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Scarlett is Too Comfortable

Scarlett decides to pay her family a visit. When she arrives, her mom is not around, but her steppy Ike is, and the sweet babe has always had a secret crush on him. With her mom out, Scarlett decides to make her move and surprise him by masturbating with a vibrator on the couch. Ike is shocked to find her pleasing herself, but he can hardly resist the temptress’ lustful powers, letting her suck his cock. As Scarlett gets more and more comfortable, she starts masturbating everywhere around the house. Worried that this will get him divorced, Ike tries to stop Alexis, realizing he has no control over her. Soon, he finds himself fucking her in the middle of the kitchen, bouncing her pussy over his cock. Now that Scarlett has had a taste of his cock inside of her, she will take any chance she can get to for another round!

POV Fucking Athena Fleurs

One morning, Ike receives a call from his steppy Athena Fleurs’s school. She has a real attitude problem, her grades are at an all-time low and, to make things worse, she has been giving blowjobs to her schoolmates in the bathroom. The bratty babe is out of control and she acts like nothing happened in front of her steppy . Determined to teach her a lesson, Ike fucks his steppy’s mouth just like other guys did. The severe steppy gags Athena with his dick to make her understand that she needs to be responsible with her sexuality because otherwise, men may pound her kisser just like he did. Athena feels disgusted with the situation until her steppy cums, swallowing his creamy load and opening a sinful door. After the episode, Athena starts looking at her steppy in a different light, lusting over her steppy’s cock. To provoke him, she dresses like a slut and tells him that she is going out. This triggers Ike again, feeling forced to pound her pussy nice and hard. The two are secretly enjoying this taboo sexual relationship, but the sound of Athena’s mom entering the house makes them stop to avoid getting caught. Athena is a little bummed that he didn’t get filled by her steppy, so she confronts Ike and invites him to finish what they started. Noticing how devoted she is to him and how hungry she is for his seed, Ike grants Athena’s wish and gives her a second round of pussy-pounding. This time, he’ll shower his now well-behaved chicks face with his buttery cum.

You Can Drive My Car

Sophia is at that age when she just wants to hang out with her friends and party, so she needs to borrow the car from her steppy Ike. He has been noticing that her phone is filled with dick pics, so he tells her she can take the car if she sucks his cock. The blowjob is so good that the next day, Ike offers to buy her a car. Sophia accepts the proposal in exchange for getting fucked by her steppy. Now the owner of a new car, Sophia wants to thank her steppy for the gift, so she asks him to pound her pussy once more to celebrate!

Haley and Sarah Sharing Dick at Home POV Style

Haley’s bf is pressuring her into having sex, but she’s not ready yet, so Sarah and Ike, her steppies, decide to help her get ready. Haley’s first time should be with a real man, so Ike pulls out his cock and Sarah guides her in the art of cock-sucking. A couple of lessons later, Sarah and Ike decide she’s ready to go all the way, so they invite her to their room for a very hot initiative threesome.