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Dress To Impress with Chanel Camryn & Freya Parker

Freya Parker and Chanel Camryn are great roommates. Part of what helps them work so well together is that Freya has a huge crush on Chanel. She approaches Chanel one day and confides that she has a crush on someone. Chanel coaxes Freya into going to her room to get dressed to impress so she can go for it!

Freya takes the advice, retreating to her room and slipping into something very sexy. Her dress has plenty of wow factor, but before she goes back downstairs Freya sends Chanel a text confessing her crush. Returning to the living room, Freya soaks in Chanel’s compliments and then suggests that Chanel check her phone.

Understanding blossoms as Chanel reads the text and then looks up at Freya with a hungry gaze. It turns out that Freya isn’t the only one with a crush. The babes come together almost reverently, caressing and touching each other as they use their fingers and hands to learn each other’s bodies in this new leaf of their relationship.

Moving to the bedroom, the ladies begin to shed their clothes oh so slowly. Gradually, Chanel eases Freya back onto the bed. She slides Freya’s thong aside and flicks her tongue out to taste her roommate’s sweet heat. Then she goes for a full on pussy feast that has Freya arching her back off the bed in bliss.

Getting Chanel on her knees is all Freya can think of as she rubs her hand down her lover’s ass and fondles her clit. She explores carefully and reverently, sliding her fingers down Chanel’s slick slit and then going in with her tongue. She probes and slurps, leaving Chanel nice and drenched in her passion.

The babes lay together side by side, their fingers stroking each other’s clits. That dual pussy diddling continues until they come together with Chanel on top of Freya, clit to clit so they can scissor together. Their tribbing brings them both off one last time, capping off a satisfying first date.

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Jade Maris & Theodora Day in Perfection by Nubile Films

A trail of candles leads Parker Ambrose to the bedroom, where his girlfriend Theodora Day is waiting with her friend Jade Maris. Both babes are dressed in sleek black lingerie, but Jade’s getup is definitely one of total submission. Theodora brightly tells Parker that she knows he’s been longing for a threesome and she heard him mention recently that he finds Jade cute.

Parker hardly knows what to say, so the babes take charge. They pull Parker into bed and then begin making out and pawing at each other right on top of him. Jade’s tits appear for Parker to suckle, followed by Theodora’s. The babes move on to peel Parker’s pants and boxers off so they can work together to blow him.

Since Parker is already prone, it’s a simple thing for the babes to use him for their pleasure. Theodora climbs aboard the D to ride Parker’s hardon while Jade takes a seat on his face so he can eat her pussy. Relinquishing the cock to Jade, Theodora helps her friend scoot forward to ride Parker in reverse cowgirl.

Getting onto her knees, Theodora munches puss while she gets dicked down in doggy. She rocks back stroke for stroke, enjoying her boyfriend’s hardon so thoroughly. She gives up the cock only so Jade can have another turn.

On her back, Jade spreads her thighs to let Parker dive nice and deep to make her moan. They couple like that until Jade is sated and Parker is on the edge. Ready to blow his load, he pulls out and cums on Jade’s landing strip muff. Sated and satisfied, the trio agrees they’ll definitely have to do this again.

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No Need For A Guy When You Have Me by Nubile Films

Roommates Liz Jordan and Jade Maris have come home from a St. Patrick’s Day party. While Liz grabs something from the fridge, Jade takes her shoes off and eyes Liz’s pussy beneath her miniskirt. When Liz joins Jade by the counter, the babes get to talking.

Liz can tell that something is wrong with Jade. After a little bit of back and forth, Jade admits that there was supposed to be a guy at the party that she intended to hook up with. Liz quickly gives Jade a much-needed boost with the confession that she’s had a crush on her roommie forever.

Coming together in a kiss that’s been ages in the making, the babes immediately move forward to some hands-on action. They relocate to the bedroom where they plump each other’s tis while removing their dresses, getting skin to skin in a way they’ve wanted for so long.

Easing Jade onto the bed, Liz slowly kisses her way down her girlfriend’s body. She settles in between Jade’s thighs, licking and blowing her hot breath to make Jade squirm. When Liz finally gets down to the business of pussy eating, Jade can’t help her sweet moans.

As soon as she’s brought Jade off, Liz plants her pussy on her roommate’s face. The position is perfect, letting Jade hook her arms around Liz’s thighs to squeeze her ass. Liz can even lean forward to complete the lesbian 69 and give them both full indulgence!

Scooting forward so that she’s on her knees with her arms dangling off the bed, Liz squeals as Jade continues to demonstrate that she’s got some pussy eating skills. Before Jade can think that they’re done, though, Liz grabs a vibrator and brings her to heaven one last time before they exchange a long and loving kiss.

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Valentines Day Threesome with Liz Jordan & Maya Woulfe

Maya Woulfe has just broken up with her bf, which makes Valentine’s Day a sad occasion. She goes to her friend Liz Jordan for comfort. She and Liz commiserate in the living room until Liz’s bf Robby Echo comes home.

When Robby arrives, he reminds Liz that they have dinner reservations at six. Liz asks if Maya can come since she was just dumped, and Robby reluctantly agrees. When he sees the babes dressed to the nines, though, he suddenly realizes that he doesn’t necessarily need to go to a restaurant. The babes draw him into a threesome that he wasn’t expecting but definitely won’t say no to enjoying.

With permission, Robby exchanges sweet kisses with Maya. As Liz leads the way, the babes begin kissing and undressing one bit at a time. Once Robby is prone on the couch, the ladies put on quite the show for him as they go for each other’s tits. Eventually they kneel to pop Robby’s hardon from his pants so they can share that as well.

Peeling Maya’s panties off, Liz urges her friend to impale herself on Robby’s dick. A stiffie ride is just what Maya needs to begin feeling confident again, and Liz is there to ensure that Maya is enjoying every moment of it. When it’s her turn to fuck, Liz replaces Maya on her bf’s hardon in a reverse cowgirl ride.

Maya finds herself in the center of attention once again as she gets on her knees. With Robby sliding in from behind, she squeals in delight. Those moans are muffled once Liz arranges herself so that Maya can eat her pussy.

Taking her own turn in the middle, Liz lets Maya cradle her in her arms as she spreads her thighs. Robby sinks balls deep into Liz’s cooch. As soon as Maya gently sets her friend down on the bed, she straddles Liz’s face to ride her tongue. The sight of his girlfriend beneath him and her BFF riding her face brings Robby to the edge. When he pulls out and cums on Liz’s muff, Maya is there to snowball the treat with Liz.

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Katie Kush & Kay Lovely in The Massage by Nubile Films

Girlfriends Kay Lovely and Katie Kush have ordered an in-home masseuse to come and give them a couples massage. When they see how hot their masseuse Damon Dice is, though, the babes have other ideas. They decide that maybe it’s time they played with a guy.

While Damon’s back is turned, the ladies drop their robes. Damon tries to keep his back turned as they situate themselves on the massage tables, but he can’t help but peek. He does his best to stay professional despite the obvious flirting that both babes are doing, but eventually he gives in to their obvious need.

When Kay asks Damon to do them both at the same time, he delivers one hell of a pussy massage to each of them. Next thing he knows, he has both their hands on his dick. The babes are far too wound up to wait another moment when they realize how hard he is. Soon, Katie has gone in for a blowjob that she ultimately shares with Kay.

Katie is the first to indulge in Damon’s dick as Kay guides him into Katie’s cooch from behind. Pulling Katie’s arm back to get the proper angle of penetration, Damon goes nice and deep. He keeps it up until Katie is moaning and Kay is absolutely drenched from watching.

Going to his knees to eat Kay’s pussy, Damon shares his treat with Katie. Then he takes her as she lays on her back, thighs spread with Katie suckling her titties. As soon as Kay is mewling in delight, the trio switches it up yet again.

Katie takes the opportunity to demonstrate her flexibility as she does the splits between the two massage tables. Damon slips his hands beneath Kay’s booty to support her as he fucks her from behind. Meanwhile, on the floor beneath her girlfriend, Kay laps at Katie’s clit and enjoys her close up view of the show.

The babes finish by creating a double pussy stack with Katie on her back and Kay on top. Damon double dips, enjoying both tight twats as the babes make it clear they’re enjoying his hardon just as much. When he pulls out to nut all over Kay’s bottom, it’s the perfect end to a lusty hardcore date night.

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New Years Game with Eliza Ibarra & Jill Kassidy

Jill Kassidy and her bf Danny Steele have just indulged in a New Year’s toast when Eliza Ibarra struts onto the scene. The babes share a hug and then spend some time getting reacquainted. They’re supposed to go to a party, but the trio decides to stay in and play a game.

Danny retrieves a board game, but Eliza suggests a different kind of game: Never Have I Ever. Eliza spends the next few minutes sharing various sexy things that get both herself and Jill to drink. Danny is surprised to learn these things about Jill, but in the best possible way.

The game concludes when Eliza shares that she has never had a threesome on New Years Eve. Jill hasn’t either, and the babes talk Danny into trying new things. That’s all the permission Eliza needs to begin making out with Jill. The babes are immediately handsy, with Eliza dominating the threesome right from the start by putting everyone’s hands right where she wants them.

Jill is in the middle of the action as Danny and Eliza go to town, pulling her gown down to reveal her plump boobs and tag teaming her nipples. Hopping onto the table, Eliza tugs her gown’s miniskirt up and rolls her thong off. That lets Jill get on her knees on the chair to eat her BFF out while Danny samples Jill’s pussy juices with his tongue before getting to his feet and sinking balls deep into the cream filled coochie.

The trio change things up when Danny lays down with Jill on top of him in a 69 and Eliza playing with his balls. The babes work together to ensure that Danny is at the peak of his passion, and then switch it up again so that Eliza can sink down onto that nice D. She goes for a satisfying stiffie ride, then gets on her knees on the bench so Danny can do her in doggy as she eats Jill’s twat out.

On her back, Jill spreads her thighs so Danny can slide back home. Once Danny is filling her up, Jill pulls Eliza onto her face to keep licking that creamy snatch. Leaning forward, Eliza licks at Jill’s clit in a lesbian 69 that is even hotter with Danny still fucking Jill. When Danny pulls out to nut on Jill’s stomach, he leaves both babes a salty treat to enjoy.

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Xmas Party Passion with Hailey Rose & Octavia Red by NF Busty

Hailey Rose and her coworker Octavia Red are debating what to wear to the office Christmas party. Just as they’re agreeing to try some clothes on, Hailey gets a text that Max Fills, their boss, is on his way to the party. Octavia suggest that Hailey have Max pick them up, and maybe they’ll even be able to have some pre-party fun. Hailey agrees and texts her ask to Max.

While they’re waiting, the babes work together to slip into something sexy. Octavia slithers into a hot red dress that shows plenty of cleavage. Even as Octavia is complimenting Hailey’s sexy bra and thong, they receive a notification that Max has arrived. Octavia tells Hailey that she’ll go get Max and that Hailey should stay exactly as she is.

Max is led in by Octavia and given no chance to protest when he realizes Hailey is wearing just lingerie. They swear they need his opinion about what to wear. As Max watches, the babes work together to dress Hailey in a super sexy dress that can’t handle a bra. They spare him a wicket mutual smile and then come together to kiss one another before moving to the bed where Max is staring, stunned.

When the ladies make their way over to Max, he’s putty in their hands. The deliver one hell of a blowjob together, taking turns stroking and sucking as they keep eye contact between themselves. Gradually the babes undress down to their thongs, leaving themselves topless to take turns titty fucking their boss.

Octavia takes the first go on the dong, straddling Max’s hips and sliding down in cowgirl. Meanwhile, Hailey mounts Max’s tongue so he can eat her pussy as he fucks Octavia. Turning around, Octavia continues in reverse cowgirl with Hailey rubbing her clit to make her moan nice and loud. Haily gets her own ride on the D as she takes Max for all he’s worth in reverse cowgirl.

Next up is a dicking down in doggy as Octavia takes her knees between Max and Hailey. Hailey gets her pussy licked and fingered as Octavia moans and rocks back against Max’s strokes. When Octavia crawls forward to lay on top of Hailey, Max goes low to fuck Hailey while Hailey suckles Octavia’s titties.

Pulling out just before he cums, Max covers Hailey’s big naturals with his juices. The babes enjoy the cum together, with Octavia taking a mouthful to share with Hailey. Finally sated, they agree that their bedroom party is better than a company Christmas party.

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