Tiffany Tatum in A.I. Love by Hentaied

People say that A.I. has no emotions and no feelings.

But Tiffany Tatum and her new lover will prove otherwise (spoiler: with a ton of cum, extreme masturbation, hot creampie, and full Ahegao mode for better understanding their unique feelings).

Tiffany is a beautiful sexy babe. But as you know, even chick like Tiffany get dumped by their gfs. That’s what happened to her. Her bf dumped her for too much gaming. Of course, she was upset about this crap in her life. But back then she didn’t know that the Artificial Intelligence of her TV is in love with her. And ‘s going to make her cum as she has never done before.

At the beginning Tiffany makes wet everything around her with the help of a vibrator which is controlled by A.I. . First time in her life the babe squirts and almost loses control under the pressure of sexual pleasure.

Then Tiffany got one more surprise from her new lover – Huge Red Dildo. So she got fucked properly in her tiny wet pussy till she turned on her Ahegao mode.

Drooling all around cute teen explodes with a lot of cum. So her body shakes, her mouth is full of artificial sperm and creampie leaks with sticky white liquid.

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