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An Excuse to Get Along Better

Preston and his steppy Willow are hosting a Labor Day BBQ and invite Miles and his steppy Laya over. Whereas, Miles is a workaholic and doesn’t get along with Laya, Preston and Willow are carefree and very close. Determined to help the family patch things up, Preston and Willow show them how much more enjoyable life can be if they get a little closer…

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July 2023 Fantasy Of The Month Haley Reed & Kay Lovely

Haley Reed and her friend Kay Lovely have been suntanning and enjoying some girl talk. Haley offers Kay a popsicle. Kay takes the opportunity to check out Haley’s lovely ass. When she learns that Haley’s new fuck buddy is a chick, Kay realizes that she has an in with that pussy.

Realizing that Kay is interested, Haley inquires whether she has any experience with babes. When Kay affirms that she has, Haley offers to let Kay lick the melting popsicle juice off her chest. Kay makes good on that offer, and soon her talented tongue is making Haley’s nipples nice and hard.

Haley isn’t about to let Kay have all the fun! She gives as good as she gets, suckling Kay’s nipples. The babes let their hands roam each other’s bodies as they get more intimately acquainted. When Haley drops to her knees in front of Kay, Kay spreads herself nice and wide so that her friend can go for a delectable pussy licking.

Once Kay’s breath catches in a satisfied moan, Haley comes up to let Kay kiss her own essence from her lips. Then she eases Haley onto her back on the kitchen island. Licking her way from the bottoms of Haley’s feet, she relieves them both of their bikinis. Then she finger bangs Haley as she sits astride Haley’s face, letting her girlfriend eat her out.

The chicks wind up in a full on 69, each of them enjoying the other’s flavor. When Kay lays down on her back, Haley presses her pussy to Kay’s. The babes rock their hips, tribbing as they scissor together. When they are finally sated, they make out on the countertop as they enjoy their newfound relationship.

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A Threesome On The 4th Of July with Kylie & Lulu at BrattySis

Sidechick Kylie Rocket and her friends had planned to throw a pool party, but now Kylie is grounded. Her steppy, Juan Loco, tries to taunt Kylie that she’s not going to get that Fourth of July party after all, but Kylie snidely informs him that she has a plan. She’s going to suck his dick dry and then he’ll have no choice but to let her have her party.

Juan claims that Kylie’s plan will never work, but Kylie is certain it will. Later, Juan walks in to see that Kylie and parasited Lulu Chu are in matching patriotic bikinis in a swimming pool in the house. Juan says he’s going to tell Kylie’s mom, but Lulu suggests that just bend his steppy over instead. When Lulu bares Juan’s boobs and tugs Juan to his knees, Kylie tugs him forward to suck her titties. Lulu whips hers out, too, and soon both Kylie and Juan have fastened their mouths to Lulu’s nips.

Next, the babes pull Juan’s dick out so that Lulu can encourage Kylie to have a taste. A double BJ leads to more as the babes each get on their knees to present a pussy buffet for Juan to do in doggy. Lulu rides in reverse cowgirl, then gets back on her knees to eat Kylie out. When Kylie takes Juan on her back, Lulu rides her face to muffle her moans. Juan pulls out to blow his load on Kyle’s stomach, leaving a tasty mess for the babes to snowball and share.

Freeuse Independence Day

Octavia and her spring breaker roommates Rory and Lucky are hosting an annual Independence Day celebration so all their friends can enjoy the fireworks from their home’s great view. Of course, getting ready for the party involves a lot of organization! There’s just one thing: they are more of a freeuse-style roommates, so setting up the house for the party involves A LOT of freeusing!


Now or Never with Laney & Chanel

Mike and Jack arrive at the place they rented to spend some time with Amateur Allure babes Chanel and Laney. The two babes are happy to be sharing, parading around the house and in the pool in their hot bikinis, and messing around with the dudes. Jack is a bit uncomfortable, but Mike can’t help but fantasize about his best friend’s steppy. Suddenly, he finds Laney and Chanel doing hot stuff in the shower, so the timing couldn’t be more convenient. Mike convinces Jack to join in on the fun with the chicks, fucking each other’s steppies to avoid making things weird. Yet, as everything gets steamier, it’s swapping time!

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June 2023 Fantasy Of The Month Lexi Luna

Looking stunning as hell in a bikini, Lexi Luna stands in front of a camera making sure that it’ll capture everything. She’s about to do a try on haul for her summer bikinis when her boyfriend Quinton Jones walks in. He asks if he can watch, and Lexi cheerfully agrees.

After the first bikini, Lexi teases Quinton with her body as she puts the next one on. The third bikini is upcoming, but Quinton can’t resist the desire to lick those nipples and give her a reason to hurry up. Lexi puts her third outfit on and claims she’s saved the best for last, but her quick sign off makes it clear that for Lexi the best is still yet to come.

She turns around and struts right over to where Quinton is waiting for her on the bed. Pushing him backwards, she climbs on top of him and straddles his face. Quinton can’t get enough of eating out that sweet, slippery pussy. Lexi loses the bikini as she lets Quinton have his feast.

Since Quinton is already prone on his back, Lexi can easily slide down his body and go for the gold. He’s hard as a rock for her, so she goes straight to work sucking the balls and slurping the stiffie. From there, it’s so easy to adjust her hips so that she can ride Quinton’s hardon as he suckles her breasts.

Swapping spots so that she’s on her back with Quinton standing above her, Lexi spreads her thighs to welcome him back inside. He gives it to her nice and deep, but the angle of penetration isn’t quite what she’s looking for. She gets on her knees and sighs in delight as Quinton gives her a doggy style pussy pounding.

Falling to her side, Lexi cuddles up to Quinton. He spoons behind her, giving her full hands on action. When he shoves back inside, Lexi is there for him stroke for stroke. He keeps up their coupling until the last moment, when he pulls out and lets Lexi finish him off all over her fabulous titties.

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Bikini Teens Amber Stark, Leana Lovings & Scarlet Skies Sharing Dick

Veteran Will Pounder has served his country, and now his steppy Leana Lovings and her friends Amber Stark and Scarlet Skies are ready to thank him. They discuss how hot the vets were at the parade they’ve just returned from. When Amber claims she’d totally fuck a dad, they realize that Leana’s steppy is the perfect vet to turn their attention to.

Will walks in just when they’re discussing how Leana walked in on him and that he has a nice cock. Amber and Scarlet try to flash him in thanks for his service, which makes Will think Leana spilled the beans about their so-called special arrangement. Turning Leana around, Will spanks her for being so naughty. That just gets all three babes even hotter for the D.

Taking Will to the couch, the trio gets busy. Leana shows the way, demonstrating how she loves to ride her steppy in reverse cowgirl. Then Amber takes a turn in cowgirl. Getting on her back and laying her head in Amber’s lap, Scarlet spreads her thighs for Will to truly pound her pussy. The babes wind up on their knees to take a big facial that leaves them with plenty of cum to share and play with!

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