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Kinky Art Class by Sis Swap

Adrianna and Demi need to find two models for their art project to body paint or risk failing her college course. With no more options, they ask their steppies Anthony and Nick for help. The guys agree, but they want their privates to be well represented in the painting. As they seem unable to get hard, they ask the babes for a little assistance. Soon enough, the chicks and the dudes take the art project to the next level: fucking.


Doing It for the Views by SisSwap

Chanel and Mazy want to be viral streamers, but they’re having difficulty getting their views up. Their steppies, Anthony and Nick, know precisely how to game the system and get their views through the roof – but it involves getting a little dirty. The babes are willing to do anything, so when Anthony and Nick whip out their dicks, they get right to work. The views start pouring in, and Chanel and Mazy want to take the stream as far as possible, so they take the ultimate plunge and do a full-on swap.


Making Things Right with Harper Red & Willow Ryder by SisSwap

Alexander and Harper are having wild sex, and Nicky, Harper’s steppy, doesn’t know it. Nicky is also Alexander’s best friend, so he feels awful when he finds out the worst way possible. Later on, Nicky and Alexander meet to discuss how to sort out this situation. Nicky is horny for Willow, Alexander’s sexy steppy, so he proposes fucking her to peace things up. Alexander finds no better solution, so the two meet with Harper and Willow to discuss the new agreement. Willow is more than happy to fuck Nicky to patch things up between the two friends. In fact, she is so eager that she starts blowing Nicky right in front of Alexander and Harper! Far from feeling uncomfortable, Harper goes down on Alexander alongside her bff Willow. But as Harper accidentally feels his cock, Nicky suggests it is time to swap!


Secret Crushes with Keira Croft & Sonny Mckinley by Sis Swap

While Keira and her friend Sonny are talking about guys, their steppies Franco and Tyler are downstairs playing video games. Keira and Sonny end up confessing to each other that they have a crush on each other’s steppies, and decide to go downstairs and try to seduce them! Franco and Tyler are in for a very pleasant surprise when Keira and BFFs Sonny swap steppy and start sucking their cocks!


Macy Meadows & Leana Lovings in The Summoning Part 3 by SisSwap

The Summoning with Leana Lovings continues, this time in a steamy foursome! Four friends plan to have a fun Halloween Night, but when Leana arrives as if she’s running away from something, her friends sit her down and try to find out what’s wrong. Apparently, Leana was messing with occult forces beyond her knowledge and evoked a demon that is haunting her now. Her friends, Macy and Peter, try to console her the best they can, but only her steppy, Nicky, believes her and knows what to do. Nicky tells Leana that she must complete the ritual to save herself and her family.


Sis Swap Foursome with BFFs Lacy Tate & Cherry Fae

BFFs Cherry and Lacy are trying to go viral on tiktok, so they do a trend where they make out at the end. Of course that’s when their respective steppies Nicky and Victor walk into their room. Nicky threatens to tell their mom so Cherry offers him a deal: if they make 1 tiktok with them then she’ll tell mom that he’s been behaving good and shouldn’t get him grounded. Nicky and Victor accept and turns out they have to do a trend in which their babes try to get them to react but they can’t! They swap their steppies and Cherry and Lacy get on their knees and start sucking their huge cocks!