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Cash For Kisses On Valentines Day with Penelope Kay & Renee Rose

Penelope Kay and Renee Rose have a great way to make some extra Valentine’s cash. They set up a kissing booth, which they’re sure will bring in the boys. While they’re getting everything together, Renee’s steppy Juan Loco comes out to see what they’re doing. He criticizes their idea and takes off.

Later, Juan comes back with cash and finds the babes in their Valentine’s bra and panties. Penelope takes the money and instructs her friend and herself in various kisses. When Penelope finds a twenty, she throws all the money in the air and goes to her knees to give Juan a blowjob. Renee tries to decline, but Penelope tugs her down to join in for some double trouble.

The babes aren’t content to just worship Juan’s cock with their mouths. Penelope urges Renee into riding him in cowgirl before she takes over for some reverse cowgirl fun. Getting on her knees, Renee takes a doggy style pussy pounding while eating Penelope’s pussy. Penelope then gets on her back so Juan can do her until he’s ready to blow. He pulls out and cums on Penelope’s stomach, leaving her and Renee a salty treat to play with.


Cosplay Threesome with Alex Coal & Penelope Kay by Nubiles Porn

Alex Coal and Penelope Kay are playing video games while Alex’s steppy Max Fills gets pissy at the amount of noise they’re making. They get into it about vintage video games, with Max claiming that the chicks are all just pixelated and it’s all stupid. Eventually he storms out, and the babes decide to teach him a lesson.

After getting dolled up in cosplay for their favorite characters, Alex and Penelope corner Max in the living room. They want him to see how sexy and hot those female leads really are. After a bit more back and form, they get on their knees and pull his hard dick out to suck it as proof that he’s turned on. As soon as Max is seated on the couch, they take things a step further.

Alex gets the first ride in reverse cowgirl, and then Penelope goes for it in cowgirl while Alex watches and masturbates. Penelope gets her pussy pumped on her back as Alex cradles her girlfriend’s head in her lap. On her knees, Alex gets dicked down by her steppy in doggy while she eats Penelope out. When Max pulls out, Penelope is there for him to cum in her mouth so she and Alex can swap spit and exchange cummy kisses.


Busty Penelope Wants Big Dick

Turning around, Penelope shucks her clothes and then delivers a super sloppy BJ. Then she gets to her feet to take another pussy pounding from behind. Climbing onto the counter with Spikey, Penelope waits long enough for him to lay down before mounting him for a cowgirl ride. On her back on the island, Penelope begs her steppy husband to give her a creampie, which he finally does.


Lets Fuck It Out

Mandy Waters gets on her knees for Diego to fuck her in doggy while Penelope Kay rides Will’s fuck stick. The swap sibs finally fuck out their sexual tension as Penelope gives Diego a reverse cowgirl ride that mirrors the one Will is receiving from Mandy. After swapping back to their original partners and delivering enthusiastic blowjobs, the babes get on the couch so they’re laying shoulder to shoulder. Will fucks Penelope until he delivers a nice fat creampie, and Diego gives Mandy the same treatment. At the end, the swap party is much less eager to argue with each other.


Clingy Petite Girlfriend Penelope

Quinton recently asked his girlfriend Penelope to move in with him, which made her so happy that now she can’t separate from him… literally! Sweet and small Penelope’s glued to him all day and all night. Quinton loves her, but he also needs some space for himself and will try to make her understand this, so he puts on a special reward system. Penelope is quickly on board with it when she learns how much cock she will get out of it!


Chanel Camryn & Penelope Kay in Cum To The Dark Side at CumSwappingSis.com

Chanel Camryn and Penelope Kay are having fun daydreaming about characters from their favorite star saga. The talk turns to cocks, and then ultimately to Penelope’s steppy, Jimmy Michaels. The babes flirt with Jimmy, but he is suspicious of their motives and takes off before he can get into trouble.

That’s just a challenge for Chanel and Penelope. The cosplay bffs dress up as their favorite characters and then role play that they’re going to take Jimmy to the dark side. They make out in front of him to give him a boner, then work together to push him back onto the bed. The babes waste no time getting Jimmy’s pants off so they can go to work playing with his dick in a double blowjob that leaves all three of them hungry for more.

Penelope gets to mount him first, riding him in cowgirl as Chanel rubs her clit. Then Chanel takes her turn in doggy while Penelope spanks her. On her back, Chanel spreads her thighs so Jimmy can keep pounding her trimmed twat while Penelope sucks her tits. Penelope’s turn leads her to get on her knees so she can enjoy herself in doggy as Chanel masturbates right in front of Penelope’s face. That’s all Jimmy can take; he nuts on Penelope’s ass so that Chanel can dredge her fingers through it and snowball the cum with Penelope as the babes play with his big pop.