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As Real as It Gets with Kylie & Ryan

Jack is thinking of leaving his wife, but his steppies, Kylie and Ryan, step in to try and make things right. But with everything going on between them, they all start having weird dreams. Jack can’t stop thinking about getting his dick wet and fucking both of his steppies. He imagines what it would be like to fill up their pussies and how familiar it would be to fuck them. It isn’t just Jack, either. The babes are thinking about their steppy’s dick nonstop. They know he’d take care of them like only a caring steppy can, treating their pussies with delicacy and love. The dreams eventually become too much for the trio, so Jack calls a meeting. The only solution that makes sense is for the group to make the dreams a reality. Jack doesn’t believe it at first when Kylie and Ryan start to reach for his cock. No one is dreaming this time, though, and their threesome kicks off with a bang. Jack gets his cock sucked by both the hot babes before they take off their shorts. They take turns riding on top of their steppy , savoring every inch of his cock. When Jack is about to bust, the babes get on their knees so Jack can cum for them. He fills one steppy ’s mouth with his load, but the babes soon share it with a cummy kiss.

The Laws of Swapping

Maria and Phoebe are the steppies of two very important men. Mike and Danny are powerful and have a lot of pull in the political world. Maria is a good babe, while Phoebe is rebellious and is always looking to find ways to oppose her steppy’s laws and impositions. When Phoebe learns of Danny’s idea to outlaw all promiscuity in marriage, she knows she has to find a way to change his mind. Phoebe tells Maria to seduce Danny, and at first, Maria Kazi isn’t sure. But Phoebe knows that underneath her goody-two-shoe exterior, there is a sexual deviant looking to be unleashed. The plan goes off without a hitch, and Maria finds Danny alone. She tempts him with a blowjob, and Danny folds immediately. Caught in the act, Mike can’t believe he’s seeing his steppy suck his colleague’s cock. Phoebe knows the tables have turned and jumps right into action. Phoebe will mess around with Mike, and Maria will mess around with Danny. The lobbyists know it’s wrong, but that’s never stopped them before! After having fun with each other’s steppy, the men decide to go for a full-on daughter swap. Maria and Phoebe ride their steppy’s cocks hard until the men bust and give them both a creamy load. The sweet babes share a cummy kiss and ensure a brighter future for horny babes everywhere.

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Kylie Rocket’s Lusty Lessons

Kylie Rocket’s love for cock was at an all-time high, and she wanted every inch he had to offer. When Mike can’t hold his load any longer, he pumps Kylie’s pussy with a massive load of cum. Kylie can feel it against her walls and all throughout her vagina – the sensation drove her wild and gave her a thrill like nothing she’d ever experienced. Sex with his steppy was something Mike could get used to, and seeing how horny Kylie was, it was something he could likely expect often.

Join Us or I’ll Tell

Ryan is visiting Kylie for Spring Break. They plan to party all day long and get laid, but Kylie’s stupid steppy Mike is always spying on them. Acting like a real creep, Mike lusts over the babes’ luscious bodies constantly and won’t stop pestering them. One night, he starts recording them while they talk about having sex until they find out. Threatening to tell their mom, Kylie convinces her little steppy to pull out his cock and give them a little preview of what’s to come for Spring Break. Nervous, Mike swipes out his juicy dick and gets the blowjob of his life from her little steppy and her bestie. Mike has now become the babes’ sex slave and will have to do exactly as he’s told to avoid getting into trouble. The next day, Kyle and Ryan are sunbathing when Mike shows up. His new task will be to rub some suncream on them, the perfect excuse for Mike’s hands to reach for the babes’ stavin’ pussies and add a little extra finger for fun. The scene ends with Ryan and Kylie making out hard while rubbing their pussies with a little extra hand from Mike. Finally, Ryan has to go back home, but both she and her BFF want to end this visit with a bang. Surprising Mike with a new and hot makeout session, they invite him to a hot threesome–the boy’s ultimate chance to pound her steppy and her best friend’s pussies!

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Jade Maris & Theodora Day in Perfection by Nubile Films

A trail of candles leads Parker Ambrose to the bedroom, where his girlfriend Theodora Day is waiting with her friend Jade Maris. Both babes are dressed in sleek black lingerie, but Jade’s getup is definitely one of total submission. Theodora brightly tells Parker that she knows he’s been longing for a threesome and she heard him mention recently that he finds Jade cute.

Parker hardly knows what to say, so the babes take charge. They pull Parker into bed and then begin making out and pawing at each other right on top of him. Jade’s tits appear for Parker to suckle, followed by Theodora’s. The babes move on to peel Parker’s pants and boxers off so they can work together to blow him.

Since Parker is already prone, it’s a simple thing for the babes to use him for their pleasure. Theodora climbs aboard the D to ride Parker’s hardon while Jade takes a seat on his face so he can eat her pussy. Relinquishing the cock to Jade, Theodora helps her friend scoot forward to ride Parker in reverse cowgirl.

Getting onto her knees, Theodora munches puss while she gets dicked down in doggy. She rocks back stroke for stroke, enjoying her boyfriend’s hardon so thoroughly. She gives up the cock only so Jade can have another turn.

On her back, Jade spreads her thighs to let Parker dive nice and deep to make her moan. They couple like that until Jade is sated and Parker is on the edge. Ready to blow his load, he pulls out and cums on Jade’s landing strip muff. Sated and satisfied, the trio agrees they’ll definitely have to do this again.

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Threesome Cock Share by Lana Smalls & Macy Meadows at LilSis.com

This season on Lil Sis we’re running a love your family hotline hosted by love coach Alex Coal. Today’s caller is Macy Meadows. Macy wants to know how to navigate a friendship after a sexual encounter with herself, her friend Lana Smalls, and her new steppy Nathan Bronson. Lana had been hanging around a lot more since Nathan came into the picture. Eventually Lana asked Macy how she’d feel if she tried dating Nathan. Macy didn’t understand her own feelings, so she said yes.

Alex guides Macy through her conflicted feelings as Macy describes how she’d watch them making out while she masturbated. Then, Macy goes on, one day she walked in on Lacy and Nathan doing more than just making out. She opened the door and pretended to be surprised and outraged at what she saw. When Lacy asked Macy not to tell, Macy agreed as long as she could join them. To her surprise, Lana and Nathan agreed.

Next thing Macy knew, she was embroiled in a threesome. The babes took turns sucking Nathan’s dick and then sharing his body as Macy rode his mouth and Lana rode his dick. Then Macy got a doggy style pussy pounding as she ate Lana out. On her back, Lana pulled Macy onto her mouth to feast on that cooch as Nathan slammed home. They ended with Macy on her back, enjoying one last pussy pounding until Nathan pulled out to cover her in his love. Now on the phone with Alex, Macy confesses she doesn’t know how to share. Alex encourages clear communication of her wants and needs, and even a schedule if necessary as they conclude their call.