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Threesome Therapy for Big Tits at PurgatoryX

Seems like the first therapy session wasn’t enough for the curvy Autumn. She convinces her skeptical hubby Donnie to join the next session with the stunning big tit Lena. The sound of Lena’s voice brings Donnie to a state of calmness as he absorbs the words of her sexy fantasy. Both Lena and Autumn can’t keep their hands off his body. The two sexy conspirators commence their seduction and soon fill their mouths with Donnie’s throbbing cock. Lena and Autumn take turns bouncing on his cock. Donnie pounds his wife and their therapist from on-top and from behind. The trio continues to suck, fuck and lick each other until Lena straddles Donnie, rodeo-style, as he pumps her pussy. Autumn takes Donnie’s load of cum into her mouth and shares his goo with Lena.

Lena and Autumn in a Therapy Session at PurgatoryX

Sexy therapist Lena is joined by her best friend Autumn in a therapy session intended to help her become comfortable with her own sexuality and thereby improve her love-making with Donnie who is her husband. As Lena verbally walks Autumn through a sudsy, shower fantasy, she becomes sexually aroused and can’t help but seduce her sexy patient. Before long, a fully-clothed, Lena uses her fingers and tongue to bring Autumn to many seismic orgasms.