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After Party Big Black Cocking with Emma Hix

Waking up after an all-nighter at some unknown fraternity, Emma Hix, and Rob Piper, end up in the bathroom looking for something to relieve their hangovers. But they discover that a little fooling around quickly eases their headaches, and soon Emma is so turned on by Rob’s big black cock she completely loses herself to it.

Emma loves me and my big cock

Sexy blonde Emma was taking a relaxing shower while her steppy spied on her. He thought he was in the clear until she came out to change. Emma heard him breathing heavily and slammed the door right in his face. They caught up later during the day while she was doing homework on her computer. He found it it was for sex ed and thought it would be a good idea to show her his cock. Emma was distraught! She did find it kind of cool and large though, so she began to play with it. Later that week Emma started asking him weird which sis loves me questions, like whether he had a big dick or a medium sized dick. He wondered why, but she is a fan of cock! Especially his. She started gagging on his fat dick while he layed back on the couch. She then started gently rubbing her cunt on his dick and eventually slipped it in. She continued to ride him until he flipped her over doggystyle to hit her g-spot. Cute Emma had a full body orgasm and steppy came all over her stomach.

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Horny dudes are craving for pussy so they decide to swap their girlfriends. Its time to hypnotize these pussies and fuck them properly. Will they succeed? Let’s find out, get inside below!

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