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Bullying Stops With Cock

Octavia and Roxie are two entitled brats always picking on poor Joshua, the class geek. The babes are so mean to him that they even get him in detention with them with Mrs. Clark. Yet, when the teacher has to pick up an urgent call, the three are left alone in the classroom for a while. Thinking they can pull a new prank on him, Roxie and Octavia start showing their boobs to convince him to show his dick. Yet, the plan backfires when the babes discover that Joshua’s cock is the biggest they’ve seen! Maybe bullying the geek is not the best plan right now…


Mackenzie Mace Makes Debut at Deep Lush in Deep Creampie

Mackenzie Mace and I meet for the first time and have great energy together. We start making out up against the wall before I bend her over and lick her pussy and asshole from behind. After fucking against the wall we move to the bed and try multiple different positions. I include a hitachi at times to help give her some orgasms and she spoils me with a hot blowjob shot in POV. There’s POV during some riding as well. The end of the scene includes some rimming before we finish in missionary and I cum deep inside of her.

Emma in Play Safe, Do Anal

Allen just found a pregnancy test in her steppies Emma’s room. After a conversation with her, he realizes he can’t stop her from having sex, so he decides to give Emma Hix a couple of lessons to play safe while having fun. Curiously enough, Emma has never tried anal, so Allen teaches her how to use a butt plug. After breaking up with her bf, Emma confesses to her steppy that she had planned everything all along in the hopes of having her steppy fuck her in the ass. With nothing left to do, Allen gives his steppy exactly what she craves.

Exxxtra Small Threesome with Clara Trinity & Amber Summer

Amber Summer is getting dressed for “getting back to school”, while she talks on the phone with her friend, Clara. She says that she’s being driven to school by her mom’s friend Clarke, but it turns out he’s the father of the guy who used to bully her when they were smaller, so she’s a bit afraid of him. Clarke arrives earlier than Amber expected and she decides to hide. Clara Trinity enters the house and spends some time looking for her until he finds her. Her friend Clara comes to the rescue and explains why Amber is so afraid, so Clarke reassures her that he’ll get his son to stop… if they agree to have sex in exchange!


Kitty Lynn Makes Debut at Sis Loves Me

Kitty Lynn and Austin have intense sexual tension between the two of them, but neither of them wants to admit it. When Kitty looks at her steppy, all she can imagine is his cock deep inside of her. When the tension gets to be too much, they coyishly find a way to mess around with each other. Austin wants to help Kitty clear her mind, so she accepts and lets her steppy finger her on the couch. This secret affair eventually leads to Austin fucking his sweet steppy and busting a massive load in her pussy. This is a dynamic the two of them could certainly get used to!

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Divorce can be Rewarding with Vanna Bardot

Vanna Bardot was used to a comfy lifestyle, with enough money to pamper herself. Sadly, since her parents got divorced, her mom won’t give her any money, so she’ll have to convince her steppy, Danny, to continue to spoil her. The man is a bit shocked by the request, but the divorce has him horny, so he’s willing to treat his steppy like a princess as long as she does him some favors. Vanna’s unsure about the idea so she suggests a gradual approach. The system proves successful as Vanna pleases her steppy by taking things one step further on every encounter, getting her comfortable lifestyle back.