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POV Fucking Athena Fleurs

One morning, Ike receives a call from his steppy Athena Fleurs’s school. She has a real attitude problem, her grades are at an all-time low and, to make things worse, she has been giving blowjobs to her schoolmates in the bathroom. The bratty babe is out of control and she acts like nothing happened in front of her steppy . Determined to teach her a lesson, Ike fucks his steppy’s mouth just like other guys did. The severe steppy gags Athena with his dick to make her understand that she needs to be responsible with her sexuality because otherwise, men may pound her kisser just like he did. Athena feels disgusted with the situation until her steppy cums, swallowing his creamy load and opening a sinful door. After the episode, Athena starts looking at her steppy in a different light, lusting over her steppy’s cock. To provoke him, she dresses like a slut and tells him that she is going out. This triggers Ike again, feeling forced to pound her pussy nice and hard. The two are secretly enjoying this taboo sexual relationship, but the sound of Athena’s mom entering the house makes them stop to avoid getting caught. Athena is a little bummed that he didn’t get filled by her steppy, so she confronts Ike and invites him to finish what they started. Noticing how devoted she is to him and how hungry she is for his seed, Ike grants Athena’s wish and gives her a second round of pussy-pounding. This time, he’ll shower his now well-behaved chicks face with his buttery cum.

Bikini Gfs Freya von Doom & Macy Meadows Sharing Cock

Macy Meadows and Freya von Doom each get a turn to bounce on that dick, and once they find their rhythm, the steppies don’t care about Scott choosing a favorite anymore. They just want to fuck and get their pussies filled. The babes had never fantasized about each other sexually, but now, seeing each other’s naked bodies, they’re even more turned on. They kiss passionately and eat each other out as they get fucked. The sex was pure bliss and a threesome that could never be beat, as the energy in the room was electrifying. Scott cums hard for his sweet stepdaughters, and they share a kiss, swapping his cum and savoring every last drop.

They Grow Up So Fast

Pierce accidentally finds out that Aria, his sweet little steppy, is sexually active and using birth control pills. He still feels she’s naive, but the babe has clearly grown and wants to have sex, so he decides to guide her through the process. First, he conducts a test on her untouched pussy, rubbing it to make Aria understand what pleasure feels like. Despite her moaning the whole time and enjoying it, Pierce still feels she’s not ready for sex, so he doesn’t give her pills back. Now, Aria has to prove to her steppy that she’s mature enough to fuck, and the best way to do it is to show him she knows how to handle his cock. As she gags on his juicy dick, she stares at his eyes to make him see she knows how to please a man. Pierce enjoys the blowjob, but cannot conceive the idea of her having sex yet, so there’s one last trial: a fuck session with her. If Aria can take her pussy nice and hard, then, the chick might be ready for other men! As his sweet little angel bounces over his hard cock, Pierce realizes that his favorite steppy is all grown up.

Three Can Work It Out by Dad Crush

Sydney and her husband Damon are stuck in a rut. They don’t have sexual desire for each other anymore, and they hardly even touch each other. The lack of intimacy in his marriage has driven Damon closer to his steppy, Reyna Belle. He knows it’s taboo, but he looks at Reyna lustfully, craving her body more and more each day. However, the feeling is mutual, as Reyna is also attracted to him. One day, after talking about it, Reyna ends up sucking her steppies cock. All is well until Sydney catches them in the act. She is furious and claims she’s ready to leave them both behind. But Damon knows his wife well and can see she’s clearly turned on and wants to join in on the fun. Damon suggests she join them, and it turns out a taboo threesome with their steppy is just what they needed to get some magic back in the bedroom.

Learning About Anal Sex with Jane & Bella

Jane’s parents are recently divorced and she doesn’t like her steppy’s new girlfriend Bella too much. When Bella overhears Jane talking about anal sex with her bf, she uses this opportunity to teach her how to have anal sex and as a way to bond with her. As a part of their new relationship, Bella buys Jane her first anal training kit and teaches her how to use it, something that makes Mike, Jane’s steppy, quite uncomfortable. Eventually, he understands that she is growing up and agrees to join Bella to give Jane a very practical lesson on anal sex.