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May 2023 Fantasy Of The Month with Amirah Adara, Tiffany Tatum & Zazie Skymm

Amirah Adara is the 2023 May fantasy of the month. Her fantasy involves two lovers: Zazie Skymm as the angel and Tiffany Tatum as the naughty devil. Sitting between them, Amirah finds herself in a game of sensual tug of war as Zazie and Tiffany fight for her affection.

Tiffany wins the first round, pulling Amirah’s bra down to get a taste of those hot titties and hard nipples. Shoving Amirah’s head low, Tiffany pulls her own skirt aside to reveal that she’s wearing a strap on. Angelic Zazie watches judgmentally as Amirah obediently sucks the dildo. Her attitude changes when Amirah turns around to be fucked by that toy while eating Zazie out.

Now that Amirah has chosen both the angel and the devil, things can heat up even further. Zazie finds herself on her back with devilish Tiffany making her moan with a vibrator. Meanwhile, Amirah hovers over Zazie’s face so that Zazie can feast on Amirah’s dripping pussy. In return, Amirah sucks and licks at Zazie’s feet and toes.

Now it’s Tiffany’s turn, and Amirah and Zazie can’t wait to do their best (or worst) to her. On her knees, Tiffany closes her eyes in delight as Zazie sinks a big dildo into her fuck hole. Amirah holds Tiffany steady as she’s being fucked, eating her moans with kisses. Then she climbs to the top of the couch so Tiffany can put her mouth to better use licking and sucking at Amirah’s cooch.

Amirah gets one last go with her angel and devil as she finds herself on her bottom, legs spread nice and wide. There are two twos, and Amirah gets to enjoy both of them. Zazie mans the vibrator, pressing it to Amirah’s clit, while Tiffany fucks her with the dildo. With such devoted attention, it’s not long before Amirah is mewling her ultimate pleasure.

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Chloe Temple & Katie Kush In To Her by Nubile Films

Good men are hard to find, as Chloe Temple has discovered BBC recently. Sitting alone in the kitchen with a box of chocolates and a vibrator, Chloe mourns the date she should have had before she got stood up. That’s how her roommate Katie Kush finds her.

In an effort to cheer Chloe up, Katie keeps getting closer and closer. Katie ultimately confesses to Chloe that she has a big crush on her. Chloe feels the same way, which is a big relief to both babes to get that confession off their chests. Leaning in to kiss Chloe, Katie is all smiles in anticipation of a surprise fun night ahead…

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Leana Lovings at VR Allure

Sitting is such a chill job…once the small one goes to sleep. Leana Lovings has some time to kill before the parents get home, so she decides to break out her faithful vibrator in this 8K VR Porn. Only thing is you get home earlier than expected and catch her in the act. Oh, did I mention? Your wife is nowhere to be found. Leana Lovings has seen the way you look at her though, she’s got a thing for older men and decides to let you watch. You cannot help but let yourself be drawn in by her seductive body and those cute glasses. You are definitely digging the look and she is more than happy to make your fantasy come true in this VR Porn.

A Full, Fresh Ahegao Explosion with Alya Stark & Amirah Adara

Think of a morning after a hardcore party, when you do not remember anything from the last 24 hours of your life (thanks God and Vodka). Everything what you dream about is fresh black (as your fucking soul) coffee and few cigarettes at once. So, halfdead you go to the kitchen through your living room. First thing you notice is a strong smell of fresh fish. Did you eat Fish yesterday for dinner? Once you arrive to the living room from Chinese Fish Market you teleport to The party in a Desert with Camel Toe every fucking where: the whole room is full of stunning naked beautiful women with their asses up to the sky.

So, your dick flies quickly in that direction as well. Five minutes ago, the perfect morning for you would be with a cigarette and coffee. Well, after adding 13 creamy wet holes to it, it becomes even better. This is kind of upgrade you really like. But with a minute, what the fuck happened here yesterday? And, hopefully, those chicks do not plan to stay for breakfast… Okay, man, put your balls together and try to remember the day before.

The first flash back comes in you hangover head is: chicks are all around riding and roughly fucking huge colorful dildos (from where do you have these dildos at home, man?). Our stunning ladies are absolutely unstoppable on maximum concentration. The expressions on their faces scream: fuck me harder! You cannot believe, but man, they are everywhere: one masturbates on the floor, another two take their place on the couch and push dildos deep inside their aching holes, another one in on the table with the face full of ecstasy, one is on the bookshelf already out of control and one more is above the fireplace fuck a dido like there is no tomorrow (wtf next to my mirror for few thousand dollars?!). So, the room is just full of Extreme Ahegao faces, huge dildos, insane beautiful babes and wet creamy vaginas. Well, the show continues till the late evening. At one-point, babes cannot take anymore and start to explode with fresh hot cum from all their fucked holes. The warm sticky white liquid leaks from their mouths and pussies.

Finally, the last flash back arrives in your mind: Intense Bukkake scene. Two chicks Amirah Adara and Alya Stark their shaking bodies on the table with the prettiest Ahegao faces get fully Bukkaked with hot fresh sperm from down to up.

Well, now the situation is a bit more clear and we are going stop here with the memories about the night of Ahegao Explosion in your living room.

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Amirah Adara in What Women Do by Hentaied

You have no idea what women want? We don’t. However, we want to learn it and today we got a chance for a proper lesson. Take your place, watch and listen really carefully. Do not forget to make notes.

Today our outstanding Hungarian beauty Amirah Adara will teach us a lesson (for better understanding take a proper look on incredible feet of Amirah and extreme Masturbation session with Vibrator here: Amirah’s Feet ). And not just the theory will be given. So, we are going to pay much more attention to practice (Spoiler: Sin city style, Huge dildo, A lot of Cum, Extreme Squirting, Intense hardcore Masturbation and Full Bukkake mode instead of boring books for better learning).

Amirah explains step by step, that one of the most important things for a Real woman is to learn how to love and please herself; how to make herself happy. And the best way to do it is to masturbate. Insanely, intensively and extremely. Till the moments when she loses all the control, but she wants more, more and more. Till the moment she cannot take it anymore, but she continues to ride this huge dildo: in and out, in and out. With each move pushing it deeper inside this creamy aching pussy.

That’s what Amirah does. She is riding this huge red dildo and squirting again and again. She cannot control her body, neither her mind. However, the only thing she knows for sure is that she needs more. Our stunning babe wants to bring herself on the top of sexual pleasure and almost nobody can do it better for her (sure you could, man, no offence). Just take a look on this beautiful face: it’s full of selflove and full of extreme ecstasy. Amirah is completely out of control. As the result, she starts to explode with hot fresh cum from all her holes. She squirts so powerful and intense, like there is nothing more important in this life as her sexual pleasure.

By the end Amirah get fully Bukkaked: her tired helpless body completely covered with hot fresh cum, every inch of it, from incredible long legs to beautiful face. This what a real and proper sex relief is. This what all real women want… (to continue the show take a look how Amirah and Alya masturbating from the morning till the evening and get fully Bukkake and Ahegao treatment here: Full fresh Ahegao Explosion).

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Talia Mint is the Good Girl at Hentaied

This is where our story begins. The first video we created for Hentaied – The World of Real Life Hentai – Heaven of Best Ahegaos, Extreme Bukkake, Sweetest Creampies, Huge Black Tentacles, and The most Beautiful Babes ever. Let us present you The Good Girl by stunning Talia Mint.

When we were small all of us dreamed of a good little puppy. It would always play with us and would be the most obedient. But we grow up and our dreams change. So now instead of a good puppy, we want a Good Girl who always wants to play with us. Who always wants to fuck.

Talia is a real good babe. She is drooling all around, on all four on the floor searching for big toys to play with. Our Pinky haired Puppy loves to play with her pussy and makes everything around her wet. She knows very well how to squirt on maximum! Once she finds a huge dragon dildo she will ride it like there is no tomorrow. So just take a look at this Sweet Ahegao of little Puppy. It’s full of enjoy and ecstasy. Rolling crossed eyes, protruding tongue, and slightly reddened face.

And here is a surprise for you. Let’s take a look on this beauty vagina from inside. Therefore we are going to jump directly inside of Talia’s pussy. To enjoy how The Good Girl gets fucked from there. At the end her creamy tiny pussy makes even a dildo cum with a ton of fake sperm. Finally Talia explodes with white sticky liquid from all her hot holes. Well done Good Girl, take your place!

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Tiffany Tatum in A.I. Love by Hentaied

People say that A.I. has no emotions and no feelings.

But Tiffany Tatum and her new lover will prove otherwise (spoiler: with a ton of cum, extreme masturbation, hot creampie, and full Ahegao mode for better understanding their unique feelings).

Tiffany is a beautiful sexy babe. But as you know, even chick like Tiffany get dumped by their gfs. That’s what happened to her. Her bf dumped her for too much gaming. Of course, she was upset about this crap in her life. But back then she didn’t know that the Artificial Intelligence of her TV is in love with her. And ‘s going to make her cum as she has never done before.

At the beginning Tiffany makes wet everything around her with the help of a vibrator which is controlled by A.I. . First time in her life the babe squirts and almost loses control under the pressure of sexual pleasure.

Then Tiffany got one more surprise from her new lover – Huge Red Dildo. So she got fucked properly in her tiny wet pussy till she turned on her Ahegao mode.

Drooling all around cute teen explodes with a lot of cum. So her body shakes, her mouth is full of artificial sperm and creampie leaks with sticky white liquid.

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