s delight. Pushing Tiffany onto the her back, she dives face first into her coochie. Nikki is delighted at the show as Candee demonstrates her incredible pussy eating skill.

Next, the babes come together in a spooning position with Candee cuddling Tiffany. Their arms linked above their bodies, they each reach down to masturbate the other. There’s plenty of clit play before Candee goes two fingers deep into Tiffany’s twat.

In return, Tiffany cuddles Candee nice and close before resuming her clit massage. Candee can only hang on for the ride as Tiffany demonstrates that she is masterful at delivering pleasure. She keeps Candee’s party going until the blonde is moaning long and loud.

What better way for the babes to finish their lovemaking than with a lesbian 69? Positioning the phone so that Nikki can watch, Tiffany lays down and pulls Candee on top of her. They each go back to work for one last blissful climax, working tongues and fingers until they’re both finally sated.

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No Dicks Allowed At Our Slumber Party by Nubile Films

What could be more fun than an all-girl slumber party? Nata Ocean has just broken up with her bf, so her friends Candee Licious and Zazie Skymm have decided to throw her a party to celebrate her new life. When Nata arrives, she crawls between the two babes and lets all her feelings out.

As Nata despairs of ever finding a dick to make her cum ever again, her girlfriends inform her that that’s not going to be a problem. After all, they’ve got toys on their side to supplement the magic they can make with lips, tongues, and fingers. To prove their point, Candee and Zazie begin caressing Nata up and down her hot body, creating a maelstrom of sensations that soon have her dripping with eagerness.

Dipping her head low, Zazie flicks her tongue out to go to work between Nata’s thighs. She sucks and slurps, indulging in a pussy feast as Candee strokes Nata’s nipples to nice hard peaks. As Nata’s hips buck from her first pleasurable peak, Zazie draws back with a smile that says without words how much more fun they’re going to have.

Bringing their toys out, the chicks embrace playtime completely. Nata gives Zazie a pussy licking as Candee gives Nata the same treatment. Climbing on top of Zazie, Nata squirms as Candee fucks her from behind with a nice big dildo. Then Candee gets some fun of her own as Nata plays a vibrator over her clit while Zazie laps at Nata’s juices.

Candee takes her place on the bottom of the lesbian 69 with Nata on top of her. Together, they tag team Nata’s snatch and anus, licking all her hot buttons. Nata eats Candee out, eking out some moans of her very own. Sated, Nata and Candee turn their attention and both their toys to Zazie, who spreads herself wide open to let them finish her off, fully consummating the slumber party.

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July 2023 Fantasy Of The Month Haley Reed & Kay Lovely

Haley Reed and her friend Kay Lovely have been suntanning and enjoying some girl talk. Haley offers Kay a popsicle. Kay takes the opportunity to check out Haley’s lovely ass. When she learns that Haley’s new fuck buddy is a chick, Kay realizes that she has an in with that pussy.

Realizing that Kay is interested, Haley inquires whether she has any experience with babes. When Kay affirms that she has, Haley offers to let Kay lick the melting popsicle juice off her chest. Kay makes good on that offer, and soon her talented tongue is making Haley’s nipples nice and hard.

Haley isn’t about to let Kay have all the fun! She gives as good as she gets, suckling Kay’s nipples. The babes let their hands roam each other’s bodies as they get more intimately acquainted. When Haley drops to her knees in front of Kay, Kay spreads herself nice and wide so that her friend can go for a delectable pussy licking.

Once Kay’s breath catches in a satisfied moan, Haley comes up to let Kay kiss her own essence from her lips. Then she eases Haley onto her back on the kitchen island. Licking her way from the bottoms of Haley’s feet, she relieves them both of their bikinis. Then she finger bangs Haley as she sits astride Haley’s face, letting her girlfriend eat her out.

The chicks wind up in a full on 69, each of them enjoying the other’s flavor. When Kay lays down on her back, Haley presses her pussy to Kay’s. The babes rock their hips, tribbing as they scissor together. When they are finally sated, they make out on the countertop as they enjoy their newfound relationship.

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