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The Right Motivation featuring Fiona Frost & Serena Hill

Serena is a genius prodigy, and her steppy Tony is so proud of her. To brag about her little Einstein, He invites the neighbors Juan and his steppy Fiona Frost over. Everything is going ok until they realize that Serena and Tony are very handsy with each other, kissing in front of them and doing some pretty taboo stuff that makes them too awkward to say anything. When Serena invites Fiona into her room to show off all of her medals and awards, Serena confesses that she and her steppy have a special kind of relationship in which they both keep each other happy: Serena Hill keeps Tony’s sexual needs satisfied, and he buys her anything she wants. Serena teaches Fiona how to do the same with her own steppy, but Fiona and her steppy take a while to get comfortable with each other. Serena and Tony prove to them that as long as everyone’s happy, then it doesn’t have to be weird. Swapping babes is a good warm-up for Fiona and Juan to feel comfortable with the idea, but the idea of tasting steppy’s dick becomes too tempting all of a sudden…

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Melody Marks & Maya Woulfe in You Can Party at Home

Maya Woulfe and Melody want to attend a St Patrick’s Day house party, but their old ones Charles and Donnie won’t allow them to. The babes are dressed provocatively and they know how guys will try to take advantage of them, so they put their foot down. After the babes beg them, they all come to a compromise: Charles and Donnie will test them to make sure they are responsible and won’t get themselves into any trouble. If the babes pass, then they can go. First, there’s a dancing test. Maya and Melody Marks need to bust some moves that won’t get other boys horny. To teach them, the men hold them tight and dance with them. The babes hate it, but they suddenly discover the guys’ big bulges, something they never sensed before. Up next, the old ones take them to their room and start rubbing their pussies. The babes are shocked, but also aroused by the situation, eager to see what Charles and Donnie do next. Going to the party is no longer an option, but they might as well have a little fun of their own with their steppies’ cocks.

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The Sex Tape with Blaire Johnson & Megan Marx at Nubiles Porn

Getting on her knees, Megan Marx takes a pussy pounding in doggy from Ken while Blaire rides Jodie’s dick. The babes switch out with Megan giving Jodie a reverse cowgirl ride as Blaire takes Ken’s fuck stick on her back. Switching one last time, Blaire gets on her belly for Jodie to dick her down until he creampies her, while Megan spreads her thighs for Ken to give her the same lusty treatment.


Show And Tell by Sis Swap

BFFs Cara and London just can’t believe what’s going on: the blondes woke up to realize their boobs have gotten huge! Their breasts are suddenly gigantic, bringing the attention of Rion and Max, their steppies. The babes feel a bit awkward about the boys staring at their massive chests, but they also think that they should get even somehow. Max and Rion beg them to show them their juicy knockers, something Cara and London are willing to do if they get to see the boys’ cocks. After a quick titty flash, Max and Rion are flabbergasted, so they pull down their pants to discover their generous dicks. Cara and London can’t believe how well-endowed the boys are, so they exchange a horny complicit glance and agree to suck each other’s steppy’s cocks to avoid feeling uncomfortable. Yet, as the gals get their mouths stuffed, they realize that maybe sucking their own steppy is not a bad idea, especially if they move on to their starvin’ pussies next. The guys are more than willing to plow their steppies, and the joy is doubled as they observe how Cara and London get their cumholes filled while making out. Nothing is off the table as the busty babes eat pussy while getting fucked.


One Last Spring Break Together with Sera Ryder & Penelope Kay

Penelope Kay shares one last Spring Break with her bestie Sera Ryder. She just can’t stand the idea of being apart, but they are going to college next year, so this last break must be memorable. Their steppies Pierce and Quinton are also friends, so they decide to spoil their sweet chicks by renting a fully-equipped house to share for the week. This is a great opportunity for Penelope and Sera to spend time together, sunbathe, and play a little with each other’s stunning bodies. Yet, Penelope has something else in mind: Sera’s hot steppy, Quinton. Penelope has always had a crush on him, but when she became a teenager, she started noticing how hot he really was, feeling a warm sensation on her crotch each time he was around.

Quinton is no stranger to Penelope’s charm, realizing how she became a young and sexy woman, yearning to get a taste of her. The two start meeting up secretly, escalating things each time they hook up. Innocent kisses suddenly turn into hot makeout sessions, and Quinton’s oral skills certainly opened Penelope’s world of pleasure. One day, in an intense pussy-licking session, Sera discovers her steppy sucking off her BFF and decides to do something about it. Pierce is just close by, so she pulls him into the room and starts making out with him right next to Penelope and Quinton. The situation is awkward at first, but as the steppies awaken the babes’ deepest desires, nothing is off the table. Suddenly, Pierce suggests swapping once more. Can Penelope and Sera manage their own steppies’ delectable cocks and their buttery loads?

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Be My Naughty Valentine by Sis Swap

It’s Valentine’s Day, and Elias and Rico are again left without Valentine’s sweethearts. These nerdy dudes are never going to get laid if they don’t start making an active effort to put themselves out there. Luckily, their babes Bailey and Melanie, want to help the guys and ensure they don’t spend another Valentine’s Day alone. The girls start by giving their steppies a makeover and putting them in some more appealing clothes. They then decide maybe it’s time for their steppies to have kissing lessons. Elias isn’t so sure, but Rico encourages the lesson, knowing that this chance won’t come up again any time soon. Rico and Elias can’t believe they’re making out with each other’s steppies. Could this be a dream come true? The girls are pretty turned on themselves, and despite Rico and Elias being total dorks, they are pretty cute, and they’re fast learners, too. To really show their commitment to helping Elias and Rico, Bailey and Melanie set the guys up with dates.

But the dates end with no kiss, which the girls were half suspecting. They don’t want their steppies to be upset with the results of the date, so Bailey and Melanie once again offer themselves up to the guys. This time, however, Melanie wants to take things all the way. She doesn’t want the guys to be virgins forever, and if Bailey is cool with it, Melanie suggests a sis swap – Bailey will have sex with Elias, and Melanie will have sex with Rico. It sounds ridiculous at first. Were Bailey and Melanie really about to fuck in front of their own steppies? But the more the thought crept into their minds, the hornier they got. It would easily be the most taboo thing they’d ever do, and who knows, maybe their steppies had big cocks. So they go along with their plan, but neither Melanie nor Bailey can take their eyes off of their own steppies. Even while getting fucked, they make eye contact. The desire becomes too much to resist, so they switch again so that Elias and Rico are now fucking their steppies. Everyone knows how fucked up the situation is, but they also feel incredible. All the pent-up sexual energy since their kissing lessons are released in full force, and that only makes everyone in the room even hornier. When the guys can no longer hold their loads, they bust their nuts on their steppies’ faces, who then share a cum glazed Valentine’s Day kiss.


It’s a Freeuse New Year!

Joshua is looking for his perfect New Year’s kiss, and although Skylar makes herself readily available, Joshua is constantly overlooking her. Instead, Joshua has his eyes on Aubry and Chloe. Joshua doesn’t have the courage to talk to them, so he asks Skylar what to do. Like a good friend, Skylar helps Joshua get his confidence up and lets the lucky stud freeuse her in front of the whole party. A blowjob in the kitchen quickly gets the attention of Aubry and Chloe, who want to join in on the fun and let Joshua freeuse them, too. Now, instead of having to pick who Joshua wants to kiss and spend the night with, he has all three chicks riding his cock.