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The Happiest Of Accidents Leads To A Great Fuck

Taking things to the bedroom, the babes indulge in a lusty and thorough double BJ. Scarlet is the first to get a ride on the D, giving it to Oliver in cowgirl before Amber takes her own turn in reverse cowgirl. Scarlet gets on her knees for Oliver to bang her in doggy as she muffles her moans by eating Amber out. The babes swap spots so each of them can indulge. Then Scarlet gets on her back with Amber riding her tongue and Oliver pumping between her thighs. Once again they switch spots, with Oliver plunging deep into Amber until he’s ready to blow. The chicks have just enough time to get on their knees with their mouths open before Oliver blows his load all over their faces.


Bikini Teens Amber Stark, Leana Lovings & Scarlet Skies Sharing Dick

Veteran Will Pounder has served his country, and now his steppy Leana Lovings and her friends Amber Stark and Scarlet Skies are ready to thank him. They discuss how hot the vets were at the parade they’ve just returned from. When Amber claims she’d totally fuck a dad, they realize that Leana’s steppy is the perfect vet to turn their attention to.

Will walks in just when they’re discussing how Leana walked in on him and that he has a nice cock. Amber and Scarlet try to flash him in thanks for his service, which makes Will think Leana spilled the beans about their so-called special arrangement. Turning Leana around, Will spanks her for being so naughty. That just gets all three babes even hotter for the D.

Taking Will to the couch, the trio gets busy. Leana shows the way, demonstrating how she loves to ride her steppy in reverse cowgirl. Then Amber takes a turn in cowgirl. Getting on her back and laying her head in Amber’s lap, Scarlet spreads her thighs for Will to truly pound her pussy. The babes wind up on their knees to take a big facial that leaves them with plenty of cum to share and play with!

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Black Friday Deal with Molly Little & Scarlet Skies

Scarlet Skies and her friend Molly Little are enjoying themselves looking through Black Friday deals. They both settle on wanting the super glitter slime kit and mock fighting each other for it in front of Scarlet’s steppy, Lucky Fae. Lucky rolls his eyes at how ridiculous they are and leaves. Scarlet confesses to Molly that the real reason she wants the kit is that the slime resembles cum.


Foursome Ginger Pussy Swap with Scarlet Skies & Amber Stark

What’s better than one smoking ginger babe? Well, that answer is simple – two smoking ginger babes! Redhead hotties Amber Stark and Scarlet Skies are supposed to spend the weekend camping in the great outdoors with their steppies. But Brock and Tommy have different plans and set up camp in the backyard instead. Unimpressed, the babes storm off and go back inside the house. To spice up the weekend, Brock and Tommy decide to fulfill an old pact and swap babes. Amber and Scarlet help oblige this old promise and have fun fucking around with each other’s steppies.

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Scarlet Skies Wants Banana and Cock

Fondling a banana gives redheaded minx Scarlet Skies an idea. Her steppy, Alex Mack, comes to ask what’s going on. She stares at his crotch, then tells him that she was thinking about where guys’ dicks go when they’re wearing pants. Using the banana, Scarlet tests out a variety of dick poses until Alex tells her to cut it out. Later, Scarlet tells Alex that they’re supposed to be a steppyfamily and that he needs to make it up to her that he was rude earlier. He can do that by telling her where the D goes while boys are wearing pants.

As Alex reluctantly describes the positioning intricacies, Scarlet gets increasingly handsy. Alex tries to tell her to quit it, but Scarlet has found his cock and she’s not about to let it go that easily. She pushes him onto his back and crawls on top of him so she can peel his jeans off and pop that boner out. Fisting it, Scarlet strokes it to a nice hardness and then goes for gold as she opens wide to take Alex’s cock into her mouth. Watching his cute redhead steppy sucking him off melts away any objections Alex may have had, especially when it becomes clear that Scarlet wants to go all the way.

Still kneeling over Alex, Scarlet peels her tight shorts down to unveil her hot bubble butt. Of course he doesn’t object when she sinks down to ride him in cowgirl! Watching his fuck stick disappear into that redhaired trimmed muff is the perfect aphrodisiac for Alex, and those bouncing little titties make it even hotter. Scarlet gets on her back so Alex can kneel between her thighs and pound that pussy to the tune of her mewls and moans. Then she takes a doggy style pussy pounding as Alex’s hands roam her ass. Pulling out just in time, Alex blows his nut on Scarlet’s butt. Even as she’s tasting Alex’s cum, Scarlet muses aloud about Alex’s dad’s dick.