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Eliza and Anastasia in POV Threesome

Busty Eliza and her sexy blonde bestie Anastasia are ready for some real POV fun. From Eliza’s diary: “My steppy is such a perv. He is always hitting on my friend when I bring her over. But today, he finally invites me to join them. I am a little nervous, but excited too. After all, I have been waiting for this for a long time… ”

Serena Santos POV Fucked

Serena Santos loves to get POV Fucked. From her diary: “My mom annoys the hell out of me when she tells me I have to stay home while all my friends go out and have a good time. My steppy says he is okay with letting me go out, but he wants to see me strip first. I guess everyone has to compromise sometimes… ”

Lacy Lennon POV Fucked in Lingerie

From Lacy Lennon‘s diary: “My steppy should know better than to leave his phone around where I can snoop through his pictures. Today he really fucked up. I saw some pics of him getting his cock sucked, and it was not by mom! But if he lets me practice on him, I may keep his secret… ”

Cecilia Lion POV Fucked Around The House

“My steppy is so supportive of me when it comes to my education. He is proud that I am going to be going off to college next year. He really wants me to be popular. He says I should try flashing the football players to get a leg up on the other chicks. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to practice with him before I get to college…”

POV Fucking Khloe Kapri Around The House

Sexy blonde can’t say no to a fine hard cock. She is easy to seduce and loves a good hard dicking especially POV style.

Eliza Ibarra POV Fucked by Computer Repairman

Cute Eliza Ibarra is having computer problems so she calls over the repairman. However the guy finds the porn she was watching which means trouble. She therefore sucks his had dick and spreads wide for his cock in order to keep him shut!

Hiking with POV Fucking Combined

From Riley‘s diary: “My bf is such an outdoorsman. Sometimes he takes me hiking. I love being out in nature with him. But this time, we heard a scary sound. He said he would protect me. Luckily, the bear never came! But when we got to the lake, I realized I forgot my bikini. He did not mind though at all.”