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Make Yourselves at Home with Chloe Temple & Artemisia Love by FreeUse Fantasy

Chloe and her bf Johnny are temporarily living with Artemisa, Chloe Temple’s steppy. This makes Artemisa jealous of her steppy’s relationship with Johnny, always joking around and having fun while fucking. Now that they are crashing at her place, Artemisa Love tries to be part of their fun, like watching TV with them. Soon, she finds herself comfortable with having them around, riding Johnny’s cock and licking her steppy’s pussy while enjoying a good movie.


The Things She Used To Do with Chloe Temple

Jack has been feeling lonely, but luckily for him, he has a very caring and attentive steppy. Chloe always looks out for Jack and will do whatever it takes to make him happy. Things seem innocent enough – she gets him breakfast, helps him in the garden, etc. But things take an odd turn when Chloe catches Jack spying on her in the bathroom. Chloe’s mind races. Why would he hide in the bathroom closet and ogle her while she’s naked? She feels nervous, but the situation also turns her on a little. She could never tell Jack this, as he might get the wrong idea. But when Jack admits to Chloe that he’s been lonely and misses the touch of a woman, Chloe Temple sees her chance to mess around with him in a taboo way. Chloe feels Jack getting hard, so she decides to excite the old man and puts his cock in her mouth. It tastes better than she expected, and Chloe soon finds that sucking her step-grandpa’s cock is kind of fun – not to mention intensely fucked up and kinky. Chloe then climbs on top and rides Jack hard, letting his cock slide deep inside of her. It’s a wild sensation. Jack can’t believe he’s fucking her. Even though he wanted it, he knew what they were doing was wrong and had to hope no one ever found out – this would forever be their little secret. When Jack can no longer hold his load, he busts a massive load all over Chloe’s adorable and eager face. With her face painted with cum, Chloe looks up at him with nothing but admiration and lust.

Halloween Foursome with Chanel Camryn, Chloe Temple and Tiana Blow

It’s Halloween time and that means getting to dress in fun costumes. Chloe Temple, Tiana Blow, and Chanel Camryn are filling Trick or Treat bags when Chanel’s steppy, Juan Loco, wanders in. He asks what they’re doing and then begins squeezing and kneading Chanel’s ass right in the middle of the conversation. When Chanel notices her friends staring, she tells them that this is normal and much easier than Juan staring at her all the time. Realizing that it’s hot as hell, Tiana and Chloe share that they want Juan to play with them.


Magical Pussy Rubber

Nade is a student who has been bullied his whole life, specifically by Chloe and Riley, the two most popular babes in school. He decides to invite Riley to prom in front of the whole class and makes a fool out of him. Desperate and bullied by the teacher himself, Nade wishes for him to become a pussy master. Suddenly, a magical pussy rubber appears, granting him the ability to remotely stimulate the pussy of the babes he craves. It’s time for Nate to get what he wants, and Chloe and Riley are first in line!


Back to the Cooter Part 3: Full Circle Fuck

Back to the Cooter (Part 3 of 3): Jimmy and Carlos’s time-traveling antics have altered their timelines, and now in the year 2013, Kiki (Chloe) and Sasha (Venus) are the mothers of Cleo (Chloe) and Venice (Venus). On Cleo and Venice’s 18th birthday, they get a surprise gift from their moms and letters revealing that Sergeant Miles and Tony are not their biological fathers. Curious, the babes ask Miles and Tony up front. The men confirm that what they’ve learned is the truth and that Cleo and Venice’s biological dads are Jimmy and Carlos from the future. Wanting to get in on the fun themselves, Cleo and Venice suggest they fuck each other’s steppies. Miles and Tony don’t need a lot of convincing and get right to fucking the horny abes.

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Back to the Cooter Part 1: Pussy From the Past

Back to the Cooter (Part 1 of 3): It’s the year 2019, and all Jimmy wants to do is go back to the year 1985, which he sees as the pinnacle of human ingenuity. He develops a wicked time machine and brings Carlos with him on what is to be an unforgettable journey. Only there is one issue – Carlos thought Jimmy said 1995, so they’re sent back to the wrong time. But it isn’t all bad. Both Jimmy’s and Carlos’s steppies, Chloe and Venus, are there and looking super hot. Everyone is feeling horny, so they decide to hook up. Jimmy and Carlos know they shouldn’t be fucking around with their steppies, but the opportunity to fuck hot chicks is too good to pass up. These feisty babes from the past sure know how to ride cock, and eagerly take everything the guys have to offer. After they get their pussies pounded, Chloe and Venus accidentally send Jimmy and Carlos back to the present day, but now they’re without their time machine. Did Jimmy and Carlos alter their timeline by fucking their steppies from the past? Find out in part 2!


Bianca Bangs & Chloe Temple Sharing Dick at BrattySis

Chloe Temple and her friend Bianca Bangs are enjoying a game of ring toss. They ask Chloe’s steppy Jimmy Michaels to play with them, but he declines. The chicks decide to take the game to Jimmy. They bring the rings to his bedroom and tell him they’re going to play ring toss on his dick.

The babes are pleasantly surprised at the salami, so they make Jimmy a deal: If they land a ring, they get to touch his dick. Chloe strikes gold, and next thing Jimmy knows he has two cock hungry babes blowing him together.

Chloe and Bianca aren’t satisfied with just a BJ. Bianca slides down onto Jimmy’s hardon in cowgirl and then Chloe quits masturbating to ride her steppy in reverse cowgirl. Sucking their juices off the cock, the chicks make it a real threeway with Chloe riding Bianca’s mouth and Jimmy banging Bianca’s snatch. Chloe takes her turn in the middle on her knees, taking a doggy style pussy pounding while feasting on her BFF’s twat. When Jimmy pulls out to pop on Chloe’s ass, the babes share their treat while giggling in delight.