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Alex and Kimber in Flu Shot Floozies Foursome

These bfs spend a lot of time caring for their babes, but it’s the end of the World when they get sick! These two guys are prime examples, as they make their chicks Alex Coal and Kimber Woods wait on hand and foot for them when they get the flu. Finally, these diligent hotties have had enough. They decide to fuck each others bfs and then sneak out while they rest! They start by rubbing vix on the guys chests, but work their way down to their cocks. They stick their dicks as far down their throats as they can, and then perk their pussies out to get slammed. The lucky dudes pound each others gfs and start to feel better as they stroke. Then they splat their cum all over the chicks! There is no better cure than some hard fucking.

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