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Katie Kush & Skyler Storm Sharing Cock on Thanksgiving

Lindsay Lee heads out of the kitchen, and the trio doesn’t wait. Skyler Storm gets on her back so Jay can pound her right on the bench while Katie Kush climbs onto the table to masturbate at their performance. Then Katie gets on her knees to eat Skylar’s pussy while also getting banged from behind by Jay. When Skylar hops onto Jay’s dick to ride him in cowgirl, Katie resumes masturbating. Swapping out with her BFF, Katie takes Jay’s fuck stick on her back as Skylar diddles herself until Jay has blown a nut all over his steppy’s stomach.

Octavia Red in Shes Sweeter Than Candy by Nubile Films

Busty stunner Octavia Red loves spooky season because she gets to dress up. This year, she’s decided to dress as Marilyn Monroe. Her bf, Jay Romero, is a T-bird. When Octavia comes strutting out to ask Jay to help her put a necklace on, Jay instantly knows they’re not going anywhere tonight.

Jay does help Octavia with her necklace, but when she turns around he makes it clear that he’s not through with kissing her. Octavia is in the same sort of mood as she eases Jay out of his jacket. Spinning around in Jay’s arms, she grinds against his hardon as he kisses the back of her neck. Octavia grabs Jay’s wrists, putting his hands all the places she wants them the most.

When Octavia slides down to a crouch, Jay is ready to greet her with his hard dick right in her face. He undoes his tie as Octavia sucks, drawing her even closer. Using the pressure, he creates a face fuck that gets Octavia’s deep throat on.

Getting his bigtit beauty to her feet, Jay leans Octavia forward against the kitchen counter and slides on home from behind. The position lets him go nice and deep, especially once Octavia lifts one leg to rest her foot on the counter. When Octavia hops onto the countertop and spreads her thighs, Jay licks her snatch clean before joining her on the counter for some spooning sex.

Octavia gets Jay on his back and gives him another lusty BJ before straddling his hips. Mounting him in reverse cowgirl, Octavia bounces as she enjoys her stiffie ride. When she knows she’s reaching the end of their lovemaking, Octavia gets on her bottom on the counter and lets Jay pound into her one last time before he pulls out to nut on her cute little landing strip.

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Really Getting To Know Our Friends On Halloween

It’s Halloween, which means time for costumes and maybe a few tricks and treats. Eliza Ibarra is getting dressed as a slutty vampire victim. Her boyfriend, Robby Echo, is dressed up as her escort. Their friends Maria Kazi and Jay Romero arrive wearing dark angel wings.

The babes come together to decide where to put the fake blood. As they realize that they’re both feeling horny, they have an idea. Turning to the guys, Eliza asks Jay’s opinion about where to put the fake blood while Maria does the same for Robby. It’s not long before the babes have put the guys’ hands right where they want them.

To their credit, the guys take a hint right away. Their partner swap kicks off with Robby squeezing and caressing Maria’s curves while Jay does the same for Eliza. The babes lock eyes over the guys’ shoulders, which leads them to break free from the embrace and come in to exchange kisses. Then they drop to crouches and go to work, with Eliza popping Jay’s cock out and Maria pulling out Robby’s. They love what they see, and so do the guys when the ladies bare their tits.

When Eliza and Maria exchange another kiss and climb onto the couch side by side. The guys know their place: on their knees, using their tongues to do some serious pussy worship. Eager to comply, Robby laps at Maria while Jay gives Eliza a good tonguing. Then the boys get to their feet and slide on home, with Jay fucking Eliza as she stands facing him and Robby giving it to Maria from behind.

Swapping partners, the babes trade out their positions. Now it’s Maria on her feet with one leg hooked over Jay’s shoulder as he pounds her. Eliza, meanwhile, stands before Robby and enjoys him from behind. Another partner switch leaves Maria riding Robby’s fuck stick in cowgirl while Eliza gives Jay a ride in reverse cowgirl.

The babes have both had their satisfaction, so it’s time for them to give the guys the same delight. On their knees, they get Jay off first. Once Jay has blown his load on Eliza, Marai opens wide for a nice cummy treat courtesy of Robby.

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Rissa May in Is This A Treat Or A Trick

Spooky season is upon us, and Rissa May has the candy that goes along with it. She’s just sorting through her haul when her steppy, Jay Romero, sneaks up behind her. Jay wants to prank Rissa, but he also wants to check out her ass. Rissa notices the spider and jumps, sending those DDs jiggling in her shirt. She tells Jay to cut out the pranks or he’s going to get her pregnant.

Later, Rissa returns to the living room dressed as a princess for a Halloween party. She finds a real-looking scarecrow holding her candy. When she goes to take a treat, a hand comes out to stop her. Rissa says aloud that she should have known, but she keeps playing along while commenting that her animatronic scarecrow has a really nice boner. Moments later, she’s on her knees stroking and sucking that hardon.

Rissa’s scarecrow gets her on her knees to fuck her from behind, then takes a seat so Rissa can ride him while shoving those boobies in his face. Turning around, Rissa rides in reverse cowgirl as her breasts bounce to the same rhythm. When Rissa gets on her back, she spreads her thighs out nice and wide and begs her scarecrow to keep on pounding her pussy. Jay does as she asks until he blows a big load into that tight twat. Pleased, Rissa reminds Jay that she did warn him she’d get his cum in her cooch.


Blake Blossom at Nubile Films in Connections

Demi Hawk and Jay Romero are enjoying a modeling session together. Blake enjoys teasing Jay, and the connection between them is obvious. As they chat with the camera and flirt with each other, it becomes clear that there’s plenty of sexual tension that must be addressed.

Blake Blossom loves Jay’s vibe as they play games before getting down to business. When the modeling session finally begins in earnest, their clothes gradually come off as they get closer and hotter for one another. When Blake is topless, Jay can’t help but get more hands on. Blake gets Jay in a chair, and while she licks her way down his chest towards his boner, he pinches her nipples and squeezes those boobs.

Opening wide, Blake goes in for a BJ that leaves Jay wanting so much more. She sucks nice and deep, cupping the balls and squeezing the root. When she rises up and delivers a nice titty fuck, Jay lets his head fall back on a groan. He returns the favor of oral sex by putting Blake on her back and diving face first into that muff as he licks and slurps her juices.

When Jay spoons behind Blake and slides home, she lifts her thigh nice and high to let him in deeper. Her gasps of delight only get hotter as she rolls Jay onto his back and climbs on top of him to ride him. That boob bouncing stiffie ride is everything Blake has been wishing for.

Rolling onto her back, Blake lifts her leg and hooks an ankle over Jay’s shoulder so he can enter her easily. He can’t get enough of that juicy coochie. When Jay realizes he’s about to blow his load, he pulls out to cum on Blake’s landing strip to leave her sticky and smiling in absolute bliss.

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Only Right Now Matters with Octavia

Big tit Octavia Red wakes up horny. She knows just how to take care of herself, though. Grabbing her phone, the busty hottie goes to work sliding her hand between her thighs to rub down her clit while she watches some visual stimulation.

Popping her titties out, Octavia goes to work squeezing and kneading the huge globes. Just as things are getting good, Octavia hears the shower stop. Jay Romero joins her in the bedroom, and Octavia knows just how to scratch that hotblooded itch she’s got going.

Drawing Jay in for a deep kiss, Octavia palms his hardon through the towel. Jay tries to dissuade her, saying he has to get ready for work. That just doesn’t work for Octavia, as Jay soon learns when she tugs his pants away to prevent him from putting them on.

Instead, Octavia leans close and drops Jay’s towel. Fisting the stiffie, she opens wide to begin sucking. It’s not long before Octavia has introduced her knockers to the fun, delivering a nicie titty fuck that really gets Jay’s motor running. She even goes so far as to rub her feet all over his cock as he helps her to her knees.

Once Octavia is in position for him, Jay guides himself deep into her creamy pussy. She throws her head back on a moan as he gives it to her in doggy with nice deep thrusts. Then Octavia rolls onto her back and lifts one leg nice and high to open herself for Jay to give it to her from a different angle. Before he ever enters her, he finger bangs that snatch while sucking Octavia’s toes.

After his own musk from Octavia’s pussy, Jay goes on to swap spots with her. Octavia knows just what she wants. She climbs aboard and rides in reverse cowgirl. Hopping off the D, she teases Jay with a cowgirl ride that lets her jugs jiggle as her hips set a hotblooded rhythm.

Now that Olivia is finally sated, she wants to make sure Jay gets off, too. On her knees, she props those glorious boobies up for Jay to fuck once again. When he has popped all over her chest, Olivia runs her fingers through the treat with a self-satisfied smile.

Lulu Chu & Maria Kazi Sharing Dick at BrattySis

What better way to celebrate the big game than to throw a party? Lulu Chu and Maria Kazi are getting ready while Maria’s steppy, Jay Romero, assists with the decorations. Jay can’t stop looking at the babes, and Maria and Lulu notice. They flirt right back, teasing Jay by getting nice and close to each other and complimenting each other’s bodies. Jay can’t help but pull his dick out and stroke himself off to the sight of his steppy and her hot friend touching each other. Maria goes and rats Jay out to her mom, and his punishment is that he can’t watch the game.

The babes feel badly for getting Jay in trouble, so they decide to make it up to him. They say they’ll tell him what’s going on with the game, but sprinkled between the updates Lulu begins showing off her boobs because she feels like she owes Jay more than just game updates. Maria’s mom is right there, but eventually Maria also gets into the action to live out her fantasies. They do their best to get Jay’s motor running by taking turns stroking, licking, and sucking his dick.

Lulu escalates things further by pulling her pants down and turning around so that Jay can fuck her from behind. Maria’s mom leaves the room, so the babes take Jay to the couch where Maria hops onto his cock and rides him in cowgirl. Lulu goes for it in reverse cowgirl next, followed by Maria laying on her back with Jay riding her puss and Lulu riding her face. When Jay pulls out, Lulu helps him blow his load on Maria’s stomach so she can lick it clean and snowball the treat with Maria.