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Experimenting at Home by SisSwap

Besties Chanel and Jane are both disgusted with the idea of sex. They are both virgins and plan to stay that way for as long as possible. On the other hand, Elias and Nade, the babes’ steppy’s, can’t stop thinking about pussy, tits and ass. When Jane discovers her steppy Nade masturbating, something stirs inside of her causing her to cream her panties without her control. She tries to hide the evidence but Nade catches her and explains that it’s totally normal to have these feelings. Seeing that his steppy can’t make peace with the idea of getting her pussy stuffed, Nade invites Chanel and her steppyNade to test out if the babes are ready to have sex. The babes are grossed out by the idea of touching the boys’ cocks, but they agree to experiment for the sake of it. Soon, they not only find themselves enjoying a ride on the guys’ dicks but they also swap to see what is like to fuck their own steppies!


Show And Tell by Sis Swap

BFFs Cara and London just can’t believe what’s going on: the blondes woke up to realize their boobs have gotten huge! Their breasts are suddenly gigantic, bringing the attention of Rion and Max, their steppies. The babes feel a bit awkward about the boys staring at their massive chests, but they also think that they should get even somehow. Max and Rion beg them to show them their juicy knockers, something Cara and London are willing to do if they get to see the boys’ cocks. After a quick titty flash, Max and Rion are flabbergasted, so they pull down their pants to discover their generous dicks. Cara and London can’t believe how well-endowed the boys are, so they exchange a horny complicit glance and agree to suck each other’s steppy’s cocks to avoid feeling uncomfortable. Yet, as the gals get their mouths stuffed, they realize that maybe sucking their own steppy is not a bad idea, especially if they move on to their starvin’ pussies next. The guys are more than willing to plow their steppies, and the joy is doubled as they observe how Cara and London get their cumholes filled while making out. Nothing is off the table as the busty babes eat pussy while getting fucked.


Nuttin’ to Lose Now by Sis Swap

It’s No Nut November, but that means nothing to a nut-bustin’ buncha troublemakers like Parker and Rion. The two guys make a bet with their steppies, Amber and BFFs Natalie, that they can last the whole month without masturbation, sex, or watching porn. But Amber and Natalie say nay nay. Even the horny teens question their own ability to hold off, as their always hungry for cock. But they decide to attempt the No Nut November challenge, anyway. Unfortunately, they don’t last long, and soon, they’re all looking to fuck each other. They know it would be too taboo to fuck their own steppies, so Parker and Rion initiate a good ole’ Sis Swap. But even then, everyone is so horny that the babes just want a bit of their own stepbrother’s cocks. They may not have succeeded No Nut November, but they did have a lot of fun!


The Haunted House of Swap by Sis Swap

Backed by a psychic named River, his producer/steppy Amber, and his camera guy/River’s steppy Lawson, Nade Nasty wanders into the neighborhood’s haunted house to capture some ghosts on film and get rich. What they don’t know is that the spooky haunts in this house are horny and can sense the sexual tension between their unexpected visitors. Now, Nade and his crew have no choice but to have sex with each other to avoid the spirits’ retaliation.


The Cheerleaders’ Plan by Sis Swap

Rion and Juan join the bffs cheerleading squad in order to meet slutty babes and get laid. Jade and Dani, the guys’ steppies, are head cheerleaders in the team and are forced to train them. Juan and Rion obviously don’t take things seriously and are constantly pranking the babes back every time they get the chance. Dani and Jade see through their steppies’ crap and concoct a revenge plan that involves humiliating them by making them expose their dicks and take pictures of them for social media. The plan backfires when the babes discover how hung Juan and Rion are. What started as a revenge plan suddenly turns into a horny foursome between them.


Fuck Club by SisSwap

Unpopular female best friends, Kimora and Jill, start a high school “Fuck Club” to meet guys and lose their virginity. They soon find themselves in a weird situation when the only guys who show up are their steppies, Nade and Nick! Instead of backing out, the group takes the opportunity to live out the dream of Fuck Club to the fullest. Soon, Nade is fucking Jill, and Nick is fucking Kimora. But to make things really interesting, they swap, so they get to fuck their own steppies!


Fooling Around

Since Logan saw his steppy Serena naked by accident, he hasn’t stopped thinking about her. To make matters worse, one day, Serena brings home her BFF Sawyer and her steppy Jimmy to fool around with them. The three are wild at it until Logan interrupts the scene. Now, the babes agree that to keep Logan silent about this, they should fuck each other’s stepbrothers. The guys agree, yet Logan sees this as an opportunity to do stuff not only with his steppy’ best friend.