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Flight Attendants Maria Kazi and Madi Rose Sharing Dick at BrattySis

Guiding Parker to the couch, the babes begin stripping as he watches them work it. His hands are everywhere, teasing and flirting as he primes Madi and Maria for what’s to come. Maria gets it first in doggy as she kneels, eating Madi out. Then Madi takes a ride on the disco stick in reverse cowgirl before tagging out so Maria can give it in cowgirl. On her side, Madi spoons with Parker who is slamming into her as she muffles her moans in Maria’s snatch. Finally sated, the babes get on their knees so they can enjoy a cum shot all over their faces.

Three is the Answer by Little Asians

Lulu’s friend Clara has an intense crush on her bestie’s steppy Donnie, so she goes to her house to study as an excuse to get close to him. When Lulu takes a break and leaves her friend alone with her steppy, Clara gives Donnie a footjob. Suddenly, Lulu walks in and feels upset, locking herself in her room. Clara immediately apologizes to her and promises that she doesn’t want to lose their friendship. Lulu reveals that what made her the most upset was feeling left out, so Clara comes up with a solution that will restore the relationship: a hot threesome.

Swinging with Them

Clarke and his steppy Cecelia get together with Marcelo and his steppy Mazy to learn how to play baseball. As they are explaining how to hold the bat, Cecelia and Mazy sneak away and discuss how horny they’ve been feeling so they start to make out and soon they’re eating each other out! Clarke and Marcelo walk in on them having sex so they intervene and say that if the girls want to experiment they could just swap and properly bang them!

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Scarlett Hampton & Kiara Cole in Hands-On Substitute by Innocent High

Brock Cooper fills in for another teacher and teaches on safe sex at Innocent High. Kiara Cole and Scarlett Hampton are highly interested in the subject and can’t stop thinking about how hot Brock is. When he notices the classmates whispering to each other, he interrupts, only to find they have a bevy of questions for him. Like a good teacher, Brock takes a hands-on approach and helps Kiara and Scarlett learn all about sex.


Kinsley Kane in Hard Teacher by Innocent High

While teacher Tommy Gunn is grading coeds Kinsley Kane’s exam, he tells her she’s not doing very well so Kinsley asks if there is anything she can do to earn some extra credit and increase her grade. Mr. Gunn suggest she pay more attention next time, but Kinsley has an idea and climbs on top of Mr. Gunn’s desk, revealing her pussy and telling him she can show him all the naughty things she can do for that grade.