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An Excuse to Get Along Better

Preston and his steppy Willow are hosting a Labor Day BBQ and invite Miles and his steppy Laya over. Whereas, Miles is a workaholic and doesn’t get along with Laya, Preston and Willow are carefree and very close. Determined to help the family patch things up, Preston and Willow show them how much more enjoyable life can be if they get a little closer…

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Threesome Massage with Madison Morgan & Maya Farrell

Ryan Driller arrives at a massage parlor and is greeted by two masseuses, Madison Morgan and Maya Farrell. Ryan used to be a regular client at the parlor but the masseuses haven’t seen him in a long time, so they’re pleasantly surprised to see that he’s back. They ask him where he’s been, and Ryan explains that he was in the hospital for a while. Now that he’s recovered, he’s excited about a second chance at life. Madison and Maya are moved by his positivity.

Ryan says that he wants to live life to the fullest, including spoiling himself at the massage parlor with one of their PREMIUM massages. The masseuses are blown away by his infectious good mood and offer him a special nuru massage, which Ryan excitedly agrees to.

Madison, Maya, and Ryan take a shower together, with the masseuses pampering Ryan. Afterwards, they exit the shower so they can get started on the massage. The masseuses work together to give Ryan a sensual nuru massage, which is exactly the kind of new experience Ryan was looking for. Afterwards, Madison and Maya offer a happy ending, which Ryan eagerly accepts. Now THAT’S how to live life to the fullest!

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Lily Takes It All at Deep Lush

You can tell right away that Lily and Isiah have strong chemistry and love kissing each other. Isiah takes control and licks and kisses Lily’s pussy before sliding in to her. They have energetic sex all over the bed and Isiah helps her cum multiple times. There’s POV shot during the blowjob and while she rides his cock. The scene ends with Lily riding him in reverse cowgirl and her having an orgasm as he fills her pussy with cum.

Making It Exciting by Teens Love Black Cocks with Silvia Soprano

Jesus Reyes teams up with Silvia Soprano to try and film a video of them making some tiramisu, but when Silvia reveals she doesn’t really know how to make it, Jesus speaks with the cameraman to figure out what they can do to make things more interesting for teens love black cocks. The guys suggest they do a porn video and Silvia, being already naked, is more than happy to try it out!

Earth Day by Freeuse Fantasy

Sarah and Willow stay after school on Earth Day to do some extra curricular activities that will give them extra credit and their teacher Mr. Donnie is the one in charge of supervising them. After the chicks pick up trash at the park they invite Mr. Donnie back to their place promising to show him all the ways they like to help the earth. As they go around the house the babes suck Mr. Donnie’s cock as he tends to their fine pussies in every way imaginable.


TeamSkeet AllStars March Willow Ryder

What’s up, TeamSkeet fans? It’s time to celebrate the TeamSkeet All-Star for March, and we’ve picked Willow Ryder! This stunning babe is as hot as they come, and we simply can’t get enough of Willow. We’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with Willow plenty of times over this past year, so we can’t think of someone more deserving of the All-Star title than her. If you’ve seen Willow before, you know she’s a firecracker and just all-around drop-dead gorgeous. See her go all out in this brand-new All-Stars update!