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BrattySis Threesome with Britt Blair & Khloe Kingsley

Taking Joshua to the couch, Amateur Allure Britt Blair climbs on top of him and rides him in cowgirl while Khloe makes out with her. The babes tag out, with Khloe riding in reverse cowgirl and Britt masturbating as she watches. When Khloe gets on her knees for a doggy style pussy pounding, she leans in to eat Britt out so that it’s a full fledged threesome. When it’s Britt’s turn to enjoy Joshua’s fuck stick again, she lays on her back, thighs spread, until her steppy pulls out to nut all over her stomach and hairy muff.

Fucking Britt Blair, Sage Fox at BrattySis

Joshua Lewis is so over his steppy Sage Fox and her friend Britt Blair sneaking around the house. Dressed in short miniskirts and tiny tops, the two babes are on the prowl for Christmas presents. Joshua doesn’t want them to ruin their first holiday, so he finally announces he’s going to fuck them if they don’t quit it.

When Joshua walks into his bedroom, he finds Sage and Britt on their knees sans panties looking under his bed. True to his word, he flips up Save’s miniskirt and goes for it. Pounding Sage in doggy is just the start. Britt acts offended at first, but when she gets to feel Joshua’s fingers and then his cock in her own velvet glove she comes around.

Britt soon finds herself taking it in doggy as she eats Sage out. Then the babes swap out so that Sage can take her turn in the middle. Sage lays on her back and takes Joshua between her thighs, then yields to Britt so she can enjoy the same. Sucking their goo from Joshua’s cock in a double BJ, the babes prime him for first Sage and then Britt to ride him in cowgirl. When Joshua finishes across both their faces, the chicks realize they’ve gotten the greatest gift of all.

POV Fucking Blonde Spinner Britt Blair

Britt Blair is hot and she knows it. So does her steppy, Joshua Lewis, who can’t stop perving on her. He takes every opportunity to watch Britt when she’s naked or in her underwear. Britt is super bitchy to Joshua, especially when she catches him perving on her. Joshua finds Britt in the shower and jerks off as he watches her taking nude selfies.

Later, Joshua beats the meat as he finds Britt snapping more selfies of her tits as she hangs out in her bedroom. Britt claims that Joshua has a boner (true) and that he just wants to fuck his steppy (also true) before kicking him out. Still later, Joshua comes to the living room to hang out with Britt. Hiding his actions behind a pillow, he resumes jacking off. Britt sees what Joshua is doing and calls him on it. When she really gets an idea of how big her steppy’s dick is, though, Britt asks if she can help. Joshua is happy to have Britt’s assistance, especially when she goes from a handie to a blowjob.

With such a fine cock in hand, Britt gives in to temptation to climb aboard the SS stiffie for a ride. She starts in cowgirl, but quickly shifts to reverse cowgirl so Joshua can palm her ass. When Britt gets on her back and spreads her thighs, Joshua takes her invitation to come inside. He bangs that juicy glove until Britt returns for another ride. When Joshua is ready to cum, he blows his load inside his steppy and leaves her dripping with a creampie of cum.


Cum Swapping Sis’s Britt Blair & Lily Larimar

Lily Larimar and Britt Blair are dressed as slutty as possible for the big game in the hopes that Brit’s steppy, Nathan Bronson, will notice them. They throw a ball to show their tits, then shake their asses in their tight little shorts at Nathan. He tries to tell on the babes, but they’re the only ones in the house. The chicks tell Nathan he has to play with them.

Nathan reluctantly plays their game and is shocked when Lily jumps into his lap. The babes huddle up and debate whether Nathan’s balls move when he talks. Lily goes to stick her hand down his pants and has Nathan repeat himself. Britt follows Lily’s lead. Pulling Nathan’s boner out, Lily dares Britt to suck it. They ask if he wants them to stop, and Nathan says no so the chicks push him onto the couch and share his big one in a double BJ.

They play even harder when they get on the couch side by side, panties off and Nathan alternating which pussy he’s feasting on. When Lily climbs onto Nathan’s lap, she slides him home in reverse cowgirl until Britt tags out with her. Then Lily gets on her knees so Nathan can fuck her doggy style while she eats Britt out. Switching spots with Lily, Britt spreads her thighs for Nathan on her back while Lily rides her tongue. Leaning forward, Lily opens wide for a mouthful of cum to swap and snowball with Britt.


Jingle Bells Fuck with Emma & Blair at SisLovesMe

It’s the Holiday Season and Alex has been missing his steppies Britt and Emma. He wishes he could go back in time so he can be nicer to them. Suddenly Alex finds himself walking into the babes’ bedroom as they are getting changed into their Christmas outfits. Britt and Emma learn that Alex has been feeling down since his girlfriend dumped him so they dress up as sexy reindeer and surprise Alex with the best Christmas gift ever… he gets to fuck both his steppies!

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Fucking Britt Blair & Haley Spades at BrattySis

Haley points out that Tyler heard and saw all of that, and Britt suggests maybe she should have some kinky fetish fulfillment. The babes flank Tyler and tease him about his crafts, giving Tyler the idea to slide his TP roll turkey onto his dick. That just causes the babes to tease him about what a little erection he has. Tyler comes back that it’s not little at all. Britt teases Tyler by getting on her knees and flipping her miniskirt up since she knows he won’t fuck her. She’s giggling with Haley until Tyler slides it in and starts banging her in doggy. The sight of her friend getting fucked by her steppy is super hot, so Haley begins to masturbate as she watches.

Spin The Bottle with Madi and Britt

Madi and her best friend Britt beg their respective steppies Austin and Oliver to play spin the bottle with them so that Britt can have her first kiss. Oliver protests at first but eventually they give in and the four sit on the floor, spinning that bottle SisSwap style. They all take turns making out with each other, until things get way naughtier and the guys swap their steppies to fuck them!