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Flight Attendants Maria Kazi and Madi Rose Sharing Dick at BrattySis

Guiding Parker to the couch, the babes begin stripping as he watches them work it. His hands are everywhere, teasing and flirting as he primes Madi and Maria for what’s to come. Maria gets it first in doggy as she kneels, eating Madi out. Then Madi takes a ride on the disco stick in reverse cowgirl before tagging out so Maria can give it in cowgirl. On her side, Madi spoons with Parker who is slamming into her as she muffles her moans in Maria’s snatch. Finally sated, the babes get on their knees so they can enjoy a cum shot all over their faces.

Cum Swapping with Angel Gostosa & Madi Collins

Madi takes the first turn, riding Apollo’s dick in reverse cowgirl. Then Angel gets her tun on her back with Apollo buried inside her and Madi on her face, muffling Angel’s moans with her pussy. Getting on her knees, Madi enjoys a doggy style pussy pounding as she eats Angel out. Then it’s Angel’s turn to get dicked down in doggy until Apollo pops in Madi’s mouth, leaving her with a cum prize to share with Angel as Apollo goes for his toys.


Tonight You Get The Two Stroke Minimum

Nathan finds Haley with the putting green against her pussy so that the golf hole outlines her lips. Nathan can’t take it anymore! He whips it out and sinks it into his steppies’s coochie while Madi and Nadia take turns eating each other out beside them. Then the babes form a line of pleasure with Madi getting Nathan’s cock in doggy while she eats out Haley, who in turn keeps Nadia’s party rolling. Nadia finally gets her turn with the fuck stick as she takes a reverse cowgirl stiffie ride with her friends licking her nipples. The babes reward Nathan’s hard work with a triple BJ, but Haley wants him to cum on her ass so he brings himself to his own finish line by doing his stepsis in doggy before obediently giving her the jizz right where she wants it.


Spin The Bottle with Madi and Britt

Madi and her best friend Britt beg their respective steppies Austin and Oliver to play spin the bottle with them so that Britt can have her first kiss. Oliver protests at first but eventually they give in and the four sit on the floor, spinning that bottle SisSwap style. They all take turns making out with each other, until things get way naughtier and the guys swap their steppies to fuck them!


Madi Collins Is Back at Perv Doctor

Madi Collins visits Dr. Ryan Mclane to consult about getting pregnant. Madi explains that her husband and her have been trying for a year with no success and she read in some forums that it might be difficult to get pregnant from a short dick. Dr. Mclane offers his personal services, whipping out his huge cock and getting ready to impregnate his naughty little patient. Check out Madi’s first Perv Doctor scene too!