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Swinging with Them

Clarke and his steppy Cecelia get together with Marcelo and his steppy Mazy to learn how to play baseball. As they are explaining how to hold the bat, Cecelia and Mazy sneak away and discuss how horny they’ve been feeling so they start to make out and soon they’re eating each other out! Clarke and Marcelo walk in on them having sex so they intervene and say that if the girls want to experiment they could just swap and properly bang them!

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Cecelia in Nursing My Way Into His Will

Nursing student Cecelia is helping take care of her steppy Jack after he gets out of the hospital. One day Jack overhears Cecelia on the phone saying the reason she’s been helping him out is that she wants to get into his will because she is in tremendous debt. If that is what she really wants he might as well get something in return so he asks Cecelia to give him intimate baths and help him get off!