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Divorce can be Rewarding with Vanna Bardot

Vanna Bardot was used to a comfy lifestyle, with enough money to pamper herself. Sadly, since her parents got divorced, her mom won’t give her any money, so she’ll have to convince her steppy, Danny, to continue to spoil her. The man is a bit shocked by the request, but the divorce has him horny, so he’s willing to treat his steppy like a princess as long as she does him some favors. Vanna’s unsure about the idea so she suggests a gradual approach. The system proves successful as Vanna pleases her steppy by taking things one step further on every encounter, getting her comfortable lifestyle back.

An Unbeatable Gift by Athena

It’s Father’s Day, and Athena wants to do something extra special for her steppy, Jay. But Jay isn’t interested in breakfast – he wants to see Athena Fleurs’s perfect tits. She is bewildered at first, but when she sees how fun it can be to make her steppy feel good, she’s 100% on board. Athena then sucks Jay’s cock and swallows a massive load. The next day, she wants to go even further and lets Jay fuck her sweet pussy. Jay can’t believe how good of a Father’s Day he’s having, and it’s all thanks to Athena.

The Intern and More

For her big college assignment, Lulu needs to observe her steppy, Allen, while he works. She wants to get into the mind of an executive, but his pesky intern, Violet, keeps getting in the way. Later in the breakroom, Violet shows Lulu that they can have a little fun, too, and licks cookie crumbs off her lips. Allen sees this, so Violet exits the room, and Lulu uses this opportunity to suck her steppy’s cock. The next day, Violet is up to her usual antics, trying to get Allen’s attention, although she wants Lulu to join in this time. They share an intense threesome right there in the office. Allen fucks Lulu until he busts a load inside of her.

The Ultimate Gift with Dani

Dani forgets that today is Father’s Day, so her steppy Johnny gets disappointed with her for not getting him a present. All of a sudden, Dani figures out what day is today, and she feels so bad that she wants to make it up to her steppy. Johnny asks for a blowjob, the only way Dani’s mother could make him happy before leaving them. Dani is initially reluctant but soon discovers the pleasures of her steppy’s cock. Later on, BFFs Dani goes to Johnny’s room for a second round. To convince him, she reminds her steppy of a game they used to play when she was little, the perfect excuse for Johnny to fondle Dani’s gorgeous body and ultimately pound her juicy pussy.

Don’t Leave Me Out of It

Chloe is so happy that Tommy is her steppy that she has been waiting for her mom Jenna to leave them alone so she can suck his cock. Unfortunately, as Chloe kneels to give him a blowjob, Jenna barges into the room and catches them red-handed. Later on, the three find a chance to talk and Jenna tells them she has no problem with them doing it, but she doesn’t want to be left out of it. To ease her through the process, Tommy fucks Chloe as Jenna watches while masturbating. Feeling more and more confident with the situation, it’s time for Tommy to have sex with Chloe and Jenna at the same time.

You Can Drive My Car

Sophia is at that age when she just wants to hang out with her friends and party, so she needs to borrow the car from her steppy Ike. He has been noticing that her phone is filled with dick pics, so he tells her she can take the car if she sucks his cock. The blowjob is so good that the next day, Ike offers to buy her a car. Sophia accepts the proposal in exchange for getting fucked by her steppy. Now the owner of a new car, Sophia wants to thank her steppy for the gift, so she asks him to pound her pussy once more to celebrate!

Haley and Sarah Sharing Dick at Home POV Style

Haley’s bf is pressuring her into having sex, but she’s not ready yet, so Sarah and Ike, her steppies, decide to help her get ready. Haley’s first time should be with a real man, so Ike pulls out his cock and Sarah guides her in the art of cock-sucking. A couple of lessons later, Sarah and Ike decide she’s ready to go all the way, so they invite her to their room for a very hot initiative threesome.