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Alex Coal’s Pro Technique by Nubile Films

Alex Coal goes through some of the keys to a successful romantic relationship. Talking nice and sultry, she explains that physical intimacy is such an important part of any relationship. From there, it’s all about instruction. Light touches, building the anticipation: It’s all part of the sexual buildup.

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Leana Lovings at VR Allure

Sitting is such a chill job…once the small one goes to sleep. Leana Lovings has some time to kill before the parents get home, so she decides to break out her faithful vibrator in this 8K VR Porn. Only thing is you get home earlier than expected and catch her in the act. Oh, did I mention? Your wife is nowhere to be found. Leana Lovings has seen the way you look at her though, she’s got a thing for older men and decides to let you watch. You cannot help but let yourself be drawn in by her seductive body and those cute glasses. You are definitely digging the look and she is more than happy to make your fantasy come true in this VR Porn.

Alya Stark in Elf Reproduction by Hentaied

In this masturbation-studded episode of Real Life Hentai, we are removing the veil of secrets from elf sex. Alya is taking the role of a beautiful elf female, who will show us the kind of effort it takes for elf reproduction. The life of seclusion they partake in, without any male counterparts around, requires a different form of insemination.

Luckily, it’s full of lust, and when a female like Alya is in full heat, she takes matters into her own hands. First, her lactating tits start releasing all the milk, a single touch of her nipples and she’s squirting the liquid all over her slender body. To us, it might seem like premature lactation, but it’s an entirely normal process for Elves.

It goes on for a long time, even spanning for days, while her body is in full ecstasy mode and sensitive to any kind of touch. It makes her shiver in pleasure, but it’s all a part of the elf sex, a way to prepare her body for the incubation of an egg that’s about to get laid inside her.

Once every last drop of excess elf milk is released, she will move on to the next step. It starts with a long, ribbed dildo, it’s a special kind, specially made for her tight pussy. Elf sex life may not be a lot like ours, but we’ve got one thing in common, pleasure. Alya Stark slowly mounts her blue toy and slides her slick pussy on top of it.

Her face is full of pleasure while her wet slit is getting absolutely slammed on the dildo. Now, Alya is not just any kind of an elf, she likes to shake things up around and change positions in order to have the most amount of fun she can, it’s not every day that you’re getting the chance to partake in this kind of sexual activity as an elf.

She lays flat on her back, spreads her legs, and shows us in full view what a beautiful pussy she has. She’s holding the dildo firmly in her hands before it’s once again probing her. She controls the movements, trying to go deeper to make herself cum, face in full ahegao mode while doing so.

The conditions of elf sex have to be perfect for conceivement, she will release the semen from a toy once she’s orgasming. In the wake of glory, she’s getting filled up with warm, sticky liquid, gallons of it. Everything she can’t handle is leaking out, sliding down her slit, but it’s only a fraction of excess elf cum.

The rest of it is bursting through her oral cavity, she’s spitting it out, barely even able to release a sound from the immeasurable euphoria that’s coursing through her body. One thing we’ve learned about elf sex today, it’s long, it’s lusty, and most importantly it ends up in perfect conditions for Alya to lay an elf egg and become a mother.

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A Full, Fresh Ahegao Explosion with Alya Stark & Amirah Adara

Think of a morning after a hardcore party, when you do not remember anything from the last 24 hours of your life (thanks God and Vodka). Everything what you dream about is fresh black (as your fucking soul) coffee and few cigarettes at once. So, halfdead you go to the kitchen through your living room. First thing you notice is a strong smell of fresh fish. Did you eat Fish yesterday for dinner? Once you arrive to the living room from Chinese Fish Market you teleport to The party in a Desert with Camel Toe every fucking where: the whole room is full of stunning naked beautiful women with their asses up to the sky.

So, your dick flies quickly in that direction as well. Five minutes ago, the perfect morning for you would be with a cigarette and coffee. Well, after adding 13 creamy wet holes to it, it becomes even better. This is kind of upgrade you really like. But with a minute, what the fuck happened here yesterday? And, hopefully, those chicks do not plan to stay for breakfast… Okay, man, put your balls together and try to remember the day before.

The first flash back comes in you hangover head is: chicks are all around riding and roughly fucking huge colorful dildos (from where do you have these dildos at home, man?). Our stunning ladies are absolutely unstoppable on maximum concentration. The expressions on their faces scream: fuck me harder! You cannot believe, but man, they are everywhere: one masturbates on the floor, another two take their place on the couch and push dildos deep inside their aching holes, another one in on the table with the face full of ecstasy, one is on the bookshelf already out of control and one more is above the fireplace fuck a dido like there is no tomorrow (wtf next to my mirror for few thousand dollars?!). So, the room is just full of Extreme Ahegao faces, huge dildos, insane beautiful babes and wet creamy vaginas. Well, the show continues till the late evening. At one-point, babes cannot take anymore and start to explode with fresh hot cum from all their fucked holes. The warm sticky white liquid leaks from their mouths and pussies.

Finally, the last flash back arrives in your mind: Intense Bukkake scene. Two chicks Amirah Adara and Alya Stark their shaking bodies on the table with the prettiest Ahegao faces get fully Bukkaked with hot fresh sperm from down to up.

Well, now the situation is a bit more clear and we are going stop here with the memories about the night of Ahegao Explosion in your living room.

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Self Exploration with Shrima from X-Art

Shrima may look innocent and shy, but deep down she’s confident and full of sexual desires as we could have seen her last time pleasing her bfs hard cock. And she knows how to please herself (what’s more sexy than that?!) too. We are loving this Eastern European beauty and are so happy she is willing to share herself with us. Take notes…maybe you can learn a thing or two from her and her toys 😉 Cum inside for more!

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Brunette Perfection Sybil A Pleasing Pussy

One of the hottest women in the whole industry is back at X-Art for more solo fun. Yes, we are talking about Sybil A the crazy hot brunette teen babe making porn a better thing since 2014! She has done some crazy things since then but it’s time to relax a little with this amazing solo action featuring Sybil and her favorite vibrator! And don’t forget to check out her Premium Snapchat featuring some never before seen footage’s and hot future updates!

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Sexy redhead Heidi R touching herself at X-Art

Tall, sexy, redhead, Heidi is back and looking better than ever. She is enjoying a hot summer evening on the ranch and decides to head outside to cool off. The breeze feels so good that she decides to strip off her panties and take that feeling a little further. Heidi is not afraid to be seen in case a neighbor is watching:-) She caresses her perfect round breasts and goes deep in her little pink pussy to cum in her favorite way. Maybe a neighbor is peering in her direction and wants to take it to the next level? I know I would:-) Cum inside and see this on 4K video!

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