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Emma in Play Safe, Do Anal

Allen just found a pregnancy test in her steppies Emma’s room. After a conversation with her, he realizes he can’t stop her from having sex, so he decides to give Emma Hix a couple of lessons to play safe while having fun. Curiously enough, Emma has never tried anal, so Allen teaches her how to use a butt plug. After breaking up with her bf, Emma confesses to her steppy that she had planned everything all along in the hopes of having her steppy fuck her in the ass. With nothing left to do, Allen gives his steppy exactly what she craves.

POV Fucking Melanie Marie

Melanie’s and Joshua’s old ones are out of town and they left him in charge of the house. When he finds out that his steppy is planning to have a Labor Day party at their home, he decides to make a deal with her: he will keep his mouth shut if she gives him a hand-job. Disgusted but determined to have her secret party, sis loves me Melanie Marie masturbates her steppy. But this is far from the end, as Joshua threatens to snitch once more right before the party. The price for his silence this time is a steamy blowjob. The next day, Melanie is desperate to hide the mess after the wild party, so Joshua asks for the ultimate deal: to fuck her so he doesn’t tell their steppies.

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Summer Threesome with Clara Trinity & Molly Little at Sis Loves Me

Clara has her best friend, Molly, over for the summer. To make sure that she could have all the fun she wanted, she told her mom that she was doing great at school while her steppy, Conor, was failing. Now Conor’s stuck on double chore duty while Clara and Molly are free for the whole summer. Conor has to find a way to give Clara a taste of her own medicine while getting some fun out of it as well Sis Loves Me style.

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Kitty Lynn Makes Debut at Sis Loves Me

Kitty Lynn and Austin have intense sexual tension between the two of them, but neither of them wants to admit it. When Kitty looks at her steppy, all she can imagine is his cock deep inside of her. When the tension gets to be too much, they coyishly find a way to mess around with each other. Austin wants to help Kitty clear her mind, so she accepts and lets her steppy finger her on the couch. This secret affair eventually leads to Austin fucking his sweet steppy and busting a massive load in her pussy. This is a dynamic the two of them could certainly get used to!

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POV Threesome with Harmony Rivers & Maria Kazi

Harmony and Maria are trying to get attention from their steppy, Allen. The thing is, while they do get along, each of them wants attention for themselves. That’s why they try putting on some skinny outfits, and then they’ll find a way to get his attention. Maria and Harmony will play every trick in the slut book to make Allen properly fall under their spell.

Divorce can be Rewarding with Vanna Bardot

Vanna Bardot was used to a comfy lifestyle, with enough money to pamper herself. Sadly, since her parents got divorced, her mom won’t give her any money, so she’ll have to convince her steppy, Danny, to continue to spoil her. The man is a bit shocked by the request, but the divorce has him horny, so he’s willing to treat his steppy like a princess as long as she does him some favors. Vanna’s unsure about the idea so she suggests a gradual approach. The system proves successful as Vanna pleases her steppy by taking things one step further on every encounter, getting her comfortable lifestyle back.

An Unbeatable Gift by Athena

It’s Father’s Day, and Athena wants to do something extra special for her steppy, Jay. But Jay isn’t interested in breakfast – he wants to see Athena Fleurs’s perfect tits. She is bewildered at first, but when she sees how fun it can be to make her steppy feel good, she’s 100% on board. Athena then sucks Jay’s cock and swallows a massive load. The next day, she wants to go even further and lets Jay fuck her sweet pussy. Jay can’t believe how good of a Father’s Day he’s having, and it’s all thanks to Athena.