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Thanksgiving Reconciliation by Freeuse Fantasy

Serena returns home on college break and brings her new friend Violet to meet her family for Thanksgiving dinner. Things haven’t been going well lately between Serena and her stepmom Riley, so Donnie will use this opportunity to make his girls mend their relationship. He will recruit Violet’s help with one of his family’s most sacred Thanksgiving traditions: freeusing!


No Nut Bet by Freeuse Fantasy

Peter made a No Nut November bet with his friends for a whole month, but he’s in so much pain that he’s about to quit. His steppy Mackenzie and her best friend Anya discover that there’s a pretty big prize money for winning the bet, so they figure they could help him win the bet and then ask for a cut of the prize. The babes’ plan proves successful as Peter engages in all kinds of leisure activities and freeuse sex with Mackenzie and Anya which keeps him distracted and allows him to avoid the pain.


Freeuse Solves Everything with Kimora and Nicole

Chad calls his steppy Nicole to discuss a serious issue regarding their new roommate, Kimora Quin. The babe is super sweet, but she’s not paying her share of the rent, and Chad is worried that she’s trying to take advantage of their hospitality. Determined to solve this, he convinces Kimora to pay her part in a different way. Turns out Nicole and Chad enjoy freeusing each other around the place, and perhaps Kimora can participate too in order to pay her debts.


Hailey on the Mind

When their dad isn’t home, Max is the man of the house, and that means he gets to fuck his steppy, Hailey, any time he wants. Max’s sex drive is through the roof, and he’s always looking to fuck around and feel up Hailey’s huge tits. Amanda can’t be bothered by them and tells them to keep down all the noise. Amanda sets up a date between Max and her best friend so that he can expand his freeuse horizons.


For Sex Science’s Sake

Anthony and Nade are two nerdy best friends from school that get assigned to work on a science project together. The hypothesis they come up with is whether having sex regularly affects the brain in a negative or positive way. The only way to verify their statement is by inviting bff Mira to try it out. Nade and Anthony run a few freeuse experiments on her while doing puzzles and other brain teasers. Mira plays along willingly, all for the sake of science!


Freeuse Independence Day

Octavia and her spring breaker roommates Rory and Lucky are hosting an annual Independence Day celebration so all their friends can enjoy the fireworks from their home’s great view. Of course, getting ready for the party involves a lot of organization! There’s just one thing: they are more of a freeuse-style roommates, so setting up the house for the party involves A LOT of freeusing!