Sybil Awakening at Alex Lynn

Sybil Awakening at Alex Lynn.

Evelin fucks voyeur roomie around the house

Evelin Stone is the new steppy in the house who is totally self consumed. After every shower she takes nude selfies. What a slut! This also makes her horny so she begins to masturbate. She thought this was going to be a private orgasm, but roomie got caught peeking. The next day Evelin was studying for her sex ed class. Steppy made fun of her since she only looks at dicks in the textbook while all her friends have seen his dick. What the fuck? How did he not show her first? She was annoyed as fuck until he showed her, then she was impressed. She began to suck it and even swallowed. We like where this relationship is headed. A few days later Evelin was watching porn in the living room and was filled with questions. She wanted to do everything she was seeing in the movies with her roomie. They quietly proceeded to fuck in multiple positions. He softly used Evelin as his cum rag and they were both feeling super thankful that they had each other.

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Kendra Spade Loves Huge Cock

Kendra Spade is excited to get her hands on Isiah’s big black cock! She gives off a sexy strip dance in her white lingerie and slowly reveals her tight perfect body. Isiah dived right into her trimmed pussy and couldn’t wait to taste her sweet juices! But they didn’t stop there, soon Kendra was deep throating and gagging on his huge cock and couldn’t wait for him to fuck her hard!

Blindfolded Summer Day Swaps Big Black Cocks

Summer Day is in for a big surprise when her bf blindfolds her and tells her to suck on the cock that is in her face. When removing the blindfold she is stunned to see Isiah Maxwell standing in front of her. Ricky tells her to enjoy her gift as he leaves the room letting Summer explore all her wildest fantasies with Isiah and his big black cock!

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Athena Palomino on POV Amateur Allure Casting

Welcome Athena Palomino! This 20 year old from South Carolina loves to give head and swallow. Athena wastes no time engulfing Justin’s cock. She works his shaft, balls and head like a pro using her hands, mouth and tongue. After milking and teasing his cock Athena is wet and ready to get fucked. Justin takes her from behind stretching her out with his cock as he thrusts deeper and deeper. Athena can’t get enough as she screams and moans for more. Justin then flips her around and continues fucking her missionary style pulling her dress down to unleash her huge tits. Then Athena climbs on to ride Justin’s cock as her tits bounce up and down. After some throat fucking Justin shoots a hot load on her tongue that Athena swallows with a smile! Enjoy, Thomas

Gloria Sol is Magnetic at Alex Lynn

Busty beauty Gloria Sol is Magnetic at Alex Lynn.

Wife Swapping with Jill

Abella finally talks with her husband, Chad, about the idea of trading partners for the sheer sexual thrill of it. Still a little nervous, but wanting to see what all the fuss is about, she gives her husband permission to set things up with another couple. Chad goes first as he makes passionate love to the man’s wife Jill while he watches.

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