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Gal Ritchie in Three Horny Geezers

Jack, Rusty, and Calvin live together in a nursing home. There are barely any women left, and the ones in there are rarely down to have some fun. However, everything changes when the new “meat” (as they call it) arrives. It’s Gal Richie, the hot new volunteer who has them going crazy over her. Truth is, Gal hates the nursing home, she is just doing her community service and would love to get out of there as soon as possible. Seeing it as an opportunity, Jack decides to strike a deal with the hot Gal: if she lets the three of them have some fun with her, he’ll sign her papers that she came to visit them. Can Gal take more than one cock at the same time? These geezers will make sure that this chicks gets out of the place after a good stuffing.

As Real as It Gets with Kylie & Ryan

Jack is thinking of leaving his wife, but his steppies, Kylie and Ryan, step in to try and make things right. But with everything going on between them, they all start having weird dreams. Jack can’t stop thinking about getting his dick wet and fucking both of his steppies. He imagines what it would be like to fill up their pussies and how familiar it would be to fuck them. It isn’t just Jack, either. The babes are thinking about their steppy’s dick nonstop. They know he’d take care of them like only a caring steppy can, treating their pussies with delicacy and love. The dreams eventually become too much for the trio, so Jack calls a meeting. The only solution that makes sense is for the group to make the dreams a reality. Jack doesn’t believe it at first when Kylie and Ryan start to reach for his cock. No one is dreaming this time, though, and their threesome kicks off with a bang. Jack gets his cock sucked by both the hot babes before they take off their shorts. They take turns riding on top of their steppy , savoring every inch of his cock. When Jack is about to bust, the babes get on their knees so Jack can cum for them. He fills one steppy ’s mouth with his load, but the babes soon share it with a cummy kiss.

The Things She Used To Do with Chloe Temple

Jack has been feeling lonely, but luckily for him, he has a very caring and attentive steppy. Chloe always looks out for Jack and will do whatever it takes to make him happy. Things seem innocent enough – she gets him breakfast, helps him in the garden, etc. But things take an odd turn when Chloe catches Jack spying on her in the bathroom. Chloe’s mind races. Why would he hide in the bathroom closet and ogle her while she’s naked? She feels nervous, but the situation also turns her on a little. She could never tell Jack this, as he might get the wrong idea. But when Jack admits to Chloe that he’s been lonely and misses the touch of a woman, Chloe Temple sees her chance to mess around with him in a taboo way. Chloe feels Jack getting hard, so she decides to excite the old man and puts his cock in her mouth. It tastes better than she expected, and Chloe soon finds that sucking her step-grandpa’s cock is kind of fun – not to mention intensely fucked up and kinky. Chloe then climbs on top and rides Jack hard, letting his cock slide deep inside of her. It’s a wild sensation. Jack can’t believe he’s fucking her. Even though he wanted it, he knew what they were doing was wrong and had to hope no one ever found out – this would forever be their little secret. When Jack can no longer hold his load, he busts a massive load all over Chloe’s adorable and eager face. With her face painted with cum, Chloe looks up at him with nothing but admiration and lust.

Lifting the Holiday Spirit with Aria Banks & Asia Lee

Eric and Jack simply aren’t feeling the holiday cheer this year. With divorce and other looming distractions, they can’t seem to find their festive spirit. Concerned and wanting to help, their steppies, Asia Lee and Aria Banks, want to help turn their frowns upside down. They devise a brilliant idea – they’ll hide in big boxes under the tree and set up glory holes for their steppies. The plan goes smoother than butter, and Eric and Jack love getting their cocks sucked in the mystery holes. But now that they’ve had their fun, Aria and Asia want their fun, too. The guys whip out their cocks again, and this time, the babes get to go for a ride. Christmas spirits are looking way up, and it’s all thanks to the gift of fucking.

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Happy (and Filthy) Birthday!

It’s Grandpa Jack’s birthday and his steppy Myra decides to celebrate big time! The man is happy, but he feels kinda lonely and unsatisfied because it’s been a long time since a woman pleased him sexually just like he used to. Touched, Myra decides that she can give her sweet pawpaw the gift he truly desires: filthy and sneaky sex all over the place! Yet, there’s just one catch: she needs to avoid getting caught by Ziggy, her vigilant mother.

The Rockstar Experience

Former rockstars’ steppies, Liz and Mira, want to taste the wild sex life their old ones, Jack and Mike, got in their early years. Dressed like groupies, they decide to follow a new rock band on tour with them to get some action. Jack and Mike don’t like the idea but don’t know how to stop them besides grounding them. The chicks figure out that if they can’t have sex with actual rockstars, then they’ll fool around with their steppies’ old guitars. Unfortunately, they catch them in time and decide that if they can’t stop them, it’ll be safer to give them the wild sex they want themselves.

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Now or Never with Laney & Chanel

Mike and Jack arrive at the place they rented to spend some time with Amateur Allure babes Chanel and Laney. The two babes are happy to be sharing, parading around the house and in the pool in their hot bikinis, and messing around with the dudes. Jack is a bit uncomfortable, but Mike can’t help but fantasize about his best friend’s steppy. Suddenly, he finds Laney and Chanel doing hot stuff in the shower, so the timing couldn’t be more convenient. Mike convinces Jack to join in on the fun with the chicks, fucking each other’s steppies to avoid making things weird. Yet, as everything gets steamier, it’s swapping time!

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