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Chloe Surreal in Staying In by NF Busty

Robby Echo and Chloe Surreal have decided on a night in. Robby takes that to heart, hanging out in his boxers and asking Chloe what she’d like to watch. When Chloe enters the room wearing a too-short dress and super high heels, Robby’s plans abruptly change in the best possible way.

Knowing he’s going to get laid doesn’t stop Robby from appreciating every moment of Claire’s seduction. She tugs the hem of her dress down with her thighs spread, then approaches her boyfriend slowly while talking nice and dirty. Dipping her head as though to kiss Robby, Chloe pulls back in a total tease.

Certain that she has Robby’s full attention now, Chloe keeps her full on flirt going. She pops her G-cups out of her dress and jiggles them. Tugging Robby’s boxers down, Chloe licks him from the root to the tip, then instructs him to stroke himself while he watches her get comfy on the couch and masturbate. When Robby can’t wait another moment, he joins amateur allure Chloe where she’s sitting so he can feast on her cream filled twat.

Robby takes a seat on the couch and Chloe takes the opportunity to climb into his lap for a reverse cowgirl ride. She turns around, pressing her tits to his chest as she rides him in cowgirl. Then she slides down Robby’s body so she can suck him down, including some ball sucking and of course a titty fuck.

Rejoining Robby on the couch, Chloe curls up onto her side so he can rejoin with her from behind. Their spooning sex is lovely, but Chloe wants the closeness of missionary. Robby is happy to comply! When he’s about to cum, he pulls out to blow on Chloe’s upper body. Smiling with contentment, Chloe samples her treat.

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Eliza Ibarra in The Harder She Cums by Deep Lush

Eliza and Oliver bring a high energy sex scene with amazing chemistry. They appear insatiable when touching each other and take turns going down on each other. Eliza shows off her incredible deep throat skills and they fuck hard all over the bed. There’s POV shot during some of the blowjob and while Eliza rides his cock. Eliza has multiple really intense orgasms while getting fucked deep. The video ends with Eliza draining all of his cum in her mouth in a POV shot.

November 2022 Flavor Of The Month Xxlayna Marie

Xxlayna Marie overshares about a sexual experience with Ricky Spanish. She implies that it might have been a dream, but she won’t confirm it either way. To try to deflect Ricky’s confusion, Xxlayna tells him that he’s going to come home one day and she’ll be tied up. She asks Ricky if he’s rescue her. He says he would, which just gives Xxlayna ideas.