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Bikini Teens Amber Stark, Leana Lovings & Scarlet Skies Sharing Dick

Veteran Will Pounder has served his country, and now his steppy Leana Lovings and her friends Amber Stark and Scarlet Skies are ready to thank him. They discuss how hot the vets were at the parade they’ve just returned from. When Amber claims she’d totally fuck a dad, they realize that Leana’s steppy is the perfect vet to turn their attention to.

Will walks in just when they’re discussing how Leana walked in on him and that he has a nice cock. Amber and Scarlet try to flash him in thanks for his service, which makes Will think Leana spilled the beans about their so-called special arrangement. Turning Leana around, Will spanks her for being so naughty. That just gets all three babes even hotter for the D.

Taking Will to the couch, the trio gets busy. Leana shows the way, demonstrating how she loves to ride her steppy in reverse cowgirl. Then Amber takes a turn in cowgirl. Getting on her back and laying her head in Amber’s lap, Scarlet spreads her thighs for Will to truly pound her pussy. The babes wind up on their knees to take a big facial that leaves them with plenty of cum to share and play with!

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Memorial Day Pool Party

Demi and Whitney return from their military camp to spend Memorial Day with their steppies Clarke and Mike. They haven’t had sex in two years so they plan to seduce each other’s old men. The plan goes well until Mike and Clarke discover their steppies naughty scheme. Whitney and Amateur Allure Demi come clean and convince them to engage in a wild sexual experience, swapping once more to see what each is capable of.

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Bikini Big Tit Scarlett Alexis Wants To Get Oiled

Jason is mid-masturbation when his steppy Scarlett Alexis barges in on him. She wants a ride to the beach, but Jason says no. If Jason won’t give her a ride, Scarlett wants him to at least rub her down with suntan oil. When Jason hesitates, Scarlett sweetens the pot by saying he can rub the oil onto her big titties. She even pops them out of her bikini bra just for him.

How can Jason say no to those stunning DDs? Scarlett reminds him that she’ll do anything to get a ride to the beach, and suddenly Jason is full of ideas. Laying Scarlett down on the bed, he helps her out of her bikini bottom. Once he has uncovered his steppy’s shaved twat, Jason slides to fingers in to find her nice and tight and very wet.

Replacing his fingers with his dick, Jason watches Scarlett writhe beneath him and rub her big titties. She sucks her own goo from Jason’s hardon, then lays down so she can shove her boobies together for a titty fuck. Rolling Jason onto his back, Scarlett rides him in cowgirl, then in reverse cowgirl. She gets on her belly so Jason can admire her big ass as he bangs her. When she’s just about sated, Scarlett gets on her back to let Jason get to his own finish line. He pulls out to cum on Scarlett’s tits.

Bikini Foursome with Leana Lovings, Molly Little and Theodora Day

It’s beach season and Molly Little, Theodora Day, and Leana Lovings are ready for the pool! Tyler Cruise watches in secret as they sit there in their bikinis blowing up inflatable donuts. When Theodora notices, Molly offers to show her tits if Tyler helps them even though still can’t come to the party. Tyler still agrees to help out, but once he asks the babes to pay up they give him the finger.

After snapping a bunch of selfies, Molly realizes that she’s stuck in the donut. Tyler hears the commotion and offers to free Molly if he can fuck her. Leaning over the table, Molly agrees to five pumps. She quickly realizes she likes Tyler’s fuck stick and doesn’t want him to stop. Watching them fuck gets Leana and Theodora pretty hot, too, and soon enough they’re masturbating to the sight.

Molly is happy to share his dick once she’s free. She lets Theodora ride him in cowgirl. Then Leana takes a turn in reverse cowgirl. The trio of babes delivers a triple blowjob together that gets Tyler nice and hard for another round apiece. Molly gets on her back with her thighs spread and then tags out with Theodora. Leana takes the final turn in the middle. When he’s finished playing stud to all three babes, Tyler pulls out to blow his load on Leana’s stomach so Molly can lick it up and share the treat. Chad still isn’t allowed at the party, though.


A Hot Sweaty Saturday with Mina and Samantha

Mina and Samantha are spending their Saturday by the pool with their respective steppies Brad Newman and Brad Sterling. Mina gives a measuring tape to Samantha and dares her to flirt with her steppy. In the meantime, Mina goes with Brad and the two find Samantha sucking on Brad’s cock! Little Asian Mina gets on her knees and suggests they all better have some naughty fun!

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Cum Swapping Threesome with Aria Valencia & Haley Reed

Nathan Bronson really wants to fuck his steppy Haley Reed, and the feeling is definitely mutual. There’s just one thing: Haley and Nathan also both have the hots for Aria Valencia, Haley’s best friend. When Nathan walks in on the babes swapping bubble gum and spit, he doesn’t know how to handle himself. The chicks tease him in a pretty mean way, which makes Nathan dip out. They feel badly about it, so they decide to make it up to him.


Now It’s A Party with Aubree Valentine & Lexi Luna by Nubile Films

Hot wife Lexi Luna has been trying to get her husband Ryan Mclane to have a threesome. Ryan keeps turning her down, so Lexi gets craftier and craftier. Today she has decked herself out in a hot little bathing suit with plenty of suntan lotion oiling up her soft skin. She has Aubree Valentine, the new babe in town, come on over for a Fourth of July barbeque wearing a barely-there bikini since she just knows Ryan will love Aubree’s tits.

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