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Bobbi Dylan Fucked by Lucky Burglar

Brunette bombshell Bobbi Dylan has a dark confession to make. There is nothing more thrilling than getting taken advantage of by someone you don’t even know; and not just a bring a guy home from the bar kind of way. Bobbi wants so badly to be fucked by a complete strange; maybe some guy breaking into her home and finding her helpless while she lays on her bed. Well Bobbi gets that and more when she is surprised by a masked robber who forces his cock into her mouth and soon Bobbi is sex driven wanting more and more. Take advantage of those perky tits and get that shaved pussy soaking wet as he fucks her harder and harder until he leaves something of his own behind… his cum all over her face and tits!

Perky Veronica Clark Strips Black Dress to Get Fucked

Veronica and John are supposed to be headed for an evening out and they are late for their dinner reservation. But, John takes one look at her in her sexy little black dress and has another plan in mind. He can’t resist but to want to peel it right off of her and cancel their plans for the night. It doesn’t take much for her to be seduced into the idea and she makes sure to cum multiple times before giving John his ultimate fantasy finish. These two can make magic happen when you least expect it:-)) Don’t miss the rest here at X-Art on 4K videos!

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Broke brunette gets money for pussy

Poor Bobbi is broke and needs money. So she gets on her knees nicely and gets a hard dick inside her sweet mouth and pussy!

Annika Eve grounded and pounded

Hi honey! I want to go out, is that ok? What do you mean im grounded? Thats not really fair. Please please let me go! Maybe instead of grounding me you can pound me? Like last time, I had fun and I know you did too hehe. Ill let you do it again if i can go hang with my best friends :P. You know I’ll keep my lips sealed tight and my pussy wide open. Love ya xoxo

Kylie loves Ikes hard dick all over the house

Ike catches his steppy Kylie going through his phone. When he asks why, she responds with she was confirming that his gf was cheating on him. Kylie thinks that he should show her whose boss by fucking another babe. But who?? As Kylie begins to undress he realizes she wants it to be her. Later that day, Kylie barges in on Ike in the shower. He savors his privacy and tells her to get the fuck out. She refuses, and so does Ike. They make a compromise. Shes allowed to stay if she sucks him off one more time. Best deal Ike has made all day. The next day, Kyiie is bothering Ike about her date later. Shes not sure if she will be sexually experienced enough to please the guy, so maybe Ike could turn her out real quick? After getting his dick sucked Ike fucks that steppy pussy and nuts all over Kylies face. I think its safe to say she is 100% date ready! Watch the rest here!

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Pretty Megan drilled y the loan shark

Its been a rough couple of months for Megan. Shes been struggling to pay her rent and get her bills taken care of. Luckily, her friend referred her to a loan shark. His interest rates werent too crazy and he gave her three months. Megan figured with the extra boost she can get back on her feet and pay it off with days to spare. This wasnt the case. The shark shows up at her place a few days early, wondering why shes been avoiding him. Hes very calm about this, but Megan is getting spooked. She slowly moves away as she gets questioned, then finds herself backed against a wall. The shark flips her around and pins her. At this point, Megan realizes what she owes him and is finally ready to pay it back. Megan opens her tight white mouth and pussy for the shark to freely glide his gargantuan cock in and out of it. This guy may not have gotten all his cash back, but that light skinned pink pussy was sure as hell priceless! Watch the rest here!

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