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Nuttin’ to Lose Now by Sis Swap

It’s No Nut November, but that means nothing to a nut-bustin’ buncha troublemakers like Parker and Rion. The two guys make a bet with their steppies, Amber and BFFs Natalie, that they can last the whole month without masturbation, sex, or watching porn. But Amber and Natalie say nay nay. Even the horny teens question their own ability to hold off, as their always hungry for cock. But they decide to attempt the No Nut November challenge, anyway. Unfortunately, they don’t last long, and soon, they’re all looking to fuck each other. They know it would be too taboo to fuck their own steppies, so Parker and Rion initiate a good ole’ Sis Swap. But even then, everyone is so horny that the babes just want a bit of their own stepbrother’s cocks. They may not have succeeded No Nut November, but they did have a lot of fun!


Natalie Bends Over for a Big Black Anaconda

Natalie Brooks is tired of being single, but when her friend gives her phone number out to a guy she wants to hook her up with, she is a little annoyed. I mean who wants to text with some random stranger, especially while enjoying a nice bubble bath. But when she finally gets a text from the guy, she is suddenly intrigued. She sends him a pic of her feet in the bathtub, and pretty soon the cyber foreplay is in full swing. Before long, he shows up at her place, and they immediately get into some hot and heavy fucking. He pulls out his huge black anaconda prick and sticks it deep in her tight, white pussy, pleasuring her in ways she could have never imagined. She works her hips after sucking his dick tip, and then spasms on his cock in an orgasmic climax. Then, he finishes all over her. Better hop back in that bath and rinse off! Watch the rest here!

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Foursome Poolside Fuck Party with Natalie & Emma

Emma Starletto and Natalie Brooks think it is hilarious that these old farts would rather rest and relax than swim when they are by the pool. To play a trick on them, they take some sunscreen and write old fart on one of their stomachs, and cannot help but laugh. That sends these two old studs into action. They find the chicks playing with a beach ball naked in the pool, and decide to teach them a lesson. They whip out their thick dicks and swap the pussies for some ageless pussy pounding. The two hotties stroke and suck side by side, and then hold hands while taking these old timers cocks doggystyle. They rub their clits while getting penetrated, and then ride reverse cowgirl until they are dripping cunt juice all over. Finally, they get some huge heapings of wisdom splattered on their faces, and suddenly have a huge shift in perspective. Senior citizens are people too, and damn can these old farts fuck!

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