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Foursome Cock Swapping in Jail

Ava and Summer had such a fun night that they ended up in jail. We can all relate to that situation. The only problem is they had no idea how they were going to get bailed out of there. Luckily, one of their fathers had a friend in law enforcement who tipped him off. Now he had to go tell the others too. This did not look like it was going to end well for the besties. As the officers arrived, they switched the chicks and clearly explained to them that they needed to learn an important lesson from this. They got down on their knees and began to suck cocks. They then got penetrated through the bars to symbolize how hard life can really fuck you over. This is the first ever prison scared straight swap and we certainly believe that these babes are forever changed thanks to the quick thinking of their downright dirty officers.

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