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Bikini Gfs Freya von Doom & Macy Meadows Sharing Cock

Macy Meadows and Freya von Doom each get a turn to bounce on that dick, and once they find their rhythm, the steppies don’t care about Scott choosing a favorite anymore. They just want to fuck and get their pussies filled. The babes had never fantasized about each other sexually, but now, seeing each other’s naked bodies, they’re even more turned on. They kiss passionately and eat each other out as they get fucked. The sex was pure bliss and a threesome that could never be beat, as the energy in the room was electrifying. Scott cums hard for his sweet stepdaughters, and they share a kiss, swapping his cum and savoring every last drop.

Blind Initiation with Riley

Pervy old man Scott accidentally stumbles upon Riley while she’s changing into her uniform. When Carli and Soul catch him peeping, they have a brilliant idea. They sneak Scott into Riley’s room while she isn’t there. Then, the two babes explain to Riley she might have a chance to join their sorority, but there is a test she has to pass. Willing to do anything, Riley gets ready for the ride of a lifetime.