Back to the Cooter Part 3: Full Circle Fuck

Back to the Cooter (Part 3 of 3): Jimmy and Carlos’s time-traveling antics have altered their timelines, and now in the year 2013, Kiki (Chloe) and Sasha (Venus) are the mothers of Cleo (Chloe) and Venice (Venus). On Cleo and Venice’s 18th birthday, they get a surprise gift from their moms and letters revealing that Sergeant Miles and Tony are not their biological fathers. Curious, the babes ask Miles and Tony up front. The men confirm that what they’ve learned is the truth and that Cleo and Venice’s biological dads are Jimmy and Carlos from the future. Wanting to get in on the fun themselves, Cleo and Venice suggest they fuck each other’s steppies. Miles and Tony don’t need a lot of convincing and get right to fucking the horny abes.

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