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Bikini Gfs Freya von Doom & Macy Meadows Sharing Cock

Macy Meadows and Freya von Doom each get a turn to bounce on that dick, and once they find their rhythm, the steppies don’t care about Scott choosing a favorite anymore. They just want to fuck and get their pussies filled. The babes had never fantasized about each other sexually, but now, seeing each other’s naked bodies, they’re even more turned on. They kiss passionately and eat each other out as they get fucked. The sex was pure bliss and a threesome that could never be beat, as the energy in the room was electrifying. Scott cums hard for his sweet stepdaughters, and they share a kiss, swapping his cum and savoring every last drop.

Lacy Tate and Macy Meadows Sharing Cock Before Xmas at BrattySis

Lacy Tate and Macy Meadows are on the search for Xmas presents, but they keep getting caught by Macy’s steppy Jason. Jason catches them twice and tells the babes that if he finds them sneaking around a third time he’s going to fuck them. They don’t believe him, so they keep up the search and go to Jason’s room, where he finds them again.

Lacy tells Jason that she dares Jason to do it and Macy doubles down by pulling down her shorts so Jay can stick it in. Lacy is loving it, rocking back and forth on the cock as Jason confesses they’ve done this before. He invites Lacy to join in, and Lacy doesn’t have to be asked twice to get on her knees and fondle the balls. Then she strips down so Jason can have a pussy buffet to bang.

The babes flip onto their backs so that Josh can once again have his choice. Once Lacy has had her go on the D, Jason goes to banging Macy. Lacy takes that opportunity to ride Macy’s tongue. The chicks suck their goo from the cock and then Macy hops on in reverse cowgirl while eating Lacy out. The hotties tag out, with Jason pulling out just in time to cum all over Macy’s face to give the babes a Xmas present straight from his cock.

The Negotiation with Macy Meadows & Krissy Knight

When Sergeant Miles catches his steppy BFFs captain Macy getting her pussy eaten by her school friend Krissy, he threatens to tell on them and get them in trouble. Macy and Krissy beg him not to and offer to be his personal slaves for a month. Miles accepts and makes them wear sexy maid outfits while they clean the house. As they bend over he has full access to their wet pussies whenever he wants!

Macy Meadows & Leana Lovings in The Summoning Part 3 by SisSwap

The Summoning with Leana Lovings continues, this time in a steamy foursome! Four friends plan to have a fun Halloween Night, but when Leana arrives as if she’s running away from something, her friends sit her down and try to find out what’s wrong. Apparently, Leana was messing with occult forces beyond her knowledge and evoked a demon that is haunting her now. Her friends, Macy and Peter, try to console her the best they can, but only her steppy, Nicky, believes her and knows what to do. Nicky tells Leana that she must complete the ritual to save herself and her family.


SisLovesMe Threesome with Macy Meadows & Cherry Fae

After Nicky catches his steppy Cherry fucking her best friend Macy by the pool he confronts Cherry Fae about it, saying he’s gonna tell on her. Cherry begs Nicky not to tell and is willing to do anything to keep him quiet, including inviting him to do a manage-a-trois with her and Macy Meadows!

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Macy Meadows & Krissy Knight Swapping Dicks

Sergeant Miles is a bit jealous of how close Peter is with his steppy, Macy Meadows. He wants the same relationship with his own, Krissy Knight. After an unconventional backyard football match, Peter proposes an idea to bring Miles and Krissy together, by letting Macy get familiar with her steppies friend.

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Mr. James’s New Lesson for Macy Meadows at Innocent High

Macy Meadows attends her first class with Mr. Quinton James at Innocent High. As he takes a few minutes to prepare the material, Macy begins feeling the tingling sensation that she has been getting before and decides she’s in for a new type of lesson. She strips and gets her looks on before tackling the teacher’s desk, and Mr. James can’t help but give in to the taste and passion of this lustful babe.