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Make Yourselves at Home with Chloe Temple & Artemisia Love by FreeUse Fantasy

Chloe and her bf Johnny are temporarily living with Artemisa, Chloe Temple’s steppy. This makes Artemisa jealous of her steppy’s relationship with Johnny, always joking around and having fun while fucking. Now that they are crashing at her place, Artemisa Love tries to be part of their fun, like watching TV with them. Soon, she finds herself comfortable with having them around, riding Johnny’s cock and licking her steppy’s pussy while enjoying a good movie.


Mocktails & Fucktails by FreeUse Fantasy

Best friends Addison and Venus got hired as bartenders at a local restaurant, but they quickly realize they know nothing about making mocktails. Luckily, Venus’ steppy Nicky comes to the rescue. The guy is a pro, offering advice while feeling the babes’ bootylicious bodies. He knows that it is all about tips, so he practices some roleplay with Addison and Venus to ensure they are ready for the job. The babes prove to be an expert in customer service, sucking Nicky’s cock while catering to his needs. Finally, Nicky puts the soon-to-barwomen to a last test while fucking their pussies, and the chicks really nail it, making Nicky feel proud.


Nerdy Girls’ Book & Fuck Club

Sona and Selina are two shy coeds trying to meet up with people by starting a book club. The two start brainstorming some ideas when her favorite teacher, Mr. Rock, passes by. The sweet guy helps them come up with a plan to open up their club while freeusing them. The babes suck Mr. Rock’s cock while discussing what books should they read at the club, where to get them, etc. Soon, the book club is open, and sadly, no one comes. Lucky for Selina and Sona, Mr. Rock is there to root for his favorite students, and what better way to show them his support than pounding the babes’ pussies while discussing the latest book they read


A Good Old-Fashioned Board Game with Anya Olsen & Amirah Sky by FreeUse Fantasy

Anya invited her best friend Amirah over for a babes night. The ladies want to go clubbing, but they need Anya’s steppy Jimmy’s silence to avoid getting scolded by their parents. Jimmy is bored, so he accepts the deal as long as the babes stay for a little while to play some board games with him. Amirah and Anya are so desperate to get some dick at the club that they take the little creep’s offer. The three engage in a couple of dice and card games, having a little more fun than they expected. Jimmy has some friendly competition with the babes while they suck his cock, and the boy lets Anya and Amirah play while eating their pussies as well.


Fucking by the Ficus by Freeuse Fantasy

Luna works at a plant nursery, but unfortunately for her, she wasn’t necessarily born with a green thumb. She is a bit of a klutz and constantly makes mistakes. Her boss, Sawyer, is not a fan of Luna’s ditzy demeanor. She doesn’t find it cute but thinks it just gets in the way of business. Though Luna is not all bad, she has a unique way of treating customers right that keeps them returning for more. This plant nursery is a freeuse establishment, so the people who come in can use the girls freely as they pick out their favorite carnations. Luna, in particular, gets a lot of attention from the guys. It’s not hard to see why – she is a stunning young babe with an incredible body and charm despite her quirks. Peter visits their nursery and takes his time selecting what plants he is looking for. He has fun playing with Luna’s body before Sawyer joins in. The threesome fucks around the garden, making sure to discuss every and any option Peter may have. Luna and Sawyer finally come together when they cum together. This threesome helps them to become much closer coworkers and finally get on the same page.


Cleaning While The Boss Uses Us by Freeuse Fantasy

It’s Daisy’s first day as a cleaning lady for Mr. Rebel, and it’s up to Chanel, one of the master’s favorite employees, to mentor her. The cute blonde admires Chanel, so she tries to learn everything from her. One of the most important rules of the house is respecting Mr. Rebel’s work, letting him have his business calls while he sticks his fingers in his employees’ mouths and pussies. When it comes to cleaning the bathroom, it’s crucial to be thorough and clean every corner while savoring the master’s big dick. In the kitchen, everything should be shining, so scrubbing while getting their pussies pounded is the best way to go. Daisy doesn’t want to let her new boss down, so she’ll do EVERYTHING to fit in the job.


There She Is, Miss Freeuse by Freeuse Fantasy

Delilah and Jane are training hard for an upcoming beauty pageant. The babes know they’re attractive, but they have some stiff competition, and if they’re going to win, they need to be in ultimate shape. Luckily for them, Rion is a personal trainer, and he can help the babes with their exercise routines. Part of Rion’s training includes using the babes freely and inspecting every part of their bodies to ensure they are ready for the pageant. Delilah and Jane love playing with Rion’s cock like it’s no big deal – a casual, sloppy blowjob is a lot of fun while they practice their catwalks. Rion puts them through hard work and does everything in his power to help. The babes have their eyes on the prize, and while they ride Rion’s cock, they imagine all the fame and glory that will come their way.