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The Classroom Challenge

While waiting for Ms. Hoff’s class, Jill, Joshua, Alex, and Max find out about a new TikTok challenge: fucking in the school’s classroom! The four friends agree to try it out, but they need to plan everything: Alex will distract Ms. Hoff, Joshua will fuck Jill and Max will shoot it on his phone. When the teacher comes, Alex talks to her about random stuff while Joshua licks Jill’s pussy. The coed spreads her legs wide for his schoolmate to eat her pussy up, trying not to get caught. Noticing their plan works, Jill and Joshua decide to turn things up a notch with a hot blowjob. Jill devours Joshua’s cock while Ms. Hoff is still distracted. Can they go all the way without her noticing? Jill’s cum hole is ready for the challenge!


Giving Aubry a Hand by SisLovesMe

Aubry and Joshua both looked forward to their alone time. Aubry sucks Joshua’s cock and gets herself nice and wet before she lets him take her. Joshua’s cock slides into his steppy’s, and he takes her gently at first before fucking her hard. Everything about her is familiar and exotic all at the same time. Aubry’s pussy is easily the best Joshua’s ever had, and he fucks her until he can no longer hold his load. Aubry gets on her knees so Joshua can cum hard in her mouth. She savors every drop he can give her, and Joshua paints Aubry’s mouth and face with his jizz.

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My Boss’ Secret with Skyler Storm & Mia James

Skyler Storm has been working as a sitter for Mia for some time now, hoping to get closer to her boss’ steppy Joshua. The horny nanny likes masturbating to his underwear while they are gone, but Joshua hasn’t really noticed her yet. One day, she forgets her phone in the house and goes back to get it, only to find Mia giving her steppy a hot blowjob. Mia is desperate, as her husband can’t find out about her indiscretions, so she convinces Skyler to join in exchange for her silence. Lucky for Mia, Skyler jumps at the chance of tasting Joshua’s dick as well as playing with her naughty boss.

It’s a Freeuse New Year!

Joshua is looking for his perfect New Year’s kiss, and although Skylar makes herself readily available, Joshua is constantly overlooking her. Instead, Joshua has his eyes on Aubry and Chloe. Joshua doesn’t have the courage to talk to them, so he asks Skylar what to do. Like a good friend, Skylar helps Joshua get his confidence up and lets the lucky stud freeuse her in front of the whole party. A blowjob in the kitchen quickly gets the attention of Aubry and Chloe, who want to join in on the fun and let Joshua freeuse them, too. Now, instead of having to pick who Joshua wants to kiss and spend the night with, he has all three chicks riding his cock.


Katie Kush Craves for Two Dicks at Once

Pushing Nick back into the closer, Katie pulls the blindfold from Joshua’s eyes and urges him to come fuck her. Joshua pounds Katie’s pussy as Nick comes up behind him and pushes her toes together for a foot job. As soon as Joshua has glutted Katie with a creampie, he runs off and Nick comes in for some sloppy seconds. Katie blows him nice and eagerly, then gets on her knees so her steppy can do her in doggy. She’s nice and slick but still tight enough that when Katie rolls onto her back Nick can’t help but give her a second big fat load deep in juicy coochie.


Bullying Stops With Cock

Octavia and Roxie are two entitled brats always picking on poor Joshua, the class geek. The babes are so mean to him that they even get him in detention with them with Mrs. Clark. Yet, when the teacher has to pick up an urgent call, the three are left alone in the classroom for a while. Thinking they can pull a new prank on him, Roxie and Octavia start showing their boobs to convince him to show his dick. Yet, the plan backfires when the babes discover that Joshua’s cock is the biggest they’ve seen! Maybe bullying the geek is not the best plan right now…