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Haley Spades Looks Hot In My Shirt

Codey takes a seat on the couch and pulls Haley Spades into his lap. She bounces away, first in reverse cowgirl and then in cowgirl. Haley’s curvy figure is perfect for Codey to hang on to as she goes for it. Climbing off, Haley sucks her goo from Codey’s cock and balls. Then she gets on her back so Codey can fill her up nice and good. When Haley begs Codey to cum, he obeys by pulling out at the last minute and giving her a nice big load that covers her from tits to belly.


Blake Blossom Pays Rent with Pussy

What is Landlord/Rent? It’s when the landlord comes asking for rent but the women usually have no way to pay so they offer to pay with sexual favors. In today’s update, when landlord Johnny comes knocking on Blake Blossom’s door demanding rent money, she refuses to let him in and pretends she’s not home. Johnny finds a way to sneak in and confront Blake about the payments, but turns out that she doesn’t have the money so he proposes an alternative form of payment. If Blake agrees to fuck Johnny once a week, he’ll pardon all of her debts!

Sis Alicia Williams Pays for Car Repairs with Pussy

Johnny’s little step sis Alicia Williams has crashed his dad’s car and has no money to pay for the repairs so Johnny offers to loan her the money in exchange for some sexual favors. Alicia gives in and realizes that this naughty deal she has with her stepbro is the best form of payment!

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