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Miranda on military cock

After a long night of partying, the chicks snuck upstairs to Athena’s room to try and sleep off all the debauchery they had partaken in. Meanwhile, the dudes were downstairs trying to figure out how to set them straight. They decided to use their military expertise to get them back on track GUNS BLAZIN’! They rushed into Athena’s room with stern voices waking them up. They were then commanded to do pushups and situps with no time to even warm up. They were serious about getting the chicks back in the right mindset. After this punishment, the babes were each sentenced to one on one time getting a harsh lesson. Miranda was mouth and pussy fucked until she started to think a bit more clearly. Sometimes getting scared straight is the only way to turn your life around!

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Miranda having naughty fun all around the house

Cute Miranda can’t resist a hard cock so she is all happy to suck and fuck one anywhere at the house.. after yoga, before breakfast. It doesn’t matters. And she loves to share these pov sex photos as well.