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Haley Spades & Jazmin Luv Sharing Big Dick at Nubiles Porn

Haley Spades has made up a chart of the sizes of all the dicks she’s tried. She’s on a quest to figure out the best size, as she explains to her friend Jazmin Luv. Haley’s steppy, Juan Loco, comes in as the babes are discussing. They tell him this is a project for school and that it’s based off real life, which is the best type of project. Juan asks why there are no dicks in the six-to-seven-inch category, and Haley tells him that she hasn’t had any. When Juan implies that he falls into that range, Jazmin offers to measure him.


Cozying Up To Nicole Aria & Jazmin Luv

Jazmin Luv and Oliver Faze are arguing about the broken heater when their friends Nicole Aria and her steppy Tyler Cruise pay them a visit. The guys manage to light up the fireplace and things start to warm up… in more than one way. While the four play “never have I ever” some naughty confessions come to light, so the guys decide to swap their steppies and cozy up in the hottest way!


Anna Claire Clouds & Jazmin Luv in Swap For Extra Cash

Best friends Anna Claire Clouds (who recently had her Amateur Allure debut) and Jazmin Luv overhear their steppies Quinton James and Ryan Mclane talk about how they’ve lost their jobs because of covid and they might need to move to a smaller place. The besties discuss the situation and come up with a way to earn some money, they propose to them to swap and make some naughty videos to sell online! Ryan and Quinton are surprised by this proposition but since they’re not really related they give in pretty quickly and agree to swap their steppies for that extra cash!

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POV Cocking Jazmin Luv

When Bobby Beefcakes asks his steppy Jazmin Luv for her opinion on his new girlfriend, she tells him that he doesn’t need any other woman in his life but her. Bobby says that he loves hanging out with her but he has other sexual needs that his girlfriend takes care of, so Jazmin immediately gets on her knees, whips out his cock and shows him once and for all that no other woman is going to satisfy him like she does!