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Cash For Kisses On Valentines Day with Penelope Kay & Renee Rose

Penelope Kay and Renee Rose have a great way to make some extra Valentine’s cash. They set up a kissing booth, which they’re sure will bring in the boys. While they’re getting everything together, Renee’s steppy Juan Loco comes out to see what they’re doing. He criticizes their idea and takes off.

Later, Juan comes back with cash and finds the babes in their Valentine’s bra and panties. Penelope takes the money and instructs her friend and herself in various kisses. When Penelope finds a twenty, she throws all the money in the air and goes to her knees to give Juan a blowjob. Renee tries to decline, but Penelope tugs her down to join in for some double trouble.

The babes aren’t content to just worship Juan’s cock with their mouths. Penelope urges Renee into riding him in cowgirl before she takes over for some reverse cowgirl fun. Getting on her knees, Renee takes a doggy style pussy pounding while eating Penelope’s pussy. Penelope then gets on her back so Juan can do her until he’s ready to blow. He pulls out and cums on Penelope’s stomach, leaving her and Renee a salty treat to play with.


Liz Jordan & Maya Woulfe Sharing Dick in Lingerie at Nubiles Porn

The babes start with Maya Woulfe riding Juan’s face as Liz Jordan rides his dick. Then Maya gets to go for it in reverse cowgirl as Liz makes sure her BFF is loving every moment of it. Liz gets some in doggy next, and then Maya lays down on her back and spreads her thighs so Juan can bring her off. After pulling out to nut on Maya’s twat, Juan tells Liz that he is looking forward to having her (and by extension Maya) as a new little steppy.


Jill Kassidy, Myra Moans & Xxlayna Marie Sharing Cock on Xmas

… when he opens his eyes again, Juan finds all three babes kneeling above him. They’re going to fuck him for Xmas! After a triple BJ, Xxlayna rides Juan in reverse cowgirl while Myra sits on his face. Then Jill takes a doggy style pussy pounding while she munches Xxlayna’s pussy and Myra rides Xxlayna’s tongue. The trio finishes with Myra on her back, Juan fucking her nice and deep as Xxlayna enjoys a go with Myra’s tongue. When Juan delivers a nice creampie to Myra, all three babes can’t stop smiling with the Christmas spirit.


Thanksgiving Dessert with Scarlett Alexis & Tiana Blow

Juan taps Scarlett first as she kneels on the chair, feasting on Tiana’s pussy. The babes trade out, with Tiana eating Scarlett Alexis‘s snatch while taking a pussy pounding in doggy courtesy of Juan. Since Scarlett is already splayed out on the table, it’s simple for her to scoot forward and let Juan take her again. Tiana replaces Scarlett, letting Juan fuck her until he gives her a creampie that’s much more appealing than the one her steppies are trying to enjoy.


Halloween Foursome with Chanel Camryn, Chloe Temple and Tiana Blow

It’s Halloween time and that means getting to dress in fun costumes. Chloe Temple, Tiana Blow, and Chanel Camryn are filling Trick or Treat bags when Chanel’s steppy, Juan Loco, wanders in. He asks what they’re doing and then begins squeezing and kneading Chanel’s ass right in the middle of the conversation. When Chanel notices her friends staring, she tells them that this is normal and much easier than Juan staring at her all the time. Realizing that it’s hot as hell, Tiana and Chloe share that they want Juan to play with them.


Chloe Temple in Let’s Watch Together! at Teen Pies

Juan wants to use the laptop to watch Team Skeet’s hit series, Sis Swap, but his steppy, Chloe, yoinks the computer away from him. When Chloe Temple sees him watching porn, she’s mortified, but once she gets into it, she realizes it’s actually kind of hot. Juan walks in on Chloe rubbing her clit, and sees this is his opportunity to get some steppy bonding time in. It doesn’t take long for things to escalate, and soon Juan is deep inside her pussy. She can’t believe how turned on she is by Juan fucking her, but she gets wetter by the second and needs him to bust a massive load inside her.


Stuffing Demi Hawks & Liz Jordan for Thanksgiving

Liz, Juan, and Demi go for an all-out threesome right on the table. Lis peels off her clothes and rides Juan’s hardon, then lays back on the bench and lets him fuck her nice and deep. Then Juan lays down so Demi can bounce away in reverse cowgirl. Julia brings out some pie for dessert, but admits she forgot to buy some whipped cream. Grabbing the pie, Liz tells her friend’s dad not to worry. She waits until Juan creampies Demi, then holds the pie beneath her BFF so that Juan’s load of cream drips free onto the pie.