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Experimenting at Home by SisSwap

Besties Chanel and Jane are both disgusted with the idea of sex. They are both virgins and plan to stay that way for as long as possible. On the other hand, Elias and Nade, the babes’ steppy’s, can’t stop thinking about pussy, tits and ass. When Jane discovers her steppy Nade masturbating, something stirs inside of her causing her to cream her panties without her control. She tries to hide the evidence but Nade catches her and explains that it’s totally normal to have these feelings. Seeing that his steppy can’t make peace with the idea of getting her pussy stuffed, Nade invites Chanel and her steppyNade to test out if the babes are ready to have sex. The babes are grossed out by the idea of touching the boys’ cocks, but they agree to experiment for the sake of it. Soon, they not only find themselves enjoying a ride on the guys’ dicks but they also swap to see what is like to fuck their own steppies!


Dress To Impress with Chanel Camryn & Freya Parker

Freya Parker and Chanel Camryn are great roommates. Part of what helps them work so well together is that Freya has a huge crush on Chanel. She approaches Chanel one day and confides that she has a crush on someone. Chanel coaxes Freya into going to her room to get dressed to impress so she can go for it!

Freya takes the advice, retreating to her room and slipping into something very sexy. Her dress has plenty of wow factor, but before she goes back downstairs Freya sends Chanel a text confessing her crush. Returning to the living room, Freya soaks in Chanel’s compliments and then suggests that Chanel check her phone.

Understanding blossoms as Chanel reads the text and then looks up at Freya with a hungry gaze. It turns out that Freya isn’t the only one with a crush. The babes come together almost reverently, caressing and touching each other as they use their fingers and hands to learn each other’s bodies in this new leaf of their relationship.

Moving to the bedroom, the ladies begin to shed their clothes oh so slowly. Gradually, Chanel eases Freya back onto the bed. She slides Freya’s thong aside and flicks her tongue out to taste her roommate’s sweet heat. Then she goes for a full on pussy feast that has Freya arching her back off the bed in bliss.

Getting Chanel on her knees is all Freya can think of as she rubs her hand down her lover’s ass and fondles her clit. She explores carefully and reverently, sliding her fingers down Chanel’s slick slit and then going in with her tongue. She probes and slurps, leaving Chanel nice and drenched in her passion.

The babes lay together side by side, their fingers stroking each other’s clits. That dual pussy diddling continues until they come together with Chanel on top of Freya, clit to clit so they can scissor together. Their tribbing brings them both off one last time, capping off a satisfying first date.

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Cleaning While The Boss Uses Us by Freeuse Fantasy

It’s Daisy’s first day as a cleaning lady for Mr. Rebel, and it’s up to Chanel, one of the master’s favorite employees, to mentor her. The cute blonde admires Chanel, so she tries to learn everything from her. One of the most important rules of the house is respecting Mr. Rebel’s work, letting him have his business calls while he sticks his fingers in his employees’ mouths and pussies. When it comes to cleaning the bathroom, it’s crucial to be thorough and clean every corner while savoring the master’s big dick. In the kitchen, everything should be shining, so scrubbing while getting their pussies pounded is the best way to go. Daisy doesn’t want to let her new boss down, so she’ll do EVERYTHING to fit in the job.


Black Friday Part 3: Aftermath by Freeuse Fantasy

After BFFs Black Friday Part 1 and Part 2 comes the last one! In the exciting conclusion of the series, Chanel finally has to pay the consequences of her excessive spending. After spending more than fifty thousand dollars shopping, Chris decides it’s time for her to pay for what she’s done. Yet, money is not the answer here: Chanel will have to play out the guys’ most scandalous fantasies with Penelope to get herself out of her sticky situation.


Halloween Foursome with Chanel Camryn, Chloe Temple and Tiana Blow

It’s Halloween time and that means getting to dress in fun costumes. Chloe Temple, Tiana Blow, and Chanel Camryn are filling Trick or Treat bags when Chanel’s steppy, Juan Loco, wanders in. He asks what they’re doing and then begins squeezing and kneading Chanel’s ass right in the middle of the conversation. When Chanel notices her friends staring, she tells them that this is normal and much easier than Juan staring at her all the time. Realizing that it’s hot as hell, Tiana and Chloe share that they want Juan to play with them.


Aria Valencia & Chanel Camryn Sharing Cock at Nubile Films

Aria Valencia and Chanel Camryn are dressed to the nines, but they don’t have anyone to take them out. They turn to Max Fills, who is busy playing a video game. When Max doesn’t acknowledge them right away, Chanel has an idea. The chicks do everything in their power to make sure he can’t continue to ignore them.

Flanking Max on the couch, the babes try talking to him. He ignores them. Aria slips out of her dress so that she’s wearing just her thong, then strikes a series of sexual poses. Chanel is on Max’s other side doing the same even as he keeps his eyes glued to the screen.

The chicks come together to make out, with Chanel pressing Aria into the couch. Their passion builds, with their kisses growing deeper and more desperate. Easing Aria out of her thong, Chanel goes to work with her hands and mouth. She dies everything in her power to make her friend moan, which leaves Aria with her head tilted back, eyes closed, and her hand creeping to Max’s hardon.

Coming up to share Aria’s flavor with a deep kiss, Chanel decides it’s time to move on to the next part of her plan to get Max’s attention. The babes know that he’s nice and hard for them, even if he’s still making a point of ignoring them. They slide his pants off and go to work together, sucking and slurping his fuck stick.

With Aria helping her out, Chanel takes things even further by seating herself on Max’s dick. She rides him first in reverse cowgirl, then in cowgirl as she blocks his view of the screen. This, finally, gets Max to put the controller down and give the babes the dicking down they’ve both been angling for.

Max gets Aria on her knees so he can fuck her in doggy. Aria muffles her moans in Chanel’s pussy as she eats her BFF out. Turning Aria over, Max keeps on giving it to her as Chanel rides Aria’s tongue. Pulling out, Max finishes all over Aria’s trimmed muff with Chanel guiding his cum shot. The trio basks in the afterglow of a hot threesome.

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Whats Yours Is Mine with Chanel Camryn & Freya Parker

Chanel Camryn and Freya Parker have rented a house. They’re checking it out when they hear a toilet. When they open the bathroom door, they find Ryan McLane in a towel. Freya is instantly defensive, but Chanel wants what she sees.

While Freya and Ryan are trying to work on what’s going on, Chanel gets increasingly blatant with her sexual advances. By the time Amateur Allure Freya has cornered Ryan in the living room to see that he does indeed have an overlapping reservation, Chanel walks up and pulls the towel down. Freya watches in shock as Chanel drops to her knees to fondle that nice cock.

Freya and Ryan are frozen in shock, but Amateur Allure Chanel continues to take what she wants. A hot minute later, Freya steps in to capture Ryan’s lips in a kiss. She wants it, too, so it’s no surprise when she gets to her knees beside Chanel to create a double BJ. Pushing Ryan onto the couch, the babes flank him and take what they want.

When Chanel peels off her shirt and straddles Ryan’s thighs, it’s clear that she’s going to continue to take what she wants. Freya helps her friend mount that nice cock in reverse cowgirl, then rubs Chanel’s clit as she rocks. The chicks swap out, with Chanel assisting Freya as she rides in cowgirl.

Chanel gets Ryan’s dick wet again as she gets on her knees. Taking Ryan in doggy, she buries her moans between Freya’s thighs. Freya gets another go as she slides down from where she was enjoying the magic of Chanel’s tongue to take Ryan between her thighs. A moment later, Chanel presses her twat to Freya’s lips, officially putting Freya in the middle of their lovemaking.

Pulling out, Ryan lets Chanel jerk him off. He blows his load over Freya, leaving the babes a tasty treat to enjoy. The trio agrees that this mistake was in fact a bit of serendipity.

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