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Secret Santa Exchange by Sis Swap

Bailey and her steppy Nick are staying with Laney and Rion for the holidays. Bailey admits to Laney that she has always had a little crush on Nick and would love nothing more than to lose her virginity to him. Laney takes it upon herself to do whatever it takes for her wish to come true, from dressing as slutty Santas to hanging mistletoe as an excuse to make them kiss. She sets the mood and does her best to get them together, but there’s just one problem: Rion is too protective of her little steppy, so Bailey will have to find a way to either distract or get him on board…


Katie Kush Craves for Two Dicks at Once

Pushing Nick back into the closer, Katie pulls the blindfold from Joshua’s eyes and urges him to come fuck her. Joshua pounds Katie’s pussy as Nick comes up behind him and pushes her toes together for a foot job. As soon as Joshua has glutted Katie with a creampie, he runs off and Nick comes in for some sloppy seconds. Katie blows him nice and eagerly, then gets on her knees so her steppy can do her in doggy. She’s nice and slick but still tight enough that when Katie rolls onto her back Nick can’t help but give her a second big fat load deep in juicy coochie.


Fuck Club by SisSwap

Unpopular female best friends, Kimora and Jill, start a high school “Fuck Club” to meet guys and lose their virginity. They soon find themselves in a weird situation when the only guys who show up are their steppies, Nade and Nick! Instead of backing out, the group takes the opportunity to live out the dream of Fuck Club to the fullest. Soon, Nade is fucking Jill, and Nick is fucking Kimora. But to make things really interesting, they swap, so they get to fuck their own steppies!


Kinky Art Class by Sis Swap

Adrianna and Demi need to find two models for their art project to body paint or risk failing her college course. With no more options, they ask their steppies Anthony and Nick for help. The guys agree, but they want their privates to be well represented in the painting. As they seem unable to get hard, they ask the babes for a little assistance. Soon enough, the chicks and the dudes take the art project to the next level: fucking.


Doing It for the Views by SisSwap

Chanel and Mazy want to be viral streamers, but they’re having difficulty getting their views up. Their steppies, Anthony and Nick, know precisely how to game the system and get their views through the roof – but it involves getting a little dirty. The babes are willing to do anything, so when Anthony and Nick whip out their dicks, they get right to work. The views start pouring in, and Chanel and Mazy want to take the stream as far as possible, so they take the ultimate plunge and do a full-on swap.


Penelope Kay Caught In The Camping Chair

Penelope Kay is getting ready to go camping. She has set up her gear inside to check everything out and make sure it’s all good. When her steppy, Nick Strokes, joins her, Penelope explains what she’s doing while also adding some definite flair to her movement to tease him. Nick tells Penelope that he came to find his phone charger, and Penelope tells him he won’t need it while they’re camping.

After a heated moment, Penelope suggests that Nick go jerk off to online chicks who look like her to blow off some steam. She also puts out there that Nick could fuck her if he wanted to, but she would stop taking her birth control first so he could get her pregnant. The day of the trip, Penelope is getting ready to go. She sits in her camping chair for a short breather and realizes as the chair rips that she’s stuck. Nick finds her like that and tells Penelope he’ll help her get out but not until after he has fucked her.

Penelope agrees, but tells Nick not to cum inside her because she was joking about getting pregnant. Nick slides home through the rip in the chair, which has exposed Penelope’s pussy. Then he pulls out so that Penelope can suck her own juices off him. When she’s finally freed, Penelope takes it in doggy and then rides Nick until she’s moaning. On her back, Penelope spreads herself wide open so Nick can bang her until she’s moaning. When she thinks Nick is about to cum, Penelope wraps her legs around him to ensure she gets the jizz. Smiling, she admits that she stopped taking her birth control a long time ago in anticipation of this moment.