A Full, Fresh Ahegao Explosion with Alya Stark & Amirah Adara

Think of a morning after a hardcore party, when you do not remember anything from the last 24 hours of your life (thanks God and Vodka). Everything what you dream about is fresh black (as your fucking soul) coffee and few cigarettes at once. So, halfdead you go to the kitchen through your living room. First thing you notice is a strong smell of fresh fish. Did you eat Fish yesterday for dinner? Once you arrive to the living room from Chinese Fish Market you teleport to The party in a Desert with Camel Toe every fucking where: the whole room is full of stunning naked beautiful women with their asses up to the sky.

So, your dick flies quickly in that direction as well. Five minutes ago, the perfect morning for you would be with a cigarette and coffee. Well, after adding 13 creamy wet holes to it, it becomes even better. This is kind of upgrade you really like. But with a minute, what the fuck happened here yesterday? And, hopefully, those chicks do not plan to stay for breakfast… Okay, man, put your balls together and try to remember the day before.

The first flash back comes in you hangover head is: chicks are all around riding and roughly fucking huge colorful dildos (from where do you have these dildos at home, man?). Our stunning ladies are absolutely unstoppable on maximum concentration. The expressions on their faces scream: fuck me harder! You cannot believe, but man, they are everywhere: one masturbates on the floor, another two take their place on the couch and push dildos deep inside their aching holes, another one in on the table with the face full of ecstasy, one is on the bookshelf already out of control and one more is above the fireplace fuck a dido like there is no tomorrow (wtf next to my mirror for few thousand dollars?!). So, the room is just full of Extreme Ahegao faces, huge dildos, insane beautiful babes and wet creamy vaginas. Well, the show continues till the late evening. At one-point, babes cannot take anymore and start to explode with fresh hot cum from all their fucked holes. The warm sticky white liquid leaks from their mouths and pussies.

Finally, the last flash back arrives in your mind: Intense Bukkake scene. Two chicks Amirah Adara and Alya Stark their shaking bodies on the table with the prettiest Ahegao faces get fully Bukkaked with hot fresh sperm from down to up.

Well, now the situation is a bit more clear and we are going stop here with the memories about the night of Ahegao Explosion in your living room.

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