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Experimenting at Home by SisSwap

Besties Chanel and Jane are both disgusted with the idea of sex. They are both virgins and plan to stay that way for as long as possible. On the other hand, Elias and Nade, the babes’ steppy’s, can’t stop thinking about pussy, tits and ass. When Jane discovers her steppy Nade masturbating, something stirs inside of her causing her to cream her panties without her control. She tries to hide the evidence but Nade catches her and explains that it’s totally normal to have these feelings. Seeing that his steppy can’t make peace with the idea of getting her pussy stuffed, Nade invites Chanel and her steppyNade to test out if the babes are ready to have sex. The babes are grossed out by the idea of touching the boys’ cocks, but they agree to experiment for the sake of it. Soon, they not only find themselves enjoying a ride on the guys’ dicks but they also swap to see what is like to fuck their own steppies!


I Caught My Coach With The Team Captain by Nubiles Porn

Jane Wilde sneaks into Coach Bruce Venture’s Office to get fucked hard. She has barely stripped down to just her sports bra and socks before Coach comes in behind her and buries his face in that greedy cooch. Bruce is balls deep in Jane’s fuck hole when Lean a Lovings comes in looking for the team captain and their coach.

Leana Lovings confronts the pair of them. Bruce and Jane offer Leana the title of MVP for the team, but Leana says it won’t be that easy. Leana wants to fuck Coach Venture, too. She also wants Jane in on the deal. That’s enough to ensure that Leana will stay quiet about what she saw. Once the terms are set out, Leana gets exactly what she wants with Jane sucking Bruce’s cock and Bruce eating her out as she sits on the desk. Jane guides Coach’s hardon into Leana’s tight puss.

Their threesome takes off in earnest as Jane also enjoys a pussy pounding on the desk. Leana gets on her knees to take a dicking down in doggy, then pushes Coach onto the chair so she can ride him while she rubs Jane’s twat. Jane gets the next ride both in cowgirl and then reverse cowgirl. When Leana climbs aboard for reverse cowgirl, Bruce can’t hold back much longer. The girls take his cumshot in their mouths, exchanging cummy kisses until Leana insists that she should now be named the team captain.


There She Is, Miss Freeuse by Freeuse Fantasy

Delilah and Jane are training hard for an upcoming beauty pageant. The babes know they’re attractive, but they have some stiff competition, and if they’re going to win, they need to be in ultimate shape. Luckily for them, Rion is a personal trainer, and he can help the babes with their exercise routines. Part of Rion’s training includes using the babes freely and inspecting every part of their bodies to ensure they are ready for the pageant. Delilah and Jane love playing with Rion’s cock like it’s no big deal – a casual, sloppy blowjob is a lot of fun while they practice their catwalks. Rion puts them through hard work and does everything in his power to help. The babes have their eyes on the prize, and while they ride Rion’s cock, they imagine all the fame and glory that will come their way.


Learning About Anal Sex with Jane & Bella

Jane’s parents are recently divorced and she doesn’t like her steppy’s new girlfriend Bella too much. When Bella overhears Jane talking about anal sex with her bf, she uses this opportunity to teach her how to have anal sex and as a way to bond with her. As a part of their new relationship, Bella buys Jane her first anal training kit and teaches her how to use it, something that makes Mike, Jane’s steppy, quite uncomfortable. Eventually, he understands that she is growing up and agrees to join Bella to give Jane a very practical lesson on anal sex.

An Obedient Neighbor with Jane and Maya

Jane and shoplifter Maya want to kill it as doms, but they need a “guinea pig” to practice with. They invite their shy neighbor Max in, and toss him into the world of BDSM. Since he’s good and obedient, they reward him with a little show. When they see that their neighbor wants to join them really badly, they decide to end their practice session with a threesome.