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Candice Luca Spreads Wide in the Shower

We haven’t seen a Candice Luca episode for quite some time now. This gorgeous brunette from the Czech Republic has been in the industry for a while and she did lovely hardcore action back in the days too. But today she is here to spread wide in the shower! She leans nonchalantly against the wall, hands over her chest, watching you, waiting. Decision made, she reaches for the shower head and turns on the water, hosing down her body, revealing her beautiful breasts with nipples so dark and alluring against her soft, porcelain skin. Parting her knees, she towers over the camera, soaking her sleek pussy, rivulets of water running down her thighs. She takes to the floor, sitting with thighs spread, fingers working on her dark labia, splaying them open to tease her clit with the spray of water. Enter SexArt.com for the rest!

Lauren Crist in Director’s Chair

At first glance, lovely Lauren Crist is just casually leaning against the wall, but look again and you’ll see she has no panties on and her shaved pussy is clearly visible, her black gown too short to cover her sex when she leans this way. The beautiful blue-eyed brunette smiles as she peels her fur-trimmed gown open all the way, one thin string holding it together beneath her breasts. She cups her boob in one hand and looks right at you, nipple stiffening. Undoing the string, her gown slowly falls to the floor and then she is standing, the fabulous curves of her ass framing her shaved pussy, slim lips so tempting, pouting out from between her toned thighs.