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Skylar Snow is My Memorial Day Rodeo Queen at NF Busty

Skylar Snow is looking fine as fuck in her rodeo getup. All this busty queen is missing is her cowgirl hat. Her bf Sam Shock comes in to see what’s taking Skylar so long, which leads to him provoking an argument. Eventually Sam offers to have Skylar show him how nice she can be and he’ll show her where her hat is.

Taking Sam up on his offer, Skylar sits him down on the bed and crawls into his lap. Straddling Sam’s hips, Skylar lets her boyfriend indulge himself sucking her big tits and squeezing her big ass. When Skylar lays Sam down, she finds him nice and hard for her to blow and suck.

Climbing on top of Sam, Skylar sinks down to ride him like the cowgirl she is. She starts in regular cowgirl, but soon turns around for some reverse action. Since Sam wants to play rodeo, too, Skylar gets on her knees so he can give it to her in doggy as he dominates her from behind.

Skylar rolls onto her back for one last hard dicking down as Sam makes her moan. Propping her titties together, she creates a landing pad for Sam’s cum shot as he pulls out and prepares to nut. He finally gives Skylar a nice shower of jizz. At that point, he tells Skylar where her hat has been all along.

The Laws of Swapping

Maria and Phoebe are the steppies of two very important men. Mike and Danny are powerful and have a lot of pull in the political world. Maria is a good babe, while Phoebe is rebellious and is always looking to find ways to oppose her steppy’s laws and impositions. When Phoebe learns of Danny’s idea to outlaw all promiscuity in marriage, she knows she has to find a way to change his mind. Phoebe tells Maria to seduce Danny, and at first, Maria Kazi isn’t sure. But Phoebe knows that underneath her goody-two-shoe exterior, there is a sexual deviant looking to be unleashed. The plan goes off without a hitch, and Maria finds Danny alone. She tempts him with a blowjob, and Danny folds immediately. Caught in the act, Mike can’t believe he’s seeing his steppy suck his colleague’s cock. Phoebe knows the tables have turned and jumps right into action. Phoebe will mess around with Mike, and Maria will mess around with Danny. The lobbyists know it’s wrong, but that’s never stopped them before! After having fun with each other’s steppy, the men decide to go for a full-on daughter swap. Maria and Phoebe ride their steppy’s cocks hard until the men bust and give them both a creamy load. The sweet babes share a cummy kiss and ensure a brighter future for horny babes everywhere.

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Ripe for the Taking Part 1: Scarlett’s First

Ripe for the Taking (Part 1 of 3): More than anything, Scarlett wants to lose her virginity. It may be lust, but she’s willing to do whatever it takes. Scarlett sees her crush, Ricky, at a sorority party and wants to make a move. But Scarlett isn’t the best when it comes to pickup lines. She’s inexperienced and nervous. Athena catches Scarlett attempting pickup lines in the mirror and mocks her. Athena also thinks she can help Scarlett get what she wants – but her help will come with a price. If Athena calls Ricky into the bathroom, he’ll absolutely fuck Scarlett, and if Scarlett wants that to happen, she has to let Athena join in on the fun.

Even though a threesome isn’t how Scarlett envisioned her first time, she finds herself falling into amateur allure Athena’s alluring offer. Soon, Athena and Scarlett are sucking Ricky’s cock. It’s a wild and new sensation for Scarlett. Ricky’s cock feels good sliding down her throat, and she can feel herself getting wet. Ricky is caring when he takes Scarlett’s virginity, but once he sees she’s getting used to getting fucked, he pounds harder. The sex is spectacular and rocks Scarlett to her core. It doesn’t seem like anything can bring her down from this all-time-high life experience. But her wondrous world is shattered when she gets a call informing her that her parents have been lost in a tragic accident.


Dont Knock It Until You Try It with Kira Perez

Kira Perez sits on the couch, watching her steppy, Ethan Seeks, talking to his girlfriend on the phone. The call ends, and Kira asks, “Have you ever thought about cheating?” Ethan misses the meaning behind her question. Why would he do that? He finally admits his fear of getting caught, but his confession makes Kira unfazed. She scans the room before leaning towards Ethan as she tries to convince him to give cheating a try. Kira’s eyes lock onto Ethan’s, and she flashes a sultry smile. As she speaks, her voice is low and hypnotic. Ethan can’t help but feel drawn to her as she uses her looks to manipulate him.


Giving Aubry a Hand by SisLovesMe

Aubry and Joshua both looked forward to their alone time. Aubry sucks Joshua’s cock and gets herself nice and wet before she lets him take her. Joshua’s cock slides into his steppy’s, and he takes her gently at first before fucking her hard. Everything about her is familiar and exotic all at the same time. Aubry’s pussy is easily the best Joshua’s ever had, and he fucks her until he can no longer hold his load. Aubry gets on her knees so Joshua can cum hard in her mouth. She savors every drop he can give her, and Joshua paints Aubry’s mouth and face with his jizz.

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POV Fucking Athena Fleurs

One morning, Ike receives a call from his steppy Athena Fleurs’s school. She has a real attitude problem, her grades are at an all-time low and, to make things worse, she has been giving blowjobs to her schoolmates in the bathroom. The bratty babe is out of control and she acts like nothing happened in front of her steppy . Determined to teach her a lesson, Ike fucks his steppy’s mouth just like other guys did. The severe steppy gags Athena with his dick to make her understand that she needs to be responsible with her sexuality because otherwise, men may pound her kisser just like he did. Athena feels disgusted with the situation until her steppy cums, swallowing his creamy load and opening a sinful door. After the episode, Athena starts looking at her steppy in a different light, lusting over her steppy’s cock. To provoke him, she dresses like a slut and tells him that she is going out. This triggers Ike again, feeling forced to pound her pussy nice and hard. The two are secretly enjoying this taboo sexual relationship, but the sound of Athena’s mom entering the house makes them stop to avoid getting caught. Athena is a little bummed that he didn’t get filled by her steppy, so she confronts Ike and invites him to finish what they started. Noticing how devoted she is to him and how hungry she is for his seed, Ike grants Athena’s wish and gives her a second round of pussy-pounding. This time, he’ll shower his now well-behaved chicks face with his buttery cum.

Jade Maris is March 2024 Fantasy Of The Month by Nubile Films

Will Pounder is playing on a gaming set as Jade Maris gets ready for a St. Patrick’s party. When Jade comes out looking hot as hell in her getup, Will doesn’t notice her immediately. Jade takes matters into her own hands, pretending to be mad until Will admires her properly.

Crawling into Will’s lap to indicate that all is forgiven, Jade claims they’re going to be late. Will offers a few excuses they could use, and soon Jade gives in to the passion between them. Making out as Will feels her ass up, she grinds against his hardon. Then Will relieves Jade of her top to feast on those titties, ensuring that they’re getting busy together before they ever leave the house.

Jade releases Will’s jeans and begins rubbing him off, sliding her hands up and down his dick. Then she gets to her knees before him, the perfect position to suck Will off. Soon enough she’s deep throating Will’s hardon in a blow job he’s clearly enjoying as much as Jade is.

Will turns the tables on Jade when he rolls her onto her back on the couch. Kneeling, he uses his tongue to make her moan. Then he slides a finger in to make sure she’s nice and ready. Jade is indeed dripping wet, which means that when Will resumes his seat on the couch she can easily take his dick to the hilt when she slides down in reverse cowgirl.

On her feet once again, Jade moans as Will bangs her from behind. He dicks her down, diving balls deep into that cream filled coochie. As soon as Jade shudders in bliss, they change it up one last time so that Jade is on her back with Will between her thighs, giving it to her slower and steadier. He pulls out with enough time for Jade to stroke him down and aim his cum shot on her stomach, ending their lovemaking with a sticky belly and a big smile.

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